The Comexim Arizona is a padded plunge bra; unlike padded plunges from Ewa Michalak, it does not have removable inserts. There aren’t any inserts at all, or a designated space for them. Arizona is a red bra with a black laser cut-like fabric overlay. This bra has multiway straps, but can’t be worn as a strapless as it lacks structural support to do so. I haven’t had a red bra in quite a long time, so the Arizona is a welcome addition is my bra drawer :)

I was sent this bra by Zathiya Lingerie, who is a US based retailer that sells Comexim, Ewa Michalak and other brands. Arizona is my first Comexim, and I was excited to receive it in the mail to see how the brand would fit me!

Since Comexim sizing is different from UK sizing or even Ewa Michalak sizing, I wasn't sure what size would best fit me. After talking with Aisha, Zathiya’s owner, and telling her what my current UK(Panache) bra size was, we decided to go with the 75K (34:11). My best fitting bra right now is the Panache Envy in a 34GG (34:10). I will admit that I was apprehensive about trying the 75 band because I have always been under the impression that Comexim bands ran on the smaller side and because of some recent weight gain that I had. As a default, I also usually order my Ewa Michalak bands in a sister size because of varying band tightness.

Looking at the measurements it is visible that Comexim's bands are indeed shorter than its equivalent in Panache, but its stretchy elastic makes it fit my 35"/89cm ribcage . It feels less rib crushing.

Comexim is known for its narrow underwires, and that is evident with the fit of Arizona. The wires are narrow, but still wide enough to contain my breast tissue. From the fit of the bras, I felt like there would be a large difference in the underwire width. However, there is only a .1” difference in the underwire width of Arizona and my Panache Envy. There is a large difference in the two when it comes to wire length: 2.8”. With the Arizona, the wires do not poke or scratch at my upper armpit area, which is a welcome change from my Panache Envy. After comparing measurements, I don’t know if I would say that their wires are narrow, but definitely short.

Here is a picture comparing both bras. You can see how the Envy's underwires (behind) poke taller than the Arizona (in front):

Initially, I felt like I could have used another cup up; my only other experience with true plunges has been the Freya Deco, which was a shape mismatch with my full on bottom breasts. I felt like having the next cup size up would prevent my breasts from spilling out of the cups and/or falling towards the gore. After wearing Arizona all day, I didn’t have any spillage. I believe that the next size up would have been too large for me, especially in the top of the cup where I have less breast tissue.

The bra itself is a three piece cup with foam lining. As a result, the bra feels light and it gives my breasts a nicely rounded shape. When compared to a Deco bra, it is easy to feel my boobs, instead of the bra...if you’re into that sort of thing ;) The top of the cups did not show through my clothing at all, due to the soft construction. The outside of the band has the same black laser cut pattern, while the inside is lined in a synthetic fabric to match the red base of the bra.

As of now, I have only worn the Arizona under scoopneck tops and sweaters. I was surprised that the band wasn’t as firm as I was thinking it would be based on measurements, but it still sits in the correct spot on my body. I definitely see myself wearing it more in the spring and summer seasons, since I tend to wear more lower cut tops then.The elastic isn’t so firm that it gives me indents or that it hurt after being worn all day at work to my desk job.

I was very pleased with my first Comexim! I love the pattern on this bra, and many of Comexim’s other offerings. I like that the wires were short so there was no irritation underneath my arm. I also like that the bra gives a nicely rounded shape without relying too much on padding. I was apprehensive about trying Comexim at first due to the sizing, but now I look forward to trying more of their styles.

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