Just like Butters teaches us, we have to take the good with the bad, and with the amazing loving community that we have, we have to learn to endure the growing pains of having too much love.

Last weekend, after the last unfortunate situation happened, I came up with a new idea on how to implement a long requested feature that I claimed that I could not make because it would be all too complex. So I came up with a version of blocking users you cannot stand.

It has some compromises, and that allowed me to quickly add it to the site, despite the plans for perfection that made it unfeasible to just hack in.

To do so, go to your account and you will see a new "Block people" section along the bottom. Click on the I hate people link to access the new feature.

There you will be able to paste the usernames of people you don't want to read on the site.

It will block their activity on the homepage, reviews and comments on bras and adventures. When you block a user it will go both ways, so they also will not see you. They will not know who blocked them, but likely they will infer it from seeing some mentions and lacking participation.

It is not perfect. If you do click on a bra or the profile of any of these users, you will see their profile and their face. Also, it is not a perfectly secret situation given the two ways blocking, so those are the compromises in order to get user blocking going on. The blocking is only cosmetic, so if they send you a private message, you'll see it. They won't be seeing your content, but if for some reason they see it, they will be able to comment, and you'll know that they did, but you won't read it. It's a very light weight, cosmetic that should help you to get serenity now.

You will see the list of people you've chose to block, each with a heart button. You are invited to click on it whenever you think the time is right :)

Ah, also there is a limit on how many people you can hate at the same time.

Wow, it's been too long since there was any news on the blog!