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Bras » Cleo » Lucy Balconnet Bra (5851)

Lucy Balconnet Bra (5851)

AW2010 - SS2017 - Unpadded balconette with a partial band and floral embroidery More...
This bra is discontinued.

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  1. 9



    I finally found a bra that fits correctly! Its a glorious day! The cups are literally the perfect size for my boobs (no overboob, and very little gaping when I bend over). Its such a fun green color, and it gives my boobs an awesome shape (no torpedo boob) and my nipples are concealed! The 28 band is a little tight, but everything else fits so well that I'm not even mad.

    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on May 18, 2015 Flag this

    • 2

      Glad you love it! Today is "Lucy Day" on BTB lol, this is the 3rd Lucy review today! I got mine today too :)

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  2. This is a really pretty bra and the colour I bought (aqua) is really fantastic. It's in a balconette style so the cups don't come up too far, and it has embroidery on the tops of the cups.

    I find the cups give a really nice rounded shape. There's a bit of gaping on my smaller side, but that's what happens when one side is smaller. Otherwise it fits really well. The band is nice and snug, the wires don't dig in, and there's no cutting in from the cups!

    The thing I didn't like was that I found the cups itchy initially, ... but it went away after a few washes.

    I found the cups to be nice and wide, but a bit shallow. I sometimes find bras that have wide cups, but they're also too deep. If you are wide, but your breasts don't stick out too much (sorry, can't find an elegant way to say this), this bra might work for you. This is one of my favourite bras now" alt=":)" />

    Update: I bought this bra in late November 2010. It's March 21, 2011 and I'm now having to wear it on the second hook.

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    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Sep 12, 2011 Flag this

    • If the Cleo Lucy fits you well you could try trolling for the Cleo Frances. The Cleo Frances has a similar cut.

    • I tried the Frances a while back, when I was still figuring out my bra size. I'm not a huge fan of purple so I don't think I'd go for it again.

      Anyway, are there any particular UK ebay sellers you particularly like or would recommened? I generally like to buy a couple sizes to compare and return the one that doesn't fit.

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  3. 7



    This was one of the worst bras, until I made some somewhat horrific modifications. I bent the wires to make the cups much more narrow, then I cut off the top lacy bit that was both gappy and cutting in. Now it's my favorite bra.

    Updated on Jan 01, 2016 Flag this

    • 2

      Hey, whatever you've gotta do! Sometimes Frankenbra is the best bra!

    • 2

      Go Frankenbra!

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  4. 7



    This is a very great bra!
    I bought the Lucy on a guilty whim, because the yellow color looked so fanciful and I have long lusted for an unpadded bra to fit me. Surprisingly, the Lucy pretty much does!
    This bra has fully adjustable straps, a great selection of colors, is a continuity design from Cleo, offers great lift and support, and is generally a good bra. It's given me the most up-and-front shape I've ever gotten, which is not an easy task on wide-set, wide-rooted breasts. I feel really secure in this bra, and while it's not very cleavage-y, it handily trumps the shape provided by most cleavage-inducing bras. ...
    There are definitely some shortcomings, as with any bra. It's a 3-part seamed cup, which I've decided my breast shape has some issues with. Specifically, the top section does tend to bunch up a bit, because I've found that these cups are rapidly closing. My breasts don't end low enough for them, so the top of the lace will lie flat along my chest, while the fabric just below the edge makes a fabric bubble. This has not been an issue under clothing, and I've even worn this bra under very tight, very thin jersey tops. But it is a bit of a bummer as far as shirtless appearances go - I really wish I could get that 'painted on' look that larger busted ladies seem to find!
    In the end, this is a bra to try - it's really beautiful, fun, and comfy! It's made for wider-set and wide breasts, and should do fine on multiple fullness levels. It will probably cause trouble on very close-set breasts and full-on-top breasts. If you fall into the 'wide' category, though, try this bra!

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    Updated on May 14, 2012 Flag this

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  5. 6



    It's my first unlined bra that kind of fits. The shape it makes is less pointy than in the Freya Zeta and the fabric is much softer. I'm not a fan of the embroidery but the lightweight mesh and comfortable one-layer band seems to be a good choice for hot summer days.

    My boobs are nicely supported even though the top of the cups starts to wrinkle after a while. Maybe it's because I have short roots and not much upper fullness.
    The straps sometimes slide of my shoulders and the gore could be narrower.

    Despite these imperfections I still wear it.

    Updated on Mar 10, 2021 Flag this

    • 3

      Glad you found a decent fit, MaroonMarmot . Such a pity the Lucy was discontinued. It was a useful bra in many respects.

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    Oh geez, this bra makes me want to re-check the fit of all my other bras.
    This is downright perfect in every single way.

    Cups enclose all tissue, and ONLY tissue. This is my first bra in a new size that doesn't have extra fabric on the sides. That, and the depth is just enough. Not too little, not too much, it's perfect.
    This is the kind of bra I want to make: Narrower wires, enough depth, and a rounded out shape.

    I got the Cleo Lucy from another user in 32E, and it fit good in the cups during shark week, but the band was obviously somewhat big. Not too ... bad though!
    This is 2 bands down-something I was super worried about, but it's perfect. You can feel that it's supportive, but it's not too tight at all. Even my Cleo Maya in 30F, the band was really tight and a tad uncomfortable.
    This was previously owned, so that might be why, but in any case it's just..perfect.

    Wires are narrow enough for me, band is taut but doesn't feel like it's slowly killing me, material is nice and smooth, lift is amazing, and exactly the color I wanted. No quadding, no empty fabric, no awkward (mis)shaping. Straps adjust long enough.
    Cups are just close enough.

    Beautiful detailing. I even like the red bow. I wouldn't normally think to pair red and purple unless they're both super dark, and used for something rather than clothes, but this works very nicely.

    I was also worried that F would be too small, considering the 32E worked pretty well for me, but it's simply perfect (have I said that enough?).

    If I had to get rid of all my bras and keep one that suited practicality, fit, comfort, and appearance, this would be it.

    The balconnet style worked great without making me quad. The problem I find with padded balconettes is that they are almost always too shallow and have wide wires. I need projection, but just the right amount, and narrow wires.

    I have tall roots and I've read that half cups and balconettes are good for that, but my problem is always too little room in cups/wires too wide.
    Some balconettes also have tight elastic that doesn't allow for more than a very fixed amount. Like an elastic band on the top cup. That cuts into my roots.
    This has no super stretch lace/mesh, fixed lace/mesh, or super tight top cup band. It's perfect.

    I'm mostly even, and I think this bra works well for that shape. I think it could work for full on bottom, and slightly full on top. There's about equal amount of cup to be filled out all over though.

    I would easily pay $100 for this bra now that I know it's my unicorn bra.

    I wanted to note that I've seen other reviews saying this bra's wires are wide, and I know I said they're narrow. I find them to be pretty narrow on mine, and they are definitely more "U" shaped.I will add measurements tomorrow, but I think they're about 5" width. On my 32E however, the wires are very bowl-like(wide), but nothing like my Tutti Rouge, the Chantelle C Sexy Chic Plunge, and even Natori Feathers.

    Maybe it's a size difference? I'm not sure. I just don't want to be giving incorrect info! As far as I've read, people say Cleos run wide and shallow, and I didn't experience that with this. Maybe a little, but not severe.
    I did experience wider wires a little with the Maya, but it seemed to me more average and projected.. I think 30E would have been closer to my tissue, so, not sure! I'm a little confused, but if others say they're wide and shallow then I'd assume I must be wrong or mine are somehow unique. I'm still figuring out my shape and realized I'm not AS narrow as I thought, so I may very well be wrong.

    I'd just recommend reading multiple reviews for the Lucy because I'm still a noob.
    At the same time, I need narrow to average wires- I know for sure I don't need wide. And projected cups(not extremely so, but a decent amount), and this fits exactly on the sides of my breast roots, which has never, ever happened, and cups enclose me perfectly.
    On the other hand, I also have very malleable, soft tissue, which can be easily squished and redistributed elsewhere in cups. So irdk. D:

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    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Jun 01, 2015 Flag this

    • 2

      It's such a great feeling when you find The One!! At least, that's what I hear haha. Yay for you!

    • 2

      lcl0706 That's definitely how I'm feeling! And thank you :D I'm super happy

    • 1

      If you wore a 28G I'd happily sell you mine lol

    • lcl0706 Lol I would gladly buy it from you if I were 2 cups more! I feel like I just need to stock up on these and never buy anything else :p

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  7. Cute bra with a (mostly) good fit. Cups fit nicely, although I do have just a wisp of overspill at the top on my larger side. Underwires are not un-comfortable. I did notice that one of the underwires in the center gore area, the top inch of it doesn't quite touch my sternum. This only happens on my larger side, the wire on the other side touches fine.

    Profile view is nice and fairly rounded, definitely not pointy! I wish it was a bit more lifted, but it's not bad. View from the front is a *tiny bit* wider than I like, but not enough to be a deal-breaker. ... Bra does allow a little bit of bounce from time to time, not terrible, but it just does not keep you concrete still.

    Straps are too far apart (which is an on-going problem for me), but the Lucy straps sit EXTREMELY far on the sides of the cups. Using a strap accessory in the back stops strap slippage, although the straps do slightly cut into the fronts of my armpits a bit (again, something that isn't extremely un-common).

    Though the bra does fit, I have decided to return it as it's not exactly what I'm looking for at this point. I would definitely consider picking one up in the future, though.

    (Just for reference, this review is for the Yellow color of the bra. It's very bright and cheerful!)

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    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Apr 17, 2012 Flag this

    • Any bras you have found without the strap into arm cutting? I am on a mission to find some!

    • Sorry it's taken me so long to reply! I have found a few bras that don't cut into the front of my arm. Cleo Leila, Cleo Juna(and all the other prints with the same cut) are my favorites right now, and Curvy Kate Smoothie fits well around my arms, too. The straps are still too wide on all of them so I have to use my strap accessory in the back, but these bras don't cut into the front of my arms. Of course these are all padded/lined, so I'm not sure if that's what you're looking for or not. (I kind of gave up on unlined as they just don't seem to give the same amount of support as the padded/lined bras do.) Anyway, sorry I can't help more, but good luck in your search! ;)

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  8. 3



    I have had a lot of bras come into my life this past month. The reining champion is currently 32FF - Cleo ยป Lily Balconnet Bra (7351) . In fact, I am wearing it right now (after taking off my Chantelle C Chic Sexy Plunge (3641) after it started annoying the heck out of my armpits - More on that in its own review.
    Lucy is my 2nd in command when Lily is taking a much need rest after hoisting my lovely lady lumps all day, Lucy is ready to step in and sub.

    Now with any sub, they just don't do it ... quite like your first choice, but you are so very glad to have them around.

    Here are my (very few) issues with Lucy:
    The very bottom of the cup does not have the same angle as Lily, so my soft breast tissue is more apt to slid down and push the cup with it even after scooping and swooping. I find that I have to adjust more often throughout the day to make sure my breasts are in the cups properly. Annoying, yes. Dealbreaker, no. It still does a better job than most of the bras I tried.

    The other issue I have with Lucy is that the very bottom of the gore (the part that touches the top of my stomach) feels sharper than a razor as the day progresses. When I wore it the first time, I felt like I was being stabbed there. Its NOT the wire, its like the fabric is so thin and pulled so taut between the wires that it is less forgiving of my stomach area being slightly less than flat. I think its because its not a full banded bra like Lily. Maybe this will go away with time, and wear and washings, so I don't consider this a deal breaker either. For one thing, it does help remind me when my stomach is full.

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    Updated on Feb 21, 2015 Flag this

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    • 2

      I feel the same way about Lucy and Lily! I find that the top portion of Lucy's cups is too firm and can smush my boobs until they pop out the top. I also feel like I hang low and wide in it, whereas Lily pulls everything up and forward really well. You might want to try Panache Envy - it's my fave (in 32F, but I wear Lily and Lucy in 32FF) right now.

    • 2

      I'm really glad the purchase worked out for you! I sized down in both bras, got them in, and love them, too!

    • now that could explain why Envy wasn't good for me, Erin ( Lilys successor) is my best too but the Marcie cuts are my subs so maybe Envy wasn't full enough on top for me??? Am waiting for the next Floris to try that

    • 2

      vexingbet, what you say here sums it up perfectly for me "I also feel like I hang low and wide in it, whereas Lily pulls everything up and forward really well."

      It must be the mesh on Lucy that is more flexible and allows that low-wideness, but again, it still works in a pinch.

      Needless to say, I placed an order for Envy and Jasmine, Meg and others that are supposed to be cut similar to Lily. I never knew what immediate projection meant till now.

      courtnelius , GIRL, I am beyond happy it worked for me. So glad to have been able to find something, and the bras are in great condition. Thank you!

    • I think you'll like Envy and Jasmine. Jasmine's cups are good -- firm on the bottom and stretchy on top -- but the wires are a bit too long/wide to be totally comfortable on me. Hoping to get my hands on Meg and the newest Meg/Lily "twin," Erin, and see how those two work for me.

    • Erin? Do tell!
      And I miss typed earlier, I am on the hunt for meg too, but I have Melissa coming. Basically, I am waiting (not so patiently) for the following to come in the mail. Cleo- Chloe, melissa, @Marcie (tried her before in 32F- Candy Pink colorway and it was a bit too small)@Freya Ellie & @Pollyanna (have her now but shes a 34E, and too big in the band) And then the Jasmine & Envy.
      Have you tried, @Cleo Ellis? I'm wearing her today, and I need a bit more cup, even though she is open on top.

    • I think Erin is new this season and replacing Lily, so they should be similar, like Meg and Lily are.

      I haven't tried Ellis yet, or the others you've listed there. I keep looking at her and Panache Floris, but I haven't bought either yet.

    • 1

      Ellis reminds me of Lucy, except its more open on top than Lucy, and the cups are more firm in general. Then the lace is flexible and relaxed. I get lots of great cleavage in this bra, and boobs are right in your face. Makes my FOB breast look FOT.
      I'll be sure to tag you when I finally get my hands on and boobs into them. :)

    • 1

      Looking forward to it :) I'm already quite FOT, so Ellis sounds like it might give me a bit too much va-va-voom, haha. But I suppose you never know until you try.

    • I just got the Melissa, and it is perfect. If you like the Lily, I bet you will love the Melissa. The band runs a bit tighter than either Lily or Lucy, FYI. I have an Ellis and a Bella on order, but they could get cancelled; that's how this supplier is.

      @Braphobic, dish on the Jasmine and Envy if you get them. I'm afraid of Panache (non-Cleo) ever since I got an Emily and it's way too closed on top.

      Really want the Erin!

      Did anyone find different fits in different colorways for the Lily? My Aqua runs tighter in the cup than my Parrot, and they were both from Zulily.

    • Jasmine seems very open on top to me -- super stretchy, even moreso than Envy.

      As for Lily, I can't figure out exactly what the difference is, but I like the way the parrot looks better than the aqua. I'm positive there's a subtle difference in fit, but it's so subtle that I can't even tell what it is.

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  9. Appearance: Dark blue, unpadded three-section cup bra. Little pink flowers on the cups and a pink bow on the centre gore. Flower embroidery on the sheer upper section finished off by a line of cute little dots running along the upper section, both in pink and purple fading to baby pink. This "fading" actually put me off a little at first but the colors suit me very well.

    - Perfect, Apple-Like, Gorgeous, Amazing Rounded Shape! I love this bra!
    - lots of uplift
    - fully adjustable straps
    - lightweight, a little sheer but no nipples on show
    - centre gore doesn't poke and fits my close-set breasts
    - the wires don't poke my armpits ... (I'm petite, height-wise, at least)
    - doesn't show much even under tight-fitting tops" alt=":)" />
    - so far, I think all of the fashion colors are pretty

    Now this will be somehow a long story. I've had tons of issues with Lucy, even though it is the best-fitting bra that I own.
    First, some things that I can't change about Lucy (only Panache can do that *not-so-subtle-HINT*)
    - The band is rather narrow and has only two sets of hooks and eyes. Curvy Kate makes nice bands with 3 sets of hooks and eyes and even though the fit of their bras is simply WRONG on me I can tell how much more comfortable wider bands are.
    - The wires are too wide. I have space left at both sides but since I bent the wires I don't think it affects the fit or the support of the bra.

    But now I will come to the main issues that I had with Lucy. These are my personal experiences and might not affect you at all.
    When I purchased the Lucy I deemed her pretty much the best fit I could get from a bra. The cups fit, no fourboob, no band riding up, no wires poking me in the armpits or the breastbone.
    After wearing it for a couple of times, though, the bra started chafing and rubbing and leaving angry red marks that itched like crazy. I never experienced such pain from wearing bras before. I only recently discovered the reasons for this thanks to Emily from, whom I feel truly grateful towards. Do check out her blog.
    - The wires are only lightly padded. This means if you don't have much on your ribcage to cushion you from the wires, they can very uncomfortable.
    I could resolve this issue mostly by bending the wires. That doesn't make them any more padded but at least they fit the shape of my body now. I first bent the wire to make it curve where my ribcage does, then I bent the ends of the wires so that they now face outwards a little.
    - The band is little too loose for my 27.5 inch ribcage. Which is why it started moving around on my back. It didn't ride up but it was loose enough to cause friction.
    I need to wear it starting on the second hook.
    And this may sound incredible but as soon as I ditched my extender (which I used to lessen the strain on my skin while still being able to wear a bra - didn't work) and tightened the bra, I felt better.
    My skin has recovered and I can wear Lucy all day, if necessary.
    It still isn't the comfort bra of my dreams but it has become one of my favorite bras and I wear her regularly.

    What I wanted to mention, too:
    I would buy another one when this one dies, maybe in white or another fashion color.
    (Only.... why does everything have to be purple in 2013?)
    I had a chance to try the black Lucy in 30HH once. The band was of course too loose and rode up but I experienced quadboob even though the cups should have the same volume as those of my 28J. Maybe the black ones run a little tighter in cups.

    UPDATE: My boobs grew a little, so I quadboobed out of Lucy. I used BrasIHate's center gore alteration to get a some more space. I took in the center gore only a tiny little bit, probably not even one cm, but that was enough. A little goes a long way" alt=";)" />
    Still, this alteration changed the cup shape, and I would prefer being able to just order a 28JJ. I could try the 30J, but altering a band is much more complicated than just taking in the center gore. Cleo, why can't you just make bras up to a K cup? Sigh.

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  10. 3


    Didn't fit

    Edit Aug. 22: I had the opportunity to try the Lucy again in a 30FF and 30G in a shop. The 30F I reviewed here was definitely too small for me. I was thrown by the fact that the quadraboob manifested in the softer lace section rather than over the top of the cups. Watch out for that!

    Sadly, I didn't walk away with a new Lucy. I have about half a cup size difference between my breasts, and I found that this bra really exacerbated the unevenness in a way that no amount of strap fiddling could banish. I think this ... is because I'm between sizes, and because of the low point of attachment of the lace to the cup.

    Original review: This is a beautiful bra, but unfortunately it doesn't work for me. The deal breaker for me is the way in which the lace section joins the cup. My breasts - on both sides - bulge into the lace, creating a peculiar quad-boob style effect that is quite visible under clothing. I will be (reluctantly) returning it.

    The band is tighter than most 30's I've tried, but as I'm a small 30, it's still very comfortable for me. The cup is a touch small; it fits my smaller side perfectly but there's just the slightest bulge over the lace on my larger side. The overall shape is lovely; rounded but not minimized, and it doesn't look wide at all from the front.

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    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Aug 22, 2012 Flag this

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