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Bras » Cleo » Lucy Balconnet Bra (5851)

Lucy Balconnet Bra (5851)

AW2010 - SS2017 - Unpadded balconette with a partial band and floral embroidery More...
This bra is discontinued.

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  1. 2


    Didn't fit

    SS12 Yellow "fashion color" version.

    Band length: 59.2cm
    Cup width: 14.3cm
    Cup depth: 29.4cm
    Wire length: 28.3cm
    Cup separation: 2.5cm
    Strap width: 1.5cm

    Quality: 3/5
    Comfort: 4/5
    Appearance: 5/5

    Other sizes in this review found here: 30FF ( & 30GG (

    I've noticed Panache bras are made wildly different from style-to-style as well as by season. So I got a 30g, a size I thought might work and one cup down and up from it to compare. I am happy to say the 30g works well. The 30ff band is nice but the cups cut into tissue giving a bit of quadraboob. Unfortunately, I couldn't tell if the "30GG" would have been more appropriate: I ... firmly believe it is actually about a 36GG just MISLABELED!!!" alt=":O" /> If you look at the size measurements an average band can be about 7" or 16cm smaller than the "band size" to allow for stretch & support. If so, this bra is definitely far too large in both band & cup to be what it says. Sadly, this makes a comparison of all three an impossibility with what I ordered.

    This if the first time I bought the Lucy style because I fell in love with the idea of a bright yellow bra! The material could be more supportive and I will not consider even the lightest jog for the train in this bra. It gives me a beautiful round shape where Freya's do not. The underarm wire is just right and although I can fit my pinky finger into the gore I am still pleased with the overall fit of the 30G.

    I'll keep an eye out for more colors of this style in the future.

    Measured unstretched before wearing.
    Purchased early-April '12 from Freshpair.

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    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Jul 10, 2012 Flag this

    • Wow, just looked at the measurements and it clearly seems mislabeled! Tough one :-/

      I really don't know how to handle when manufacturers vary on bras stretchiness/materials ... hate that!

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  2. This review is for the color “Lime”, purchased from Bravissimo. First off this color is more than Lime, it is NEON LIME!!!! Whoooo boy! It almost looks like it could glow in the dark. Not for the color shy that’s for sure. LOL. Now on to the review.
    This bra has a three part cup that provides good lift and a gives a rounded natural shape. The straps are spaced apart nicely and don’t fall off my shoulders. The straps are lined with a felt like material for the first six inches of the strap from the front of the cup. The fabric is nice with embroidered flowers ... and a hot pink bow on the center gore. The bottom two sections of the cup have lining to give more structure to the cup. The band is sturdy, but on the stretchy side, I find with this style I start off on the middle hooks but will eventually need to take the band in.

    The following is taken directly from the Bravissimo website.
    -Underwired balconette
    -2 hook fastening
    -Polyamide polyester elastane
    -Fully adjustable shoulder straps
    -Lime is exclusive to Bravissimo

    I also reviewed this bra in the fashion color “Yellow”. I have found that this style of bra is now one of my favorite bras and can’t wait to collect all the colors

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    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Jul 03, 2012 Flag this

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  3. 1


    Didn't fit

    I think this bra would fit pretty well in a 28G. It's not the softest bra ever, but otherwise pretty comfy. It seems well suited to short FOB breasts. The wires are a bit too wide, though. I also get lots of bounce and jiggle. I like that it's pretty, the band is snug, and that it feels light.

    Updated on Aug 27, 2018 Flag this

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    • Looks great. Maybe it just feels jiggly because the cups are too small and your tissue gets squeezed out on top?

      I creeped your profile and saw that you also have 28E Cleo Kali. Did your measurements change a lot or does it still fit? I'm just curious because I heard that this one is similar to the Kali and it looks like 3 sizes smaller.

    • 1

      Thanks, aboobaccount. Yes, my measurements have changed a lot. I was a bit underweight then (5'5" and 105 pounds). I am about 20 or so pounds heavier now, which is 5-10 pounds more than I would like to be.

    • The G would probably fit you perfectly! And I agree with aboobacount that if you go up a cup the jiggly feeling would probably go away.

      I totally feel you on the weight thing (i've had alot of weight issues in my past, but I don't want to go on about that!!), but you look beautiful. I am 5 feet even and about 110 pounds and wish I looked any where near as gorgeous as you. ^.^

    • Thanks, LeProfessor- you are so kind. :) I will keep an eye out for the 28G to come on sale on Amazon. And you look amazing!!

    • I’m contemplating a 28G in this myself right now. I saw Amazon had the white one on for $30-something the other night. Might still be available for sale.

    • Thanks, Calluna. I'll check it out. :)

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  4. 1


    Didn't fit

    The Great Amazon Prime Wardrobe Try-On, Pt 2!
    My shape: FOB, narrow roots/shoulders, soft tissue, 32G (though I'm thinking maybe more 30G since a lot of these 32 bands are too stretchy for me!)
    Fit: I just do not have luck with Cleo bras. I tried this in a 32G my last prime Wardrobe order, and it fit too loose in the band. So I sister-sized down to a 30GG, and the band is ok, but the wires are REALLY WIDE. Seems weird that there is such a difference in wire width for such a close size.
    Appearance: Cute black bra! I like the looks of all of the Cleos I have tried. They have good color schemes and laces.
    Overall: I think I'm finished with trying to make Cleo bras work for me." alt=":(" />

    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Jun 18, 2018 Flag this

    • Did this feel wider than the Wacoal Retro Chic? Retro has a slightly wider wire. I wore a Freya that was super wide, but the wire measurement was more narrow that several bras. Maybe the band was pulled tighter. Weird.

    • WAY wider. The Retro Chic didn't feel that wide to me at all. I did only wear the bras for, at the longest, ten minutes, since it was more of a try-on thing. So maybe that's why?

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  5. 1



    This was one of the 8 bras I tried in my first Amazon Prime Wardrobe Box! (Sadly, 8/8 did NOT fit)
    I had read so many glowing reviews of this that I just HAD to try it! I was hoping it would fit me as well as/on par with my Ewa Michalaks, since Cleo bras are a lot easier to get in the States. Alas, it was not meant to be! I think the cups aren't projected enough? I was getting some weird smooshage on the bottom of the cup, as if there wasn't enough space for my soft tissue. The tops of the cups felt fine, but the ... bottom had this weird shape like it was squishing me in there. I was pretty disappointed, especially since this bra is so cute!
    I generally don't like bras without more than 3 hooks, but if this had fit me better, I would have made concessions for the fact that it only has 2. Ah, well.
    I think I will try a 30GG and a 32GG next time I make a Prime Wardrobe order, as long as they are eligible. Here's hoping!

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    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Jun 02, 2018 Flag this

    • Lucy didn't fit me either: the gore base is too wide and smoothed my tissue. No lift and just compression in this bra for me.

    • That must be the same problem that I had! I'm not very good at describing what the heck I am experiencing, lol.

    • Autocorrect changed "smooshed" to "smoothed" Ugh. Did you see wire lines on your breasts? It is remarkable how many bras are simply not created for close-set and center-full breasts.

    • I didn't have it on long enough to see any wire lines, unfortunately.
      What does that mean, gore base? Like how wide the gore part actually is? (the "cup separation" measurement?)

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  6. 1


    Didn't fit

    I was so bummed that this bra didn't fit because it's beautiful and was a steal. It just feels to me that it's small all-around. The gore doesn't sit quite flat because the band is a little right tight and the cup cuts into my tissue because I'm ever so slightly full on top. A plus though is the wide underwires. I have wider roots and the underwires actually encapsulate the runaway boob!

    Updated on Mar 02, 2017 Flag this

    • Yeah this is too small but a 32FF may work!

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  7. 1


    Didn't fit

    This bra gets the job done. I'm not entirely sure I'll be keeping it. It's too ornate to wear under knit tops, so no t-shirts. The cups are comfortable, and the thick straps are nice, but it's a very "vanilla" bra. Nothing particularly remarkable about it.

    White colorway

    Updated on Jan 05, 2017 Flag this

    • You look 'full-on-bottom' . . . you might want to look for that when looking for other bras to try. i mean, here on bratabase or on other social media - manufacturers and retailers wont tell you the shape of a bra lol

    • 2

      Hi, dbmamaz! Thanks for the input! I would agree that I'm full on the bottom; I was encouraged to purchase this as a diagnostic bra of sorts, and I think it confirmed the full on the bottom bit for me. I'm not sure anything by Cleo is going to work for me, so my next venture will probably be a Freya Padded Half Cup of some sort.

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  8. 1


    Didn't fit

    This review is for the white bra. It is supposed to be the same cut as Kali. However it fits me better than my Kali and I'm not sure why. My guess is that it has more immediate projection and accommodates my very center full boobs better.
    Shape in a T shirt is also slightly different than the Kali. It has slightly less lift but still keeps my very dense boobs up well.

    It measures almost identically to the Kali, except that the length of the band is several
    inches longer.
    The gore at 2.5 inches tacks pretty well, perfectly on my smaller boob side, but is very slightly on breast tissue on my larger side. I just don't have much room for a gore since my boobs touch in a bra.

    Updated on Oct 19, 2016 Flag this

    • I love Lucy (lol) and I expected to love Kali too - but for whatever reason the straps on the Kali dug into my like the point of being painful. I thought they were the same cut too so this confused me.

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  9. 1


    Didn't fit

    I already wrote a pretty thorough review of this same model in purple, so I will restrict comments in this review to this specific color way. Overall, the fit is really fantastic, this bra fits like it was made for me.

    One thing I was surprised to notice upon opening the package was that this bra is not white and orange as it appears in stock photos, but actually light pink and orange. I'll try to get some photos that reflect this.

    Once again, the little flowers embroidered on the cups show through thin shirts. Not the color, which is what you might ... expect from neon orange, but the texture. This is really disappointing because otherwise this might be my perfect bra! My only very slight quibble is that the wires are just a touch too wide for me, but it doesn't bother me, it's just something I noticed when I took the bra off and saw the marks on my skin.

    As I mentioned in my other review, I bought these in a small lot from someone that was selling them very cheaply. Normally I would go for a 34GG, not a 32H, but these actually fit really well. Now I am left with the conundrum of whether that is due to the incredibly stretchy band or whether these were stretched out by previous owners. I guess I'll never know unless I need to order more...

    Update: After wearing this bra and its twin a few times each, the area of the band right under the gore is not a problem I can overlook. It is sharp and digs in painfully and tends to leave marks that don't go away overnight. It's a shame, because the rest of the band doesn't feel too tight and the cups are like a second skin. Ah well, maybe I'll try it again in my actual size when new colors are released.

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    Blush/neon orange colorway

    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Sep 29, 2016 Flag this

    • 1

      If you check the normal measurements for this bra, you'll see that it normally stretches to around 33.9", so they were definitely stretched out by their previous owner! :)

    • That's amazing, because they look new! Either way, I'll keep them. I had a feeling that might be the case because in Panache bras I'm absolutely a 34 band, it seemed strange that Cleo would be so different!

    • It might also be that Cleo IS a bit different; I keep hearing it called their junior line, and I know that many Panache-pure bras are more expensive.

      Some stretch measurement difference is bound to happen just because not all of us are stretching to the same extent, but I do think 3+" of difference is probably somewhat a wear issue :)

      I would try a 34 and 32 the next time you order!

    • 1

      I had this. The gore made me feel sick and it poked in until I finally get rid of this bra for 1.50€ on
      But it looks cute concerning the design.

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