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First girl in my third grade class to need a bra, and haven't stopped growing since!

I was up ... to (I think) a 34D by 8th grade, and a few years later, it was a huge revelation to discover Bali Seductive Curves in a 34D. Bras could actually be supportive AND pretty?! Who knew???

As my weight fluctuated during college, I started to sacrifice the prettiness in favor of just finding one that I could actually shove my boobs into. I knew that bigger cup sizes existed, but I was sure that I could find something in stores that fit. And so I tried every 34D, 34DD, 36D and 36DD I could find... but nothing was quite right. At my highest weight, I probably needed a 38DD.

After losing all that weight and getting a nice paying job, I decided it was time to get bras that actually fit. I was spilling out every side of my 34DDs -- even the bottom! I said enough was enough, and ventured into the world of online bra shopping. Now I have a 32Fs, 32FFs and 32Gs, and some I'm quite happy with. Still hoping to find another one that gives me the "a-ha moment" I had with Seductive Curves, though!

NOTE: My reviews, measurements and photos are work in process. For now, I'm focusing on the bras I plan to sell, which range from 34D-36DD. I also have a wishlist with several of the styles I would like to try and hope to buy/trade for those.

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