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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band74.3
Band Length56.5
Stretch ratio1.3
Cup width13.3
Cup depth23.1
Depth ratio1.7
Wire length22.9
Cup height14.0
Cup separation1.5
Gore height5.7
Wing height9.5
Strap width1.5
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This is one of two bras that I got from another seller...she was offering both at extremely reasonable prices because they were heavily used, and this one she actually refunded some of my money as she noticed a bit more wear on the band than originally that was very nice. I opted for this one because I’d had no experience with this cut before, and there were a few SMs in the listings in 70E that I was interested in, but I had been a bit worried about the cup depth. And I was right to be. It’s a little bit small. This bra is borderline too small for me. Especially pre-period aka high tide.

The black lace is beautiful but I feel like maybe it’s not super soft.. it’s not scratchy or anything, but it’s thicker and firmer than I was expecting. The band on this one is shot, so I can’t really comment on it, but I gather from the visible wear that it was probably a stretchy knitwear one. The button bow at the gore and straps are cute, but I think that the strap ones are a little annoying as they don’t tend to lie flat and can poke out of tanks and camisoles.

The shape from the front is lovely and I appreciate the lower neckline and gore. I also still have a fair amount of cleavage in the bra, even though it’s not a plunge. The side shape is can see the slight spilling and slight upside down 7 shape, and in both front and side views, you can see the wrinkles at the wire. Based on my separate post about this bra and the wrinkles, it’s possible it’s just too shallow, although I do have wire marks lining up with my roots pretty well, but it’s possible that it is from being a little smaller than I need and it’s shape on me. It’s a looser more natural but still somewhat rounded, I think.

As is quite common with Ewas, and small bands in particular, I find that the straps are a bit too wide for me, but they are on the edge of my comfort zone. I’d definitely like to see straps be less wide set in her bras.

Aside from the minor issues with the fit, I’ll hold on to this bra for a bit because it’s almost a good fit and I got it at a stellar price.

For my shape, narrowish and tallish roots that are soft, deflated, and pendulous which push me towards functionally short and even to full on bottom, this style sort of works. It’s not projected at the wire enough, though were I in a 65FF, I might feel like the apex depth is ok (and immediate depth might be better). It’s hard to tell in bras that don’t quite bit though. I’ve got my sights set on some BMs to try when I have enough money to buy one as I think I might have better luck with it than the SM.

I’m happy that I tried this, and it was a valuable purchase in my ongoing quest to learn more about Ewa Michalak bras by experience. I’m not sure if I will try it in a cup size up or not, but it’s a possibility.

This bra is not owned any more

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  • With that low coverage does it feel like if you bend down you're gonna slip out of the cups? This is my main concern with SM bras. They look like they cover a lot more on her models but then in reviews and such they look pretty low coverage.
    Thank you for this review, sorry it's not a perfect match. The bra is beautiful though!

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    brasaremean I *think* the coverage of the SM varies by cup size as well as breast shape. Half of the SM models Ewa has are fuller busted (J cup and above) so they cover more by necessity. Gosia is a 60J 28:13 (though I think she’s more a 60K 28:15 now) and Agnieszka is a 70K 32:15. Gosik (Ewa’s sister) is the smallest bust at a 90E 40:6. I don’t know Ulla’s size as Ewa stopped posting sizes so the newer models are unknown. I am assuming she is FOT based on where her nipples sit in the cups of the sheer bras.

    I’ve tried 3 SM bras in 2 models (Tattoo & Koralik) and 2 of them were too small to wear, so I only have a little experience with them, but from that experience they were still secure feeling even with my taller breasts. The SM cups don’t have much give to them, so they are more stabilizing than the BM style even at the lower coverage, but if you have super soft tissue, you’ll likely experience the same issue I do which is the flattening/quad.

    @Calluna Based on what I see in the photos, I don’t think you’d be pleased with sizing up in the cup. Maybe it’s just my phone screen, but I’m not seeing any spillage, in fact the top of the lace looks a bit loose, as the SM style usually is snug against the breast. Again, my internet is limited to my phone, so the tiny photos are not always as revealing as a full computer screen, so what I see may not be what is really happening.

    The SM style is the most difficult style to fit that Ewa makes. It’s usually a hit or miss, and doesn’t have the forgiving nature of her stretch lace bras or padded varieties. I love the look of the SM style, but they don’t work well for me.

  • brasaremean not that I've noticed. It's a thicker sort of lace instead of stretch which helps with such a low coverage, but also consider my size range as well. I'm also not bending over a lot, and if I do, I have not had to rearrange any after I got back u.

    MamaPagan the pics are from the day I got it, which was just a few days before I ovulated. I just took a batch of pics today as period is imminent. I'll eventually determine the best pics to add to my gallery to show my high tide as you say, in this bra. I'm definitely spilling and the cutting in and spilling is much more noticeable. I'm not quadding in the initial pics, but you can see some that my boobs are searching for higher ground and fighting for space inside the cup and, to a degree, crushing the cup some.

    Here's a quick imgur album of the quadding and spilling as of like 5 minutes ago. Like I said, I'll eventually pick the best from here and add to the gallery, but pre ovulation it borders on being too small, and after I ovulate, it is too small.

  • 1

    Oh my, that's a whole lot of quadding for sure! Yikes, and yeah, sizing up would be needed, 2 cup sizes on the days that are that full.

    Our bodies are amazing, aren't they? How much ebb and flow our hormone holders can do!

    I say the high tide, because the oceans infringe on the land at high tide, all swollen and full. In the analogy, our hormones would be the moon's influence on the tides. ;-) It seems all too fitting to our bodies to me.

    Personally, I'd add all the photos. Each and every photo with its subtle angle shifts show differences not seen in others, making them all useful. Everyone searches the photos with different purposes-to seek out a varied particular aspect of the bra features, so while some may find it over done, others (like myself) know that the added details are helpful.

  • Ahh, ok. Thanks for your explanation. I like the reference though, so I thought it would be appropriate here. I will add all of the pictures then. I could probably readjust tissue a little bit after the swoop and scoop, but I'd still be spilling over or threatening to. I suspect that it's the cut and not the size, but I would try a 65FF/70F in an SM if the price was right on a style that I liked. I'm still interested in trying a BM when I have the money to get one.

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    I love their BMs. The stretch lace is so accommodating to the hormone fluctuations. With the difference you experience bwtween high and low tide, I am confident you will love them as well. I hope you find one soon! If not, there's always Ewa's Black Friday sale next month which should be promising.

  • What can I expect from the Black Friday sale? I'm in Canada so I will have to have it shipped to a friend to forward on to me, otherwise it's DHL which is awful.

  • Also, since you have seen a lot of my reviews and fits, what size(s) of the BM do you think I should be trying? It's been suggested that the full lace I look at 65F/70E and 65FF/70F for the half lace, but that it's still a crap shoot. 😂

  • The measurements do vary, especially in height, at least in my range. I find the BMs to have stretchier bands (except the ones that have lace on them as they are double lined) so I'd suggest going with the 65s over the 70s for proper support. Based on how this one fits at high tide, I'd lean more towards the FF except in Bibi Black and Flamenco which should work at 65F. That is under the assumption that her scaling per model in your size range is the same as in my range which isn't always the case. Either way, I would suggest browsing the entries here and see if any members who tried the SM in the 65F/FF/G range also tried BMs. Look at the posted pictures and compare how both styles fit the member and what size they opted for in their BMs. A picture says a 1000 words so even if measurements are omitted, the photos can be useful.

    Black Friday she lists all in stock (so a large section of standard sizing for what's already made) on sale. Not every model will be available in every standard size, but you should have a few options in your range. I'd assume it will be her standard 20-50 PLN off, which is usually 20PLN off panties and 30-50PLN off bras. That's what she did last year and it seems to be her go to for sales.

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    You may want to consider the SF style as well. It's similar to the BM but reinforced on the bottom for more support, but still has the stretch top. Some have an issue with them not having enough immediate projection (including Ewa's own models) but it is quite comfortable and supportive, so if minor bottom wire wrinkling doesn't bother you, it could be a promising option. I'd say try 65FF for that one.

  • Thanks for your advice. BM Bibi Black is one that has my interest, though I am interested in quite a few. It seems like I'm looking for bands that stretch to 29-30" and cup depth 9.5-10" I think. My laying measurement is 9.8" iirc, which is also what I put my 30F Marcie at.

  • I have considered the SF but have been told that the straps are really wide, though there's a 70F listed here that might be ok...I'm not sold on it yet.

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    As a note my Bibi Black band stretched out from snug on loosest to 'tightest hook it is' within a couple of days. However, it might be an exception, not a rule.

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    Also I will get a 70FF SF (and 4 BMs lol) and will post measurements for you to see how band is across all of them!

  • 1

    I don't feel that the SF straps are wider set than her other styles, but the material is stiffer so it's more noticeable if that makes sense?

  • 1

    Ahh, thanks so much for all the help and information!

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    Also, doing a search on Ewa's site by bras, All, then filtering by size (65F & 65FF) and marking only in stock bras yields these results:

    This gives you an idea of what to expect for Black Friday. The bras may change as her stock fluctuates, but it's a good variety.
    And you're welcome :-)

  • Awesome! I really want the eggplant one. Porto maybe, and BM Bibi Tulipan is on my list. Anyone know what the Bibi stands for/means?

  • According to Google translate.....Bibi ;-) It auto detects as English, but switching to Polish still says Bibi for English. ..... Oh well!

  • Yeah, I tried to look it up. Like, what about the Bibi styles are different from the non Bibis?

  • I've wondered about that myself. I honestly have no clue. Some are half lace, some full lace, the fit isn't the same with the half vs full lace Bibis so I am clueless! The full lace Bibis are more open on top, allowing for more breast room so even though they measure basically the same as the others, they are roomier. I love the half lace ones-they are my bra bliss, but they are all Bibis currently so I have nothing to compare them to......

    I'm still trying to figure out the actual difference between the SM and SMN styles......

  • Wow, this looks like the perfect Cleavage bra. Glad it works for you.

    BTW, DHL also sucks around there. It puzzles me how they could ever expand to other countries.

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    Thanks aboobaccount. It's not perfect, especially high tide when I have major quadboobs, but I started my period yesterday afternoon and I am already returning to lighter and smaller boobs that border being too big for the bra rather than clearly being too big for it. As I got it so cheap, I will definitely hang onto it for a little bit. I'm actually kinda shocked at this cleavage, though I have the same with my S, and the only thing that is different should be that the S is padded and the SM is not. So I should not really be all that shocked, I guess. ;)

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On Aug 2018 It fit her! View measurements

Just barely fits-borders on being too small in the cup with minor puffing/spilling but not quite quadding; minor wrinkles at the wire but wire marks line up in my imf

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