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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band73.7
Band Length56.5
Stretch ratio1.3
Cup width13.3
Cup depth24.1
Depth ratio1.8
Wire length24.1
Cup height16.5
Cup separation1.5
Gore height5.7
Wing height9.5
Strap width0.1
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Here is a tale of my magical bra...

I found this bra in the listings, and although it had an (!) by it because it had been up for a long time without an update, I did actually hear back form the seller, although not right away. It was in my price range, within Canada, and one that I’d really wanted to try. Having a better feel for my measurements, I took a gamble to message the seller even though it was an old listing. To be honest, I was totally surprised that I even had a reply. She replied around the holidays and we set up a swap, and although there were a few hiccups, the bra arrived and I rejoiced! It’s so beautiful, and I had been really wanting to try a half lace BM after learning that they fit a little bit smaller then the full lace ones for whatever reason. Feeling like maybe my Cabernet was a half size too big made me suuuuper curious about the half lace BM fit.

This bra is a gorgeous shimmering champagne or pearl colour (hence the name), which is not exactly the colour that I would normally gravitate towards, but I needed a lighter neutral (non white) bra, especially as my 30E Curvy Kate Ellace in latte was too small and I hadn’t gotten a larger size in it. (This is actually the bra that I swapped for, with a few tea samples as well). It’s a surprisingly hard colour to match for underwear that isn’t especially made to match from Ewa. The pearl detail at the gore are beautiful as well. This bra sorta straddles granny with sophisticated’s definitely not what I would consider fun. But it’s still utterly gorgeous. And I think that I pull off the colour pretty well on my fairly pale skin. The lower cup material is super soft and smooth. It’s also very lightweight. As mentioned, this is a half lace BM, so it’s not reinforced with the tulle inside, but it does have the stretch lace on top. To me, I think that the lace is somewhat more substantial than the lace of my Cabernet.

When I first got it, I messaged my bra fitting friend about it and the fit and she had asked me if it had more room at the wire, because I get wrinkles at the wire with my Cabernet and I said “yes, I think so” and sent off pictures. She replied back that “yes, it looks like it has more immediate projection but not as much lift” (but did say that it looked like a good fit)...I immediately felt defensive and was like “this bra fits me’s rounded and lifted and roomier at the wire and way better than the Cabernet” but maybe more in sentiment and not in the same words. A little bit later as I evaluated the fit and did comparisons with the Cabernet, I realized that she was right, with her infinite bra wisdom, and I apologized.

The measurements of the bra are nearly identical to the Cabernet, yet I feel like I have a whole different fit. Somehow it is magical. I think that it was brasaremean that said that because it is not lined, the cups have a little bit of droop, and I think that is precisely why it’s more rounded on me than the full lace. I’m allowed to extend down a bit more as well as out, which allows, me to round out some. Given my medium bust range, I’m not too heavy, so I don’t see it as a problem for me, but can see it as a problem for busts that are heavier than mine. A little bit about the is a 70, yet definitely does not even stretch to 30” but as it’s not lace lined, it might stretch out faster.

My breasts seem to currently be average to taller roots, but deflated and shallow, thus making them functionally short, and on the narrow side. Fullness has increased with my growth from last fall, and while I am still center full and full on bottom, I have gained a little bit more upper fullness so that I am a little bit more even than I once was. My tissue is soft and malleable, which can make them a bit deceptive and tricksy at times, as well as pendulous. I need narrow-ish wires, immediate depth and center depth, but less apex depth because the deeper the apex, the less upper tissue I have to fill out the upper portion of the cups. I feel like I am contained in the bra and appreciate the lower gore and soft, stretchy materials. It’s a very comfortable and seems to work with my characteristics and shape.

After trying this one on, I feel like I have to own a few more of th half lace BMs, however I’m still going to try more of the full lace ones to see if my Cabernet is the rogue outlier or not.

This bra is not owned any more

Updated on Feb 08, 2019 Flag this

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    For the record, the Fuksja does not droop at all compared to my other half lace BMs, not sure why :/. Maybe the tighter band, or slightly smaller cups, but either way, I'm not seeing that issue with my behemoths.

  • 1

    BTW I just checked out the photos and it does look to fit a lot more differently than Cabernet. I do find also I get more rounded look from these bras and to be honest, despite the droop, I find them to be the most comfy as well.

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    I love my Bezowa perla.. it's very comfy (it's also the best fitting bra I currently own despite the lack of lift)

  • 1

    Maybe because the Fuksja has the reinforced seams with the contrast ribbon?

    Thanks for the reply. I’m hoping that maybe it’s just a rogue fit for the Cabernet. Wilderness1 has a similar shape and size to me and the full lace 65FF she just tried was much rounder with less wrinkles than my Cabernet.

  • This looks gorgeous on you! What a great fit!

  • Thank you, Sonya! I kinda feel a little princessy in it.

  • Looks great on you!

  • Yep it looks good ;)

  • Calluna do you think the 65 band in your cabernet is too tight (thereby making the lower cup too "shallow" and creating wrinkles)?

  • I loved my Perla too!!

  • 1

    Wilderness1 I have thought about this before, but both bras seem to have the same stretched measurements, and when I add a row or two more hooks from my extender to the Cabernet, it doesn’t change anything except for feeling loose(r).

  • 1

    This is super gorgeous! So happy you found a great fit.

  • Thanks rachaelll!

  • Love it! I adore half lace BMs BECAUSE they're soooo 50s housewife. I think that's what is so hot about them. I have a pair of the highwaist panties in size 38(M) to match this bra if you'd like to buy them. They're NWT and much more lovely in person than in photos;)

  • Love it! I adore half lace BMs BECAUSE they're soooo 50s housewife. I think that's what is so hot about them. I have a pair of the highwaist panties in size 38(M) to match this bra if you'd like to buy them. They're NWT and much more lovely in person than in photos;)

  • 2

    Thanks for the offer but I pretty much have no waist because I am so short and high waist items come up to my rib cage. Which are super annoying. But I appreciate you thinking of me.

  • It's such a pretty bra! It looks so retro :)

  • 1

    Thanks MissKarma. It’s very beautiful. AprilGoulding do you think that the high waisted panties can be altered to be not high waist?

  • Well...not easily. They arent really that high..I'll put them on for you later and send you an imgur link.

  • 1

    AprilGoulding I would be curious about the fit as well. I think we have similar body types (super slim hips) and I am interested, but wary, about the high-waisted panties. I am not sure I have enough curve to pull them off

  • Calluna rachaelll They're super cute. I'm thinking of getting a pair in my size. These are a 38 and they're not at all huge (I find size 36 briefs huge). For reference, my hips are 33" and there's no stretch taken up by me in these.

  • AprilGoulding these are super cute on you! The lace sides make the look work. My hips are 34" and my waist is 25", so I'm a little larger than you. Do you think a 36 would work on me?

  • rachaelll yup! I think theyll be perfect. I'm going to order 36 too - in red (if Kaska will do my bra with nude lining ;)

  • 1

    AprilGoulding They would be so cute in red. And black.

  • Hmmm. Interesting. I honestly don’t know if I can pull the high waist briefs off with my shape. Have a look at my Cabernet pics... I have a few pictures of me in coordinating/semi matching underwear from La Senza and it’s clear to see my mid-section tummy pooch and short waist. I think that the ones you have would swallow me up too much.

  • I wore this again today and was reminded how strange it is that it fits so much like my 65FF Cabernet, except more rounded, and yet it’s a sister size up. The band feels identical in snugness. I’m wondering if it’s because it’s a 3 column vs 4 column clasp. Maybe I ought to close the Cabernet on the 3rd of the 4 hooks and compare. But ultimately, it’s not really worth trying to understand, I think, so long as they both fit, right? Just be thankful that they fit. Lol.

    Also, I tried to measure my hips and waist but I don’t know if I measured in the right spots. If I did, my hips were close to 36”, and my waist, being a bit tricky to define, was somewhere in the 25-30” range so I dunno. I have no clue size in Ewas bottoms I would need and no clue if AprilGoulding ‘S 38 high waisted ones would fit.

  • Calluna you can stop thinking about my panties lol. I had them remade into tiny tangas :P
    But for future reference - if you wear a large La Senza panty, you need a 38 in Ewa.

  • I wear small or medium in La Senza but more often than not take the medium in case of shrinking in the wash.

  • I wear small or medium in La Senza but more often than not take the medium in case of shrinking in the wash.

  • Calluna I don't find the subtle shape difference too strange--I have a few bras in sister sizes and it frequently makes a little bit of a difference in shape. With some bras, if the cup is molded or does not have a defined apex of its own, the tighter band will make me seem less projected and/or rounder. But here, I think the seams are specially conceived to allow a rounded shape--so what happens is that the 65 being tighter, it stretches everything east-west just a tiny bit more such that the base of the cup is pulled snug and does not allow the breast to settle all the way down in there. Whereas in the 70 band, the boob can settle in there comfortably and round out the bottom half of the cup just as the seaming was designed to allow.

  • It might have to do with that, but it’s more likely because it’s not reinforced with the tulle lining, so it offers a more relaxed lower cup. But wire width and band measurements are nearly identical, so they should, theoretically, act the same on me, despite being two different sizes.

  • oh, I thought one band was smaller! Well, who knows then... yes tulle lining maybe!

  • Both stretched to 29”. The length of Cabernet is 22” and Bibi Bezowa Perla is 22.3”. So nearly the same.

  • I've gotten round shapes in tulle lined cups. I think moreso it has to do with seam placement, but also the width of the wires.

    That's interesting about band stretching to 29 inches, as nearly all of my 70 bands (in FF and G, except for the Fluo in 70G) stretched to 80-83cm. Perhaps yours is an older one from way back when they made the bands tighter? I think my Fluo might be. My 70FF Fluo has a band that also stretches to 80cm and it was made for me when I ordered it. The 70G was made already and one of the last Fluos on site.

  • brasaremean, interesting that you have a round shape in some tulle lined BMs. I’m thinking that you might be right about the age of the bra. It was in the listings for a few years
    actually, but I still (after a bit of deliberation) sent the message about it, asking if it was still available. So yes, it’s conceivable that it’s one of the old ones that just had a really tight band. It was in pristine condition when I got it, which suggests it was a brand new one.

  • Yes Kleks and Rubin in 65GG give me a very round shape right now.

    So my thinking is yours is a --lets call it a tight 30 band, and in my experience the cups when sister sizing up or down also don't exactly match so between a F and FF (my 70G cups are about half a cup larger than my 65GG cups). which is about what you came to with the Cabernet as well yeah? That you don't need a cup size down from FF but only slightly less to feel more supported?

  • But I’m the opposite. My 65FF Cabernet is the one that feels like a half size larger than the 70F Bibi Bezowa. As in, the 70F is the one that feels like it’s a little smaller.

  • Yes I was just saying sister sizing is inconsistent to the point where the sister size could run half a size up or down.

  • Right. It’s just odd that they both measure almost the same in every category, to the point that I wonder if they mislabeled the 70F because it matches up so closely.

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