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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band73.7
Band Length59.7
Stretch ratio1.2
Cup width12.7
Cup depth24.6
Depth ratio1.9
Wire length24.1
Cup height15.9
Cup separation1.5
Gore height7.4
Wing height8.3
Strap width1.3
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After my fit issues with the 65G - Kinga » Yvette Semi Padded (BC-463) that I mentioned in my review, I was graciously sent this bra from AGBras, since she’s a very close size to me (but different shape) and has become quite familiar with Polish brands outside of Ewa Michalak and Comexim. You could say it was sent for Bra Science. Knowing how it fits her vs me allows her some valuable information that she can then pass to me on other brands, sizes, and shapes/styles. She sent another bra to test with this one, and another Gorsenia in a different style (but it’s not here yet).

So this bra is a pretty basic black bra. Buuut, I’m ok with that. I’m quite happy with black because my work uniform is black or mostly black (I have blue scrubs tops for my pharmacy shifts, but I still tend to wear a thin black tee underneath). So I’m really into dark bras with my work uniform as I’m too nervous about colour transfer to a lighter bra (which is probably not a legit concern but whatever). I do gravitate to my black bras most. She said that this was a workhorse kind of black bra, and I can understand why. While it’s a little bit decorated on top, the bulk of the cups are a thicker, smooth satin like material. The decoration on top isn’t quite lace...I’m not sure exactly what it is’s not exactly lace but not embroidered either. In any case, it’s not overly frilly, but is pretty simple yet classy.

The fit of the band is a little bit snug. I was aware of it frequently yesterday. I would not say that it is painful, though it’s a little bit, as I have pressure on my sternum. Today I tried with an extender (hooked onto the tightest bra hooks and hooked on the loosest hooks of the extender). I would say that I almost feel like it wanted to shift up. I don’t think that it did, but it was noticeably looser. More comfortable though. Still kinda aware of it throughout the day. I think I might prefer it with no extender except for when I’m relaxing on my couch. I think part of this fit aspect is related to the center’s a bit wide at the bottom. Although I’m splayed, unsupported, I do prefer something narrower. The cups fit pretty well, but I feel like I am on the edge of them being too small. There’s also something about the cup fit, as viewed from the side, that’s not quite right. Perhaps upside down 7 shape from being too small? That being said, I would have to agree that the cups are pretty narrow with plenty of immediate depth. Yay! The do have built in side support pads which I think aren’t necessarily important for me. I’m already center need to bring my boobs closer together. The cups do have a strip of silicone along the cup edge, but as it’s not stretchy or restrictive, it’s perfectly fine with my soft, pendulous tissue.

All in all, it’s a nice simple bra with a little classic style. Nothing amazing about it. It’s a more natural look, but still pretty good. I can see how it could be a workhorse bra for someone. It’s not quite the right one for me, but it’s not bad. I prefer the fit and comfort of the other black bra she sent over this, but I don’t officially own it was sent with this bra as a try and buy, so I am working out the buy details now. So for now I’ll hold off naming it or discussing it much until I officially own it. I’m also still waiting for m 30FF Curvy Kate Lifestyle bra in black to arrive (was sent out July 12th from England so hopefully it will be here soon) and it’s also a bit basic but also sophisticated.

Will I keep it or pass it on? I’m not sure, but if I pass this or the other one she’s sending me on, it’s already decided on who top offer it to. It’s definitely good to try this. I’m looking forward to trying the other one.

This bra is not owned any more

Updated on Jul 26, 2019 Flag this

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    Nice review! I find it fascinating to see how the same bra works differently for 2 people of the same size. Super helpful for future purchasers

  • 2

    veggiechic I LOVE seeing how they fit different people!

    Like Calluna said, once I see how certain bras fit, I can more easily predict how others will fit them.

    Nora is a rogue bra for Gorsenia, but I know exactly how it differs from all my others, and how those differences affect fit for me, so I wanted to see it on Calluna who is full on the bottom like me (same measurements at apex of breast) but more shallow on top with softer tissue.

    How is this bra different from all my other Gorsenia soft cups?

    Has lightly padded side slings (no other soft Gorsenia that I own -and I have about 20-has this. In fact, no other bra that I own of any brand has padded side slings!)

    Gore tilts in a bit (this is what is causing you discomfort, Calluna. I have an EM half lace BM that did that - I bent the gore out and now it's perfect)

    Gore is a tiny bit splayed at the bottom.

    Cups are wider on this bra. Calluna wait until I send you one with the usual width wires...THEN you'll see narrow wires with projected cups! I bow at the feet of Gorsenia wires. I am certain Happy2BraShop would support me on this!

    Cups are a little shorter and more closed at the top. They tilt in a bit.It also has no lace/embroidered mesh panel at the top - just a piece of black applique (its called applique, Calluna - like is sewn onto wedding dresses ;)

    Black colourway, so it's a little "stiffer". Does that make sense? I have 3 black Gorsenias and while they technically fit (barely), they are definitely a little smaller and the fabric is stiffer. They make me size up. They feel tight and stiff when new but become much better after washing. That being said, for black knit/satin, I prefer Krisline and Kinga. Krisline has the SOFTEST most stretchiest (3-way, btw. Great even tension) and comfy knits for panties, bands, etc.

    @Calluna PLEASE review the Sekret. I really don't mind if people know that I sent it to you to try. Every review and photos help others.

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    Oh, oh, oh - I think I know why the shape from the side isn't "optimal". The wires on this bra are a little more open, more swoosh shaped, on the outside edge. Its not pushing the tissue on the outer upper quadrant of your breast completely forward.

  • veggiechic it is, isn’t it? I’m super glad that I got the chance to try it. It’s definitely helpful to see how the bra fits on different shapes within the same size range.

    AGBras sooo much good feedback! I was really surprised that they padded the side slings. I would completely agree with you that it’s a bit more closed off on top. And yes, appliqué! That’s it! I will see if I can do something about the gore tilt. I’ve never bent wires before. Regarding the shape, I don’t have a lot of outer fullness to really bring in, but I think it’s possible that I don’t have quite enough side coverage which could mean that it is a little bit too small (side boob) which reinforces why it feels a bit snug despite the 29” stretched measurement and the shape (almost upside down 7). I’m going to try it again later to see what the side coverage is like because it’s possible that it just looks a bit small from the side due to the angle of the pictures and holding the phone. I really appreciate your kindness for sending me the bras. And yes, I will absolutely review Sekret once you transfer it to me. I did not want to add from the page since it was your bra and I want to keep the bra chain going properly.

  • Calluna you aren't imaging things. Because the wires "swoosh" on the outside, they dont come up as high.

  • 2

    Very helpful review, and good extra information from AGbras. Good luck with your next bras from AGBras.

  • Thanks!

  • 1

    Great review! The black satiny fabric looks nice and super expensive. That's so awesome that you and AGBras have the same size but different shapes! Great to see all the differences in fit. 🙂

  • Thanks braluv !

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On Aug 2019 It fit her! View measurements

Band is borderline tight, making gore a but firm on sternum

On Dec 2018 It fit her! View measurements

Band is borderline tight, making gore a but firm on sternum

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