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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band76.8
Band Length57.2
Stretch ratio1.3
Cup width13.3
Cup depth24.4
Depth ratio1.8
Wire length24.9
Cup height17.5
Cup separation1.3
Gore height7.4
Wing height10.4
Strap width1.5
This bra's measurements have been altered
Altered straps, * Reduced cup height * Straps moved in 2cm * 3cm deeper cups especially at the bottom of the cups, near the wires
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This bra is a swap from Sonya. I’ve always loved Ingrid with her soft autumn colours and delicate design. I remember seeing it reviewed in the Dreams and Underthings blog. It’s one of the bras that’s been on my mind for at least a year. When I borrowed the 30G (65HH) Jade Plunge from Sonya, it was a great help to see the fit. The things that bothered me most about the Jade were the tall cups and wide straps. This Ingrid was supposed to be altered with straps moved in, reduced cups, increased depth at the wire so I was certainly interested in trying it, despite her saying that she was pretty sure that the cups were not reduced.

So I sent her my 65G S Mojito because, as much as I loved the colour and look on me, I hated having to wear with cookies for the cups to fit other than a few days around my period as it created more shallowness when I need depth at the wire. I think it’s a good trade. The mojito fits her better than me, and this one fits me pretty well. I feel like I might have a little more room in the cups for swelling, but it’s not obvious that it’s slightly too big in the cups because of the way that they sit on my tissue. I feel like my nipples sit a tiny bit lower than the apex of the bra. I can concur that the cups are still pretty tall and don’t appear to have been reduced. Straps do appear to be in a little bit and fit a bit better, but I think it’s another armpit eater. Depth at the wire seems good, and feedback from a friend that has had Ingrid before is that it looks like it’s got the extra depth alteration completed. I think that the cups would be perfect if they really were reduced.

I noticed that it is a 3 hook back, which must start at J cups and up. It’s a little bit difficult, depending on how much trouble my hypermobile joints want to give me. Some days it’s quite easy and a struggle at times still. The straps are a ribbed texture...quite thick. Not the easiest to adjust, but they will stay put. Band seems comfortable with my 28”-28.5” under bust.

Overall, it’s a pretty good bra. It would be ideal with reduced cups, but for now, I think I can manage, and this tells me that a 65J with reduced cups and straps moved in should be a winning combination. My soft tissue is contained, and the added immediate depth gives my pendulous tissue the space at the wire to keep the wires in my imf. Being center full, I’m always going to get more spilling in the middle, but it’s not bad here. Wires are pretty narrow. Cups are soft, though not as soft or light in comparison with Ewa’s PLs.

I’m glad to have a chance to try this bra at long last.

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Updated on May 27, 2019 Flag this

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  • This looks great!

  • It looks lovely; I too have had a longing for Ingrid, but I’ve not yet been able to find the right size. I think I have two ‘no way’ Ingrids in my closet, sadly.

  • 1

    Good colours on you! I also found my Comexim plunges to be armpit eaters. That's why I never wore them. For fully padded plunges I prefer my Ewa also.
    I have recently discovered semi-soft bras though and they're my new faves.

  • Looks great. I found the Comexim plunges to be a little tall too. The apex doesn't sit in the right spot on me, so I only wear their half cups. I once requested cups reduced too, but it was never done. I'm not sure how often they actually complete that modification. Every bra I've ordered past J has thicker straps and 3 hooks. I like that actually, as I find it gives better support. Glad you found a Comexim you like.

  • 1

    I have often thought they did not reduce the cup height on mine, but what they are not doing is moving in the straps. This makes the cups seem taller than they are. Unfortunately the only way to tell this is get one that has no modifications and compare it to that.

    Also, I've noticed there is a max amount they will reduce the cup height. I've asked for 2cm in the past but the max they will do for me is 1cm. When I ask them to move in straps 2cm they do not do it at all, or if they are, that means the straps for my cup size are so far out that 2cm is not enough.

  • This looks beautiful on you- the fit looks great!

  • Thanks everyone. I do love the colours of this one. The fit is pretty good but would be perfect with lower cups. I’m probably going to go for some half cups soon.

  • I wore it all day today at work and I can honestly say that the straps moved in is huge in my comfort. I wasn’t really aware of the cup height or armpit curve much today. Bra felt light and comfortable and like it was molded to my body. Not quite same as Ewa but I was pretty happy with the fit today. I feel like cup height is more of an aesthetic, but I definitely want to try it out on a custom at some point. But given that Ingrid is a little bit of a unique cut from what I gather, I question what size to alter...same?

  • I agree that cup height is more aesthetic. Straps moved in makes a much bigger difference in comfort. I have an Ingrid in 60K that fits pretty TTS as compared to my other 60K plunges. I would order a cup size up if you want to try alterations, though.

  • To clarify, I think a 65J would be perfect with alterations.

  • Thanks Sonya.

  • Beautiful bra. You should totally try the half cups, I feel like the slightly shorter height does help with gaping up top (at least I think it does for me).

  • Just wanted to follow up and say that I really love this bra. It’s really comfortable and so much better with the straps moved in. I wear it regularly. I still think it would be better with reduced cups, but this is a pretty good fit for me.

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Fit information

On Jun 2020 It fit her! View measurements

Straps slightly too wide;slight gapping in the cups (too tall); armpit curve high

On Aug 2019 It fit her! View measurements

Straps slightly too wide;slight gapping in the cups (too tall); armpit curve high

On Dec 2018 It fit her! View measurements

Straps slightly too wide;slight gapping in the cups (too tall); armpit curve high

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