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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band83.0
Band Length63.5
Stretch ratio1.3
Cup width16.0
Cup depth28.5
Depth ratio1.8
Wire length25.5
Cup height18.5
Cup separation2.0
Gore height8.0
Wing height11.0
Strap width1.6
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I wanted this to work soooo bad" alt=":(" /> I guess it kind of does, this might be the closest I got to a good fit with a bra that is not Ewa Michalak.

I decided to try Ellace because it seems to work for everyone. The colourway Mulberry was on sale, so I was like... eh... can't hurt, right? Right? WRONG.

Ellace in 32FF is the first bra in which I can't get a firm gore tack. The wires overall seem more flexible than any other bra I have tried apart from, maybe, 34E - Bravissimo » Dina Bra (LN578) . So there's a first for everything. It's still a soft tack, it's sitting against my sternum, just the very top of it feels more like it's floating rather than sitting on it. The wires are also more narrow but not narrow enough for me, if I was looking for perfection. Maybe average width?

You can't see it in the pictures but as is usually a problem for me with stretch lace on any but EM bras (seriously, what DOES she do that others can't figure out? I am so confused by this), I get in cup quadding due to change in tension. In Ellace it is not that extreme as it usually is, though, which makes it workable. Maybe it won't show in thicker shirts. Three part cups, with the top obviously being stretch lace. There is an elastic along the top of the cups (a la Fantasie, but it's stretchy) that also slightly cuts in. I know I am aaaaaalways going on and on about my very soft tissue but it's an actual real problem with bras! It's devastating to have a bra fit so well and then all of a sudden there's random bulges everywhere due to it just being so soft it gets moulded by whatever is trying to mould it. There is zero resistance. More than anything about my boobs, I wish they weren't like this. But anyhow.
I don't think I need larger cups, as my smaller side also quads so I think it's just a tension/tissue mismatch.

The band is snug, not tight. The additional elastic they added along the bottom of the band really does work to provide more comfort. I was surprised there's some really nice lace between the cups. Unfortunately, it feels like there's some weird tension going on in the band. Like maybe I need to close the top of the band on a tighter hook than the other two. I am not sure that this is something I want to do. The top of the band just feels loose -- maybe that's why the gore is not tacking. Omg I just closed it on the tighter hook and the tack is a little firmer! That's so weird. I think for optimal fit I'd need top tightest hook, middle middle hook, and bottom loosest hook, but my fingers are just not that athletic right now.
Maybe it's a colourway thing?
edit: managed to do the finger gymnastics. Yes I can confirm the gore now tacks.

The straps don't adjust long enough and it bothers me. On my larger side it's definitely pulling down more than on my smaller but ya know? Story of my life. The straps are also reeeeally wide set and as they have the scallopy edges it might take some getting used to.
edit: nevermind, the straps are a world of pain. They are so short actually that putting on my 70FF - Ewa Michalak » Sf Blueberry (1420) was a relief! Lol

I don't know if I'll be wearing this bra out. The longer I wear it, the more the quadboob is pronounced. I don't wanna return it as it's an annoyance having to return stuff, I didn't pay much for it so eh, whatever.

This bra gives a very very pretty round shape btw. I would recommend it to anyone who doesn't have the same issue I do with most stretch lace bras. I think the stretch lace would work great with cyclical changes as well!

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  • I had that same issue with the in-cup quadding (and out but that's another issue). It wasn't that noticeable for me
    initially under clothes, but I wonder if I had some growth spurt around that time, because it was really pronounced a few weeks after (which was then compounded with quadding outside of the cup)

    I didn't recall having that issue with the band, so maybe it is a colourway thing? I do remember the bands feeling more comfortable. So I think that elastic really does help.

  • It honestly feels like the lace kind of makes a little bulge all around. Squeeze on one side, squeeze on the other = bulge. It goes from being barely visible to being very very obvious under anything but a sweater. I'm thinking of maybe sewing some stretchy tulle under the lace, maybe that would fix the issue...

  • Ooh, probably the tulle will give it some structure? So it's not bulging?

  • This is what I'm thinking. The folded over tulle like EM does in some of her bras should provide more structure. Now I only need to figure out how to do it lol.

  • I love the comparison to Ewa bras! After Ewa, is there really anything else that can work?

    And the dreaded V back band design. While awesome for those with a V frame, it is a nightmare for those of us with a | | or / \ frame since the top of the band flares instead of supports. :-\

  • This has to be some extreme V back cause the top of the band is like an 34 while the bottom is a 30! Crazy

    And honestly, I would really really like to know what it is that she does that is so different than others! In all of Ewa bras I have tried, there is only one that gives me some semblance of in cup quadding (Baklazan) and even that is barely visible unless I really really puff my chest out. But it's all stretch lace! How is it so different?! I can't figure it out and it's really frustrating me lol.

  • I've experienced the exact same thing with the band:

    It's just crazy!

    With Ewa I think it's more than just the reinforced tulle, as I have several models that aren't reinforced and still no in cup quadding. (SF Szaron, the half lace BMs etc) all work beautifully with just the lace.

    It may be that Ewa provides more depth at the apex instead of tapering back in like many brands do? So the bottom of Ewa cups are like a shelf while CK here is like a lipped ledge?

  • Yes exact same thing except I can't take a photo from the back to show it! It's like loose all around the top, first time I have experienced such a thing.

    Her cups seem to have a different shape overall, which might make a big difference. The little cut and sew piece that attaches the cup to the strap seems to also be absent from any other bra I've tried, it's either strap directly to the horizontal part of the cup, or the side support panel which goes vertically throughout the cup. It just might be that this little piece makes a difference :/

  • Could be! It may be a combination of all ideas too, like a domino effect. All aspects needed to create the bra to perfection! :D

  • 2

    Seems like a lot of folks report in cup quadding with this bra. I know cupandahalf has done an alteration to remove it:

  • I have the same fit problems with my latté and crimson Ellace bras. The lace bubble is worse on the crimson than the latté and the uneven band tension is a pain. I have to use extenders with both of the 30s I have because new, they only stretch to 28.5" for me, which is my snug ub measurement (28-28.5") though I did wear the crimson for several hours the other day without the extender and was ok. It was definitely tight and left thick reddish pink marks at the lower band area, though the marks didn't stay. I get them even with the extender though. I'm torn. I really want to try a 30F in it to see if it fits better than the 30Es I have.

  • 1

    I honestly don't see this fitting any better on me in cup size up tbh. My smaller side is already gapping at the top of the cup near the strap, and I cant even imagine how much wider the wires will be in 32G.

    I don't see red marks as a bad thing, I get them from panties, socks, jeans so I figure a bra is also normal.
    If it bothers you, though, then it's definitely a problem!

    @sovavosi I just saw this but gosh that seems way out of my capabilities!

  • brasaremean that is kind of what I worry about if I try a 30F. The cups would have more room though, so the band might not feel as tight, and the cup is a little bit taller which might help some. But I do worry about my small boob having too much space. I'll have to take some updated pics for my albums. I think that I might redo my site measurements and re-evaluate the bras that I have for the fits, since so many of them are not fitting me now.

  • Yes I think much as it would aif with the tight band too-large cupscome with its own problems, such as fabric bunching up along the wire, empty at the apex, lace gaping, pointy shape etc. I'd say if you have a chance to try it to see you should, but ordering online nah.

  • Oh gosh mobile fat fingering.

  • That loose fabric in the corners because the top of the band is not quite as tight/taut will still be a problem and the elastic band at the bottom is still likely to leave the same thick mark...but I'm still curious to try because it has good immediate depth and the style looks great on me. But I think that I want to buy new so I can return it as needed rather than buy used here. But I have considered buying the one's just that I really want to try a BM and am trying to save the money for one. But I'm tempted by a few of the listings here that I could get 2 bras for the price of 1 new. I'm having that struggle right now.

  • You can see the mark I mean here. I'd been wearing the crimson Ellace prior to trying the latté on. Look just below the band.

  • Honestly, I regret spending money on anything other than EM bras now, even regret buying the one SF instead of just buying another BM, lol.

    And yeah, I see the mark. Does it hurt? Does it go away fast? Are you seeing any permanent indentations from it?
    I think no matter how severe the marks are they should be gone within 15ish minutes from the body. The indentations will depend on how easily your skin/body 'imprints' (I really cannot think of a word in English for it-- does it even exist?) I can for example just lean on something textured and within a couple of minutes my skin will take on the texture and look all red and angry... then it takes about 10-15 minutes for it to go away.
    Again, it depends a lot on your dis/comfort. If you feel uncomfortable because of it, then it's definitely an issue.

    BTW, if history repeats itself a black friday sale should happen in the EM store in less than 15 days eh? Might be cheaper to buy that than to order from CA/USA stores?

  • Honestly, I've never paid much attention to how quickly it fades, but it does kinda hurt, though I am not sure if it's because it's too tight or simply the material used for the bottom of the band.

    I was thinking about the Black Friday sale, though I don't know what to expect for discounts and I don't know if I will have enough by then. I'd also have to get it shipped to someone in the states as I don't want to deal with DHL. But it's something to consider. Thanks! Maybe Broad Lingerie will have a Black Friday sale too.

  • Honestly, I've never paid much attention to how quickly it fades, but it does kinda hurt, though I am not sure if it's because it's too tight or simply the material used for the bottom of the band.

    I was thinking about the Black Friday sale, though I don't know what to expect for discounts and I don't know if I will have enough by then. I'd also have to get it shipped to someone in the states as I don't want to deal with DHL. But it's something to consider. Thanks! Maybe Broad Lingerie will have a Black Friday sale too.

  • Honestly, I've never paid much attention to how quickly it fades, but it does kinda hurt, though I am not sure if it's because it's too tight or simply the material used for the bottom of the band.

    I was thinking about the Black Friday sale, though I don't know what to expect for discounts and I don't know if I will have enough by then. I'd also have to get it shipped to someone in the states as I don't want to deal with DHL. But it's something to consider. Thanks! Maybe Broad Lingerie will have a Black Friday sale too.

  • Dang duplicate comments, sorry!

  • I think that Curvy Kate has actually updated this model since this colorway was available. Alot of people were complaining about the uneven tension of the band and how stretchy the stretch lace was and that it caused a lot of issues with the firmness of the bottom cup. If you do try again you may want to try the new release color, navy and wine i think it is called.
    You definitely might want to invest in some good strap elastic (or pre-made straps) to make your straps longer when not purchasing through EM. Also, I think EM uses really good quality limited stretch lace instead of the fairly cheap super stretchy lace that most companies use. Sometimes the biggest difference in fit and wear is simply the quality of the fabrics. Then also the methods used to attach it to the non-stretch portion of the bra. Sooo many things go into many quality lingerie that things like CK & many bra companies just don't think of or do. You know, they send a pattern to a cheap manufacturer to make the most $$ and it ends up how ever it ends up.
    The color is very pretty on you.

  • I love the colour! I wish I could find a quality review by someone in new colours and a comparison with the old ones to see if they actually did fix the lace and the band. I wouldn't mind cashing out for the bra if I knew 100% they fixed this because otherwise it is a great fit.

    Straps being short is just how life is for me, lol. Idk if it's that I'm really low set or above average height (I don't think I am at 171-173cm--can't remember if it's either or-- there's a ton of taller girls than me, at least where I live), or maybe a combination of both :/

  • Yeah, even I agree that the straps are short and that never happens. 😂

  • 2

    this video makes me thing the lace is about the same tbh. You can even see it bulging on her slightly, which means for me it would probably be just as extreme as Mulberry

  • 1

    Yeah I totally see it there. But at least the band looks better. XD

    And opening up two tabs one with this bras pics and the other with the BM from Ewa I can easily tell a huge difference. The Ellace has ALOT more stretch lace than the BM. The BM cut goes over the apex of the breast and then the lace is attached to give support and comfort to the only the top section of the breast, the BM also isn't supporting the center/inside of the breast with stretch lace like the Ellace is. It's always so interesting for me to study the build of the bras. I look at it and can almost see the pieces turn into little pattern pieces in my head.

    Atleast you have a very pretty bra you can wear on lounge days and during the winter. And best of all, if you ever decide to play bra-engineer this one was cheap and you could easily play with attaching different fabrics under the lace to see how it works. ^.^

  • 2

    brasaremean You can always take the wires out of this one and make it into a bralette too :)

  • 1

    And totally, thanks for the link. I spent like the next half an hour just watching the different lingerie.

  • Calluna It is not just you experiencing the discomfort in the band btw. I was wearing it today just to see how it feels wearing it for longer and I swear the actual lower part of the band is a 30, while the top is like a 34. It's been really tight and uncomfortable at the loosest hook on the bottom.

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