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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band76.0
Band Length59.0
Stretch ratio1.3
Cup width16.0
Cup depth26.0
Depth ratio1.6
Wire length25.8
Cup height18.0
Cup separation1.8
Gore height6.2
Wing height9.5
Strap width1.5
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So by now you all know I absolutely love this bra, lol. Why else would I buy it in 3 different sizes, and 2 colourways, and I really really want the pink one too.

The band on my 32FF feels a little loose, but the cups, surprisingly, still fit great (with a rixie clip). So I figured I'd sister size down, but unfortunately, the cups on this one don't feel as roomy. Sadface.

It's not so much visible on the photos, and it's not so much visible in real life, lol. It just sorta feels like I will fall out of it if I lean over. Which is a common issue for me with half-cups, but this one is extreme.

The band is nice and tight, the wires firm (seriously, they don't budge), and the shape is perfectly rounded, so if someone is looking for those things, at GBP9.99 on lingerieoutletstore, this bra is a jackpot. Unfortunately, I can't buy it in 30GG as it wasn't made in GG. Oh well.

Updated on Feb 28, 2019 Flag this

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    Does your band feel okay? :)
    Haha, I can understand what you mean about a half cup bra. I can also see where you'd be afraid you'd fall out of the cups :) too bad it didn't work like you were hoping, but it never hurts to try. It's nice having a bra that you really like! :)

  • DerangedDragons19 Ah yes, the bands that stretch to about 75cm +-1 feel great, except for the 65GG EMs which feel tight, god knows why. It's probably the cups...

  • 1

    Ooh goody! Hooray for great fitting bands! :)
    Ha, I couldn't tell you. It could be? Do the cups feel tight/pinched to you?

  • 1

    It feels tight around the wires actually! At the back, the sides, I don't even feel the band, but at the wires it's pretty uncomfortable

  • 1

    Hm. It could be your cups then. I've noticed that the band tends to feel tighter when the cups are too small. Some brand are more noticeable :p Kris Line, Comexim, Kinga, and EM felt that way for me, but KL and Kinga were way worse. 😬
    Hopefully your 65H trial can give you some answers :)

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    Is this an unlined bra? It does give you a great shape. I may have to check it out for myself in my size. Hmmm....

  • It is unlined! I have photos of beige and black in 32FF, even nicer shape!

  • It looks very lovely. Sorry you don't feel secure in it though. :-/

  • Oh yeah, it does look like you have better support in the 32FF. Interesting.

  • 1

    I've had this on my 'want' list / basket from lingerieoutletstore for a while now - thanks for your review! May have to bite the bullet and order, before it sells out 🙃

    However I'm curious, they offer a balconette and a plunge version?
    But the pictures shown seem the same. And here on BTB it's only added as 'fuller bust bra'. Which one did you order?
    I'd lean towards the plunge as I dislike high gores, perhaps getting that in pink in 32G I guess..

  • 1

    I actually got both (the ones in 32FF I have added here), to me it's the same bra and I couldn't tell you what the difference is.
    This one is the balconette.

  • Thanks for your quick reply, and interesting! Do you know if they did have different labels / serial numbers? Or would it just be 1 model, accidentally added under two different ads 🤔

    Figured they might have added a wrong picture - as the plunge & balconette really look the same - and there's a different bra, a Fantasie I think, where they added a picture from the side support bra in an ad for the vertical seam bra. Anyhow.
    We'll see!

  • On the bras themselves the code is the same. On the website, different. I'm honestly not sure whats going on with that, I will say tho this bra has that sort of medium height gore that could pass for either or.

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