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Unknown Model


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  1. 32 G-G ... (32 :9-:9)

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    Hasn't set fit

    Why, whyyyyy, WHY do I want to keep this bra?! I really shouldn't - but I just fricking loooove this bright green color!!

    It doesn't fit horribly, but to be honest the dimensions don't really agree with me. As it is now, it's uncomfortable to wear.

    The good:
    Projection is actually pretty decent?
    This stretch lace is quite forgiving (ideally I'd go up a size, but Ivory Rose stops at G, at least in this style, on ASOS). Apart from some in-cup quadding the cups fit okay.

    The longline band is surprisingly comfortable, considering I don't tend to do well in longlines.
    FYI it does run a bit big for a 32, ... but in a longline that's okay with me because of the larger surface area tension.

    The bad:
    Mostly, the wires come up too high under my arms and poke uncomfortably - the added strip of boning in the wings is not helping with that.

    I'm thinking the wires are too narrow, too, as they kind of stab my tissue on the sides.

    Then, the straps are too wide-set (story of my life) so they end up in my armpits.

    Also I would've -greatly- preferred a ballet back, instead of it going straight across - which somewhat unflatteringly cuts into my back fat.

    So yeah, the reasons not to keep it do add up ):

    Realistically I should send it back - still deciding.. - but THIS GREEN IS TOO GOOD!

    Long story short, I'm actually considering some surgery on this glorious green longline - by lowering the wing area?

    Oh and I couldn't find the model on here, and there's no name or serial number on the label? Even removed the quality control sticker to check. ASOS just listed it as 'fuller bust emerald lace longline bra' or something like that :/

    * edited for better overview of pros and cons (trying to convince myself it's fine to keep haha?)

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    Emerald colorway

    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Jun 08, 2021 Flag this

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    • 3

      you obviously kept this because of the lovely green colour...

    • 2

      Haha, yeah, I've been into green lately too and saw the front pictures and was like 'that's so pretty!' only to see the back. I think it's the scaling of the hooks, lol. Interesting about the combo of good projection and high underwires.

    • 3

      I have a thing for green lingerie....I get it... Lol, but really, it actually looks quite good, but I bet that underarm/armpit stabbing would get you after a couple hours of wear.

    • 2

      It looks super supportive, look at the boning at the side and the longline style, 5 hooks/fasteners!

    • 1

      bubblegum , It looks so good on you! Too bad it's so uncomfortable. : (Oh, how I love the green color too! It's gorgeous! Where did you buy it? On-line or store?

    • bustyand yeah it's a pity they didn't make the back prettier (though I don't think it's SO bad) but a ballet shape and maybe some lace part panel would've been great!

      Thanks Wilderness1 BraOdyssey I'll try it on for an hour or so today to make a final decision haha!

      Altering it for comfort should definitely be doable, but I don't want it to end up in a pile of unworn sewing projects..

      @DarianaWheeland it's this one on ASOS:

    • 1

      bubblegum , oh I didn't know you were still deciding (I guess I should check my reading comprehension skills..)

      If you don't LOVE it, I say send it back...It will have more and more issues (unless you're dead set on altering it to make it work) Buy this one instead, lol.

    • 2

      Grrr curse those high wires and wide straps! I know a picture doesn’t translate to real life, but this looks amazing on you. And that color, oh man that shade of green is fantastic! Would it be worth doing some alterations to get a better fit?

    • When trying it on a second time, the band also started flipping a little. That's one flaw too many, right?

      So I did send it back (:

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