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Any pronouns???

Pretty much always had big boobs. I was the little eight year old looking self consciously from ... my chest to the chests of other people assigned female at birth in my class. I was very self conscious and self loathing as an approaching tween to early teen, and I refused to wear so much as a sports bra until 5th grade; after which, I wore exclusively poorly fitting sports bras until 8th grade. Eighth grade was around the time that I brought myself out of my self loathing, and I was constantly frustrated that no bras seemed to fit me quite right. I found out how to fit yourself the right way the beginning of 10th grade, and I've been in love with bras and bra fitting ever since!

Bustyand because there's a lot more that goes into bra fitting and simply /existing/ as a busty person than band size and cup size. So, busty and short, busty and short torsoed, busty and nonbinary, busty and full on top, busty and pendulous, busty and narrow shouldered, busty and narrow rooted, busty and soft breast tissued, busty and hairy, etc.

Always hoping to help people who see bits of themselves in me.

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