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I really like pretty and 'fun' bras in all sorts of styles!
Florals, lace, bright colours, glitter, strappy ... - I love it all.

Like many people, I used to wear '75C/34C' and was convinced those bras fit me well. They sort of did, as I didn't need much support, but as I gained some weight when becoming an adult, 10-ish years ago I started to admit I may need D+ bras.

32E's and F's worked for a while, but after outgrowing those; online shopping became my main option. Since then, discovering Bratabase has helped me out enormously in deciding what (not) to order, leaving me with many options in my current UK 32G/G / US 32I/J !

Since I figured out what measurements and brands work best for me, I've slowly but surely built up a collection of well-fitting comfortable wonders - and the occasional 'fun' bra, that's not the best fit but just makes me smile.

Shape: FOT, firm-ish tissue, projected, tall roots, close set when supported
Favorite brand: Comexim
Close second: Ewa Michalak
Favorite bralettes: Tutti Rouge
Most common sizes: 32G/G (UK brands) 70K/L (Comexim) 70G/G (Ewa M.)
Most common fit issues: gore too tall (no more Panache!), straps too wide (all hail Comexim and their "move straps inward 2-3cm." alteration)


I try to be diligent in adding and measuring bras, as this site is such an amazing resource for people all over who are looking to find their fit!

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