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Bras » Freya » Patsy Padded Half Cup Bra (1223)

Patsy Padded Half Cup Bra (1223)

Since SS2012 - Lightly lined 3 part half cup More...
This bra is discontinued.

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  1. 5


    Didn't fit

    Measurements for 30F

    Stretched Band - 30"
    Band Length - 25.5"
    Cup Width - 6"
    Cup Depth - 9.5"
    Wire Length - 10"
    Cup Seperation - 1"
    Strap Width - 0.75"
    Hooks - 2

    I've been searching for bras with this shape for a very long time now. And hassling Freya about when they would start making them. Finally they have, but it's a real shame they only start at a 30 because this is possible to make and still be supportive in 28. As well as larger cups. Vertical seams like the ones on this bra are much more supportive and give a better shape than the traditional diagonal seamed bras Freya puts out. These give ... better uplift, projection and rounded shape.

    I plan on taking this bra in so it will fit more like a 28. For now I wear it on the smallest hooks and it does ride up my (loosely measured 26" ) back throughout the day. I prefer my bands unstretched to be close to what I measure at anyhow, so 2" knocked off this will put it at 23/28" and I'm inbetween those numbers.

    Cute style and fabric.
    Supportive shaping without being thick or rigid (FYI, my nipples, though small, still show through this this "lining". This is not a true padded bra and it will not add anything to your size.)
    Decorative trim on top of cups is flat and doesn't show through shirts, neither do seams. (Unless of course your shirt is skin tight, then it will.)
    Band fits "true to size" - meaning at it's maximum stretch it measures what size it is. (size 30 = 30" )

    Itchy fabric, something in a stretch satin would have been more comfortable, as the straps are a mesh type of lace, they scratch the skin.
    Cups run a bit small IMO, I was able to try this on in store in E and F, but the E dug in.

    Band is riding up in side view shots. I'm not sure if it's the fabric, it sort of looks this way on the model too, but there are horizontal wrinkles in the fabric where the seams meet. It must just be a sewing flaw. Of course I didn't have it when I tried on the E, but that's because I was stretching the fabric out completely and very obviously spilling over the tops of the cups (sometimes I wonder if buying this instore is the reason since so many people try it's probably stretched out by the time you purchase it!). Also when I stretch my arms forward (like I did in the front shot) it makes the cups look too big, though they're not. Having tried this on in store in E and F, the F fit better. It is more of in between sizes I'd say. If there was such a size as EE or Barely F this would fit better. The difference in fabric between this bra and the Daphne style causes this one to sit a bit differently on me.

    *Update 10-2012*
    The band has been altered to a 26, same alteration that was done for the Daphne. The fit is a lot better. My only complaint so far with these alterations is that I need to make an additional one of putting a dart in the gore due to the "flat" shape the band now takes on from fitting more snug. That and the cups are pretty far apart, but it's a lot better than before as a 30. Unstretched the band now measures 22.5", stretched it is 26.5", rougly 1" larger than my ribcage.

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  2. 4


    Didn't fit

    Band length: 63.2cm
    Cup width: 15.5cm
    Cup depth: 27.2cm
    Wire length: 28.8cm
    Cup separation: 2.8cm
    Strap width: 2.0cm

    Quality: 4/5
    Comfort: 4/5 (minus one for when I have to tuck my boobs back into the cups)
    Appearance: 4/5 (kinda jumping out/quadraboob-ish.. will update after full day's wear)

    Patsy is a stunning little green bra with white polka dots. Color is very light almost minty but still crisp where the green overlays a white layer underneath like the cups and straps. The fit is identical to my first and second Freya Padded Half Cups: Monet ( and Lauren ( Keisha's cups ( fells shorter and were much less successful. Typically, the band ... is "Freya-long" and so I have to start it on the 2nd hook although I could do it on the final one but I'd like to have it a bit longer so I'll make due.

    It seems that these half cup styles are a bit difficult for me and there's a bit of a learning curve (pun intended!) atop the cup. If I adjust and stand still I can fit well into the cup and there's a natural curve continuation from the top cup edge. It's super comfy and although the gore sits just about 1cm away from my chest and I have to pop my nips back in every now and then I have to say this is a worthwhile purchase. Isn't that really the cost of wanting Freya's stretchy 30-band and only up to G-cup Half Cup bras? Seriously though, it wears the same as my Monets and Lauren. I am very happy to see so many patterns available in this style although ideally I'd love to see the range rise above a G+.

    This was my most anticipated bra of the season and I hope it will last at least throughout the summer.

    Measured immediately before wearing.
    Purchased late-June 2012 from ASOS.

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  3. 3



    My shape: self-supporting teardrop with super wide and tall roots, shallow on top and max projected underneath, with lots of side boob and close-set center tissue that is firm and fights back when squished.

    This review is for the pink colorway which I purchased gently used from another user in February.

    It's basically like Fauve made a 28 band for everyday wear! This is one of my go-to bras now and I've worn it dozens of times in the last few months. The pink and grey combo is so pretty. My chief complaint is that the elastic inside the band (only the lower piece, and only its upper edge) has ... started to curl, but because there's nowhere for it to go, it goes in to... me. It pokes and chafes pretty bad some days, so I think I'm going to try and stitch it down. I don't know if this is typical, because I haven't had any other Patsys that fit, and I haven't had very many Freyas at all (Fauve doesn't count!). Otherwise, I love it.

    They are lovely. Just super comfy, and give me a great round shape. If they aren't quite projected enough at the base, it's not enough for the bra to fight with my breasts and ride down. Aside from the Fauves, this is the only bra I own that has enough projection for me! Half-cups 4 Lyfe. It does gap on top a little sometimes when I slouch, but I suspect that's because of how far apart the straps are, and let's face it, Freya seems to think that large cup = large ribcage, so there's really no escaping that. These are better than most I've tried, though, so that's nice!

    There are some wrinkles at the first vertical cup seam, and by the inner wire, so I guess there is a little more projection there than I need, so that's cool. None of the wrinkles show through my clothes, though, so I didn't even notice them until I looked at the photos. It might be an issue for a super slinky top, but otherwise, I doubt it.

    Wide enough, long enough, tall enough, shallow enough... This is starting to sound like a Rolling Stones song. They are almost shallow enough to follow my root curve exactly, which means the Patsy is in first place so far.

    Great! If I laze around in strange positions for a long time, the wires start to poke a bit because they are *technically* sitting on my center tissue, but there's also like a 1/2" of space in the wire channels, so I might just tack them to the outside. When I push them out, they mostly stay on their own anyway. You can see the difference in the photos.

    Tight enough. Curiously, though it doesn't move, and I don't feel the need to adjust it almost ever, it has a slight upward curve in the back, and when I shrug I do feel it shift, but it's still snug, supportive, and the rest of the bra doesn't move. Maybe this is why Figleaves models always look like they're wearing the wrong size Freya band?

    I wish there were 3 hooks instead of 2, but the wings are otherwise tall enough that I don't ever miss it.

    Fully adjustable, cushiony, soft, and no complaints from me. I like how wide they are.

    So basically this is my favorite bra right now, minus that strange problem with the elastic. A+, Need more.

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  4. 3


    Didn't fit

    This is the most uncomfortable material in a bra ever. The fabric feels like fine sand paper on skin. Very rough. I just wore it for a few minutes but until now I can feel somewhat of a slight tingling/burning sensation. (This is what I feel like when I get sunburned. At least a milder version of it.)
    The band fits just fine on me (I measure 27-29.5).
    The cups are a bit too small on my larger breast and fits just right on my smaller one. Even though the cup may be too small for me, I still feel it is a supportive bra.
    This is not a padded bra, but rather lightly lined.

    Wish they made it with a comfortable fabric.

    Washed the bra, and the material became more bearable. Still uncomfortable, but bearable. I just make a conscious effort to have less friction when I put it on.

    This is not a perfect fit but so far this is my best fitting bra to date because most of my bras are still 32DDs.

    Updated on Jan 06, 2016 Flag this

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    • most comfy bra i've worn is padded ewa michalak - lined with cotton!

    • I just wore the Patsy yesterday. I admit it's not as comfortable as some bras but I didn't think it was that bad. Maybe my boobs are numb from all the nursing though.

    • I just wore the Patsy yesterday. I admit it's not as comfortable as some bras but I didn't think it was that bad. Maybe my boobs are numb from all the nursing though.

    • I just got the Patsy recently, too. The fabric is kinda harsh, I agree - I don't know it it softens with washing. Worn it once for half a day, but had no skin reaction or anything. It fits me similarly. Mine is black, which colour did you get?

    • mine is black white white dots. the cups are lined. but the straps are really rough. only my back is affected since cups are lined. i am planning to just put tissue when i wear it. :) the effect is not gone until now. hopefully with washing it will get softer.

      @erispe what size did you get?

    • 28F black with white dots - the very same. :)

    • and it fits you just right? erispe

    • and it fits you just right? erispe

    • Fits me like it fits you - good on one side, a little small on the other. I can't get a 28ff though, the cup will be too wide.
      But Freya unlined balconies/plunges are usually a perfect fit for me in 28f or 30e.

    • good thing that you mentioned that. i was planning on ordering a 28FF.

    • I don't know if we have the same root width, some Eveden bras are a little wide for me even in 28F-30E, so the wires of 28E-30DD would have the ideal width, but the cups mostly aren't deep enough. Also, when I was smaller in size, I had shorter roots - my roots have gotten taller with the boob growth, but not much wider, if at all. My shape has changed by getting more upper fullness. Now I can wear bra styles that I couldn't before my weight gain. But this also means that some others have become out of reach. I am more comfortable wearing unpadded styles now.

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  5. 3



    Having worn a 34B for years, sometimes 32B/A or 34A, and even 36A, depending on what was available in the style I liked, I read a few articles online which prompted me to measure myself whereupon I realised I had been wearing the wrong size for years. Based on my new findings I ordered a Cleo Zia along with a couple of other similar balconnet bras from Bravissimo in 32D. The fit wasn't perfect so I went to the store where I decided to have a proper fitting - the assistant took one look at the Zia and told me it was too ... small. Based on my shape she recommended Freya Patsy amongst others and I can truthfully say it is the most comfortable, best-fitting bra I have ever owned - I now have it in three colourways. I tried 32DD first but the band was too big and I now wear 30E in different brands, @Cleo and @Lepel, and, as long as it's a style which suits me, find that this is right for me.
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  6. 3


    Didn't fit

    The Patsy Padded Half Cup was my first bra that really fit, so it will always hold a special place for me! Honestly, the cut is probably the best I could hope for. I might not have ever tried a half cup style at all had it not been for the light padding (can't stand unlined bras) and the very attractive patterns. After a lifetime of wearing ill-fitting, plain and rather ugly minimizer bras, being able to find a pretty, feminine bra in my size has been an amazing feeling.

    I now know that the bands on Freya are known as being looser than others, but the 30 ... has remained firm, yet comfortable for me on the outer hook for quite a long time. I never got any poking, chafing or pain. I do have to tighten the straps nearly all the way otherwise the underwires start to sit below my IMF. Similarly, people talk about Freya having "soft wires", but I don't find that to be the case. At first I thought I would have to bend them for a better fit around my ribs, but had trouble bending them so just wore them in instead. I haven't noticed any kind of weakness in the wire and they are much more comfortable than other bra wires I have tried like Panache and Cleo which hurt my bony ribs.

    This is a really easy to wear bra. The padding is just enough for modesty, but not too much to add any bulk. The material is also lightweight so it washes and dries really easily. You don't have to worry so much about damaging the cups when washing or packing them (I travel a lot), which is a big plus for me. All these things make it an ideal bra for all seasons.

    The only negatives I have about my trusty Patsy are the lace trim and very visible seams. I wouldn't need to buy any other bras if the cups were smoother, the lace less bumpy and the seams somehow flatter. I therefore tend to wear this bra more in the colder months or when I will have a jacket on top. Wearing a camisole underneath did not help mask the lumpiness of the lace or very obvious lines of the seams.

    Another thing I had to get used to is that this cut of bra has a minimizing effect on me. It lifts and supports well, but my breasts look at least two sizes smaller in it.

    Even taking in all of these small faults, it's still my favorite bra.

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    Black colorway

    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Mar 27, 2015 Flag this

    • 1

      I have a 30 F patsy (my phone wants to autocorrect to pasty, haha!) which I really like - I agree with all your points above. I can't understand why it's so minimising though - more so than bras I own with absolutely no padding/lining at all! Odd. Does the job though!

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  7. 3


    Didn't fit

    I was so excited to try this bra in a 28 size band! I really hope Freya gets the fit issues worked out in this size range, because I know this bra could work really well for me and other women in the D-E/small band, shallow cup range. That said, this bra was truly a disaster for me and I would only recommend this particular cut for someone with a lot of projection above their apex (which doesn't seem very common in this size range).

    Cup Size: 28D in Cleo is too small for me, 28D in Curvy Kate is bordering on too small. The 28D Deco Half Cup ... is bordering on too small. The Patsy Padded Half Cup is much too large for me, with horrible gaping at the top of the very open cup. This bra might fit you if you normally wear 28DD, have very little lower projection, and have a lot of upper projection.

    Cup Width: I am 5'3", but I rarely have problems with strap or cup width on my average-narrow frame. The straps are so wide-set as to be almost falling off my shoulders, and the cups are shaped with a lot of projection along the entire top edge, including the sides. I get serious wrinkling at the outer sides of the cups.

    Cup Shape/Shallowness: This is where my main beef is. There is very little lower projection in this bra; actually, not enough for me. There is way too much upper projection for me, even though this size is technically on the smaller side of what typically fits me. The cup is built like a tilted diagonal vase, if you can picture that, with more and more projection toward the open upper edge, which at 19.3 cm (=7.6 in), is the widest part of the bra. It seems like the cup was designed with very little lower projection in order to prop the breast up into the upper portion of the cup, but my breasts are too firm for this effect to work and they just push the bra down and cause more gaping.

    I can imagine that this bra would fit a woman with a significant amount of upper fullness and very little lower projection. However, I suspect that many women in my size range have firm, shallow breasts with more lower/center fullness. If that's the case, then the current fit of this cut just won't work for us.

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  8. 3


    Didn't fit

    This is such a cute bra (ordered in the new S/S peacock colour-way). Unpadded Freyas (and the deco) are a complete disaster on me, but I'd heard the padded half-cups better suited shallow boobs, so I really hoped this would work on me. Sadly not.

    The pluses: wire and gore width is absolutely perfect, which surprised me. The padding is fairly light and not overly contoured like some half cups.

    The minuses: although the cup seems to fit me well width-wise, and in terms of depth in the lower cup, the top of the cup gapes a lot - to the extent it would be very noticeable under clothing. ... The way the cups are structured flattens me as well - no cakes on a plate look like I get with the Cleo Juna.

    The band - I know Freya is renowned for generous/stretchy bands, but this is ridiculous. I measure 29 under bust and I could fasten this on the tightest hook with ease; the middle hook and the band rode up when I leaned forwards. This is the smallest band in the style; what about the many women with smaller ribcages than me?

    A shame, as I had high hopes for this bra. I also tried the Lauren half cup at the same time and the fit issues were identical. I think I've reached the end of the road for me and Freya...

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    This bra is not owned any more

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  9. The only bad thing about this bra is that the composition of the cup as far as the outer stitching makes it a bit difficult to wear with anything tight fitting.
    It is comfortable, fits, has a slight push-up effect on my bottom heavy breasts, and is cute as a button.

    It has stretched over time, first in the straps and, depressingly, now so far in the band that it no longer fits. If I were to buy it again, I'd go for size 30F.

    This bra is not owned any more

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  10. 2



    This is currently my most comfortable bra!

    When I got it a few month ago the material around the straps felt irritating and the band felt too loose. But the fit looked really good so I couldn't bring myself to return it and somehow forgot about it.

    Three week ago I got a really bad bronchitis and suddenly felt strangled in my Cleo and Panache bras. Looking for something looser I gave this one another try. I soaked it and loosened the straps a little and now it is super comfortable. The cups feel so soft and nice. They have just the right amount of padding to look smooth without ... feeling bulky and warm. The shape it also great: Somewhat wider and less round then my Cleo bras but still nice and perky especially from the sides.

    The wires are flexible but quite narrow (much narrower then in the Freya Rapture). They sit about 1cm behind my breast tissue and I don't feel them at all. The gore tacks but it is barely noticeable compare to my Cleo / Panache bras.

    Support is surprisingly good. The band is very loose: Stretched it is about 10.5cm (4.1 inches) longer them my Cleo Marcie ( But it stays in place just as fine and I don't have to adjust my boobs during a busy workday. But this is probably also due to the narrow strap placement and the less projected cup shape that keeps my breasts closer to the chest. It probably just felt unsupportive at first because I was so used to the death grip of my other 28F/FF bras.

    My only issue is that the dots appear slightly darker on the straps which makes them looks dirty or washed out even though I have only washed it a couple of times. But overall I am very happy to have rediscovered this one and I will totally get it in more colors.

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    • So happy you found comfort! Bronchitis coughs--those require energy, space, and lots of air. Hope you are fully recovered now.

    • 1

      So happy you found comfort! Bronchitis coughs--those require energy, space, and lots of air. Hope you are fully recovered now.

    • 1

      Thank you, Love4Pollinators. I'm fine since I passed it on to my boyfriend last week. But at least he doesn’t have to wear a bra while coughing ;-)

    • 1

      Lucky guy ;-) ;-) Double entendre and sarcasm ;-)

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