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To make a listing you will first have to add the bra to the site. It must meet this requirements:

With that information in place you will see a List this bra button on your bra's page.

Fill out the listing form selecting the type of listing, and additional information for it.

Information to Include

When you create your listing, include information about the bra such as why you want to sell it, how many times it has been worn, and if it has been washed by hand or in a machine. Also note whether shipping is included in the price or not.

It is a good idea to indicate your shipping information, such as where will you be shipping from or estimates based on destination, as your bra could end up anywhere in the world.

Information not to include

Do not put any personal or contact information on the listing, such as email addresses or any detailed information about you.

Rules about the pictures

You will need to have at least one picture that is NOT of the following categories:

Selecting who to sell to

Please remember that this is not a first come, first serve system. You are encouraged to pick the buyer that you think is the best fit for the bra. Not just anyone trying to get a bra out there.

It is also suggested that you look at the buyer's profile to check her reputation that will give you a good clue about what her regular activity is on the site, and what bras she has added so you can assess if your bra will be best sent to her.

Communicating with a Buyer

If somebody contacts you about your bra and is interested in buying it, please try to respond in a timely manner. Make sure you find out where she lives so you know how much shipping is going to cost.

Payment and Delivery

So far, it is safe to say that all transactions have been closed via Paypal so it is recommended that you get an account to make payments easier.

The buyer will ask you to give her your Paypal account email, so she can transfer the money to you. Alternatively, you could ask for her email address and then you can send her payment request. Either way works.

After you receive the payment, the buyer should send you her shipping address. Please try to ship the bra within a few days, unless you inform the buyer that it might take a little longer. It's a good idea to get delivery confirmation so you can make sure your package gets delivered.

We encourage you to use the "Pay for goods" option when using Paypal, that way you have Paypal's protection.

Packaging considerations

Please ensure that your bras are packaged in a way to prevent damage. Consider the underwires not folding and molded cups' shape not distorting.

You may need to use boxes or hard envelops for certain situations.

Some considerations on bra packaging

Ending the listing and transferring the bra

You can mark the listing as ended when you receive the payment from the other user.

When ending the listing, make sure to indicate that you sold it to another Bratabase user, this way a Bra Transfer will be created for your bra to the other user. Remember that the other user must have accepted the buyer's agreement before she's eligible to receive the transfer.

Once the buyer receives the bra, she can accept the transfer and it will be added to her bra list.

Interested on getting a listed bra? - Information for buyers

Here are some guidelines on how to ask for and get a listed bra.

Selling the bra in other places?

Sure! You are not bound to sell the bra on Bratabase only, and feel free to link either to the listing or to the Model's page from your listing somewhere else, that will help your buyers to know more about the bra, specially the measurements and reviews.

If you're selling the bra somewhere else, you can specify the link of such listing here.

Exchanging your bra

Once you know who will you be exchanging your bra, the other party will have to make an exchange listing for the bra she will send you and close it in order to transfer it to you. This ensures that the bra gets added twice, once by the original owner and again when you both receive the new bra.

Shipping coverage

We will cover for the shipping costs for Give away and Exchanges (They are a double give away anyway ;) )

Frequently asked questions

Can I sell panties?

No, it is only allowed to sell bras on the site. You can add the panties as extra to your listing, but not panties themselves.

Can I sell other bra accessories?

No, we are only allowing to sell bras. You can add extra accessories to your bra listing.

Can I sell a bra + panties set?

Yes, you can :) - You will need to have at least one picture of the bra itself and an additional picture of the bra + panties set. You can add in you listing description that it includes panties.

Can I sell many bras in one listing/bulk?

No, you'll have to add each bra independently and make a listing for each. If you want to make a special price you can specify on the description.

It helps to list bras separately so you can enter all the measurements independently which benefits the database.