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When you are able to exchange/give your bra thanks to Bratabase, we'll cover the full cost for Giveaways and Exchanges (Sales are not covered).

Here is how it works.

  1. As a seller. Once you close the deal via private messaging with the buyer, ask her for shipping information so you can calculate shipping costs.
  2. Once you both agree on the postage method, finish your listing indicating that you closed it thanks to Bratabase and make sure to enter the buyer's username. This will transfer your bra to her.
  3. After that, send me a message via the feedback form indicating:

    • Which listing you closed.
    • Your Paypal email address.
    • Shipping costs in (US Dollars please).
  4. I will send you the money via Paypal (Paypal only)

We ask for this

Once you get the new bra, please add it back to the site as much as you can in compliance with the buyer's agreement. This will enhance the site's information and diminish measuring errors.


Remember that when you're giving away your bra, you are giving it to a new stranger on the Internet. Please do take the needed precautions to ensure that:


Frequently asked questions

Selling more than one bra

If you are selling two or more bras together to other user, please make sure to create an individual listing for each and make a transfer for them when they get sold. This ensures that the other user gets all the bras on her account.

Please read the help page on how to list your bras

Give away bras for free?

For give away bras, the full cost of the shipping will be covered, so the bra is completely free for the new owner.

Same rule applies regarding many bras.


Let's treat that as two separate bras for give away for now, so they'll be covered too :) .

For exchanges to be covered, both bras must have been listed on the site as Exchange and both listings closed and transferred to the respective user.

I sent the bra and forgot to list it and/or make the transfer!

I'm sorry :-/ but in order to apply for the coverage you must transfer the site through the site, that ensures that you've added the required information for the bra and that the other user will have it added on her bras.

You used to cover shipping for all bras? Then for $10 and now what?

Yes, at some point we covered shipping for all transactions. We put an end to that on February 2013. As part of the transition we switched to a $10 coverage and then we set up a budget until it ran out.

Now we cover full shipping only for exchanges and give aways. This was explained on a blog post on that date