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Please note that Bratabase is not a bra store. We do not sell bras. The Listing sections allows for Bratabase users to sell their bras to other users.

Find a bra you like

In the listings section you can easily search for bras that might be interesting to you. You can choose a brand, type of bra or a size from the drop down menu to the left and sort the bras according to most recent date or cheapest price.

When you click on a bra, you see the measurements for the bra and also other information that might be of interest and that might help you in deciding if this is a bra for you.

Contacting the seller

Listing prices usually don't include shipping costs and sometimes bras are still listed, even tough other users may have asked for them recently.

Contact the seller and ask her if the bra is still available and provide information to estimate shipping costs, your country or region should be enough at this point.

If you have any other doubts about the bra, this is a good opportunity to ask any additional questions about it.

The seller should get back to you with instructions and availability information for you.

If everything is good to go, proceed to make payment arrangements.

Payment and delivery

So far, it is safe to say that all transactions have been closed via Paypal so it is recommended that you get an account to make payments easier.

The seller should provide you her Paypal account email, so you can transfer the money to her or you could give her your email and she can send a payment request to you. Either way works.

Make sure you select the option to pay for goods and services. This will allow you to file a Paypal dispute in case something goes wrong.

After you make the payment, it is a good idea to contact the seller to inform her and also give her the mailing address where you want the bra sent to.

The seller should reply back to you about when she will or did send the parcel your way.

Delivery methods

You and the seller should agree on a delivery option that matches your budget. It is recommended to pick something that provides a tracking code to help resolve any situation in the future.

Time estimates

In the case of international packages, it's been reported to take no less than 2 weeks and up to 5 weeks in some cases for the bra to arrive with standard delivery.

If you need your bra sooner, coordinate with the seller for a quicker delivery.

Ending the listing and transferring the bra

You must have accepted the buyers' agreement in order to be eligible to buy a bra.

The seller will mark the listing as being sold to you (a Bratabase user) and upon closing it, the bra will be transferred to you.

Once you receive the bra, you can accept the transfer and it will be added to your bra list.

Now you can enter your own measurements, review and fit information for your new bra.

Once you get the new bra, please add it back to the site as much as you can. This is in compliance with the buyers' agreement.

This will enhance the site's information, diminish measuring errors and provider higher reputation to you and the seller.


Listing a bra - Information for sellers

Interested in listing your bra?


Sadly, I cannot be responsible for the listings made here, so please make sure you trust the other party and check for the bra to be in the desired condition. Bratabase can not offer coverage in case the bra gets lost or the listing doesn't work out in some other way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting the bra for someone else?

Some of you may be interested in getting bras from the site for your mom, sister, etc. Please don't make that a reason not to add the bra on the site again, please measure it, take pictures and add all the information you can, then you can mark it as "Not owned" but still contribute back to the site :). This would not affect your recommendations.

Even better, get your friend/relative to sign up. ned" but still contriThat will provide better information for her and for the rest of users ;) .

Getting an exchange?

An exchange will work like a double give away, when you decide which bra you will be exchanging for the one you're interested in, you will need to make a listing for it and immediately close it in order to transfer it to the other user. This ensures that both bras are entered on the site twice (old and new owner) which is exactly what we need!

Shipping is covered for exchanges too.

Both bras must have been listed as "Exchange" and transferred through the site.