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You can upload pictures of your bras to show other people how they look from your point of view. The goal is that users can see how the bra looks worn on a real person without airburshing and in different sizes.

What pictures to upload?

Upload any picture that shows your bra, it is useful if a special detail is shown. Don't forget to add a small text describing your picture.

What to avoid

Privacy concerns

Frequently asked questions

What does "Show these pictures next to my review" do when uploading pictures?

If you check that box, the pictures you upload will be visible from the review you write for the bra, this means that they will be associated with your user. If you prefer that the pictures remain unlinked from your account leave this box empty.

If you want other readers to know that these pictures belong to you, you can check this box.

Can I upload pictures of the matching panties?

If you have the matching panties, please upload a photo of the panties alone using the category "Not the bra - body marks, panties etc". The same applies to bikini bottoms. The picture will be visible on your listing and on your public bra page, if you chose make pictures visible next to your bra information.

Pictures of the bra set should be classified as "Not the bra" or "Other"

But I added independent pictures and a picture of the set

If your intention is to make a listing, it is OK to upload pictures of the bra and the set. But pictures of the bra only will be necessary.

My pictures are rotated!

It happens sometimes, I'm sorry :( but don't worry we'll rotate them before approving, no need to delete and rotate them yourself.

It asks me for a picture of the label, my bra has many labels.

We need the picture of the label that comes on the bra itself (from the manufacturer) that shows either the model or the size it reports to have. This is extremely useful to learn how do different manufacturers do cup sizing.

Pictures of multiple bras

If you want to show how two or more of your bras look side by side, you can do so by creating a comparison.

You'll need to have added both your bras to the site and then do a compare for them. In that comparison page you will see an option to write a review about them and also add pictures that show how these two(or more) bras look side by side.

If you have many bras of the same size and model, then please add them individually, adding them grouped means that we get less measurements.

I have two bras exactly the same

Please enter the bras as separate entries, and add pictures for each separately. Remember they should have individual (and possibly distinct) measurements.

I want to sell my bras together

Bulk sales aren't allowed. We are a database first, so we need to favor the individual adding of data. Each independent bra's data is necessary for us.

I uploaded pictures, but they are not displayed

This happens if your pictures have been rejected. All uploaded pictures will be reviewed and can be rejected by an administrator. You will be notified of rejected pictures and will be able to delete them.

If you want to inquire why it wasn't approved, feel free to reach us asking why, bear in mind that we have to be very careful regarding what do we display on the site

My picture got rejected why?

Whenever we reject your picture, we will include a message explaining why. Most of the times it is because the picture is from another website or store. Other times it is because you accidentally uploaded twice so we'll reject duplicates.

In any case you're welcome to reply to the notification email you got asking for more information :)

What do you want pictures of labels for?

We want pictures of the label that is sewn or printed in the bra, not of the paper tag that you cut off.

We want them so we can learn about how different brands decide to do cup conversion between different countries.

Read a bit more about the complications converting between bra sizes

Upload stock pictures?

Please don't, as mentioned above, we don't have permission to use other companies' pictures and we can't know where you got them from. Each store invests its own money to take pictures of their bras and we cannot use them.

Another important reason is that a stock picture doesn't have a size, so we can't display that picture as we don't know what size it is. We need the pictures to be the size of your bra. Stock pictures will likely be of a different size.

But I see that you DO use stock pictures!

We appreciate your collaboration, but when we use stock pictures we make sure that we only add it if we find one on the brand's official website, and we add them to a different field so it doesn't get confused with user pictures.

I have the stock photo, I just wanted to add it to the site.

At the bottom of the page for the bra model in question there will be a link "Suggest changes", please use that and provide a link to the page where the photo is available so we can use it :)

Alternatively, email them to us, or send the manufacturer's page where they are available. We need to make sure that these are not photos from a store.

The logo on the pictures is from my store.

In order to avoid future problems and have simple rules we've decided not to allow photos with branding or logos on the site. If the pictures you upload are branded and belong to you, other users that see them will not know that and think that it is OK to use pictures from other places.

It also will make the site looks as if it condoned the usage of photos from other websites and that is something we do not promote.