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Bras » Lululemon » Free To Be Elevated » 6

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage72.4
B. perimeter24.1
Stretched Band79.5
Band Length65.0
Bust perimeter0.0
Gore height12.5
Wing height7.0
Strap width3.0

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    So this is not the first time I have tried this bra on in the size 6. I tried it earlier this year, I think. At that time, it was a struggle to put on, and it was pretty compressive. I spilled out the top some, since I have pretty soft and not very resistant tissue. That one is here: 6 - Lululemon » Free To Be Elevated

    I bought the size 8 in the pink colour that had gone on sale. You can see that here: 8 - Lululemon » Free To Be Elevated

    Since then, I have lost about 15 pounds due ... to some health issues. The size 8 in pink does still fit and feel comfortable, but when I was trying on bras last week, the fitter thought I might be better in the 6. I told them that I have tried a 6 and spilled out but, that since I had lost weight, I could try it again. The pads were removed and they liked the fit. I really love the teal colour and the only size on the rack was a 4 but, it turned out that the mannequin was wearing a size 6.

    I think I described the bra in one of my other reviews as being a cross between the Free To Be Serene and Energy bras. Material is closer to the Energy in terms of compression. Straps are more embellished like FTBS. Side coverage is higher under the arms like Energy whereas the FTBS tapers. There are darts and shaping that are more closely related to the FTBS than the Energy, I think. This particular bra is also cut higher than the other ones as it’s a DD-E sized bra.

    So I tried it and love it. I personally think that I would prefer the 8 still, as the two size 6 bras I have from them are a little bit tight over the shoulders but, the band is great. I’m hoping that they will stretch out some with a little bit more wear. I’m definitely not spilling out in this one anymore (as I’ve lost 1.5-2” of my over bust measurement). The only thing I don’t like about this bra is that the shape is rather uniboob under a shirt. I think this is why I might prefer a little bit more room in the cups with the 8, and not be quite so compressed inwards towards (opposite of east west) and against my chest. I will have to see if I can get a good picture of what I mean with the shape.

    I do really love this but, I know of my weight comes back, it’s not gonna fit. While it does fit me currently, I think I still would’ve preferred the 8 even if this is more technically correct in the fit. I find this bra fits sort of in between the two bras I have already listed about. It’s more compressed than the pink size 8, and not as tight or compressed as the original black size 6 I tried previously. Possibly because it was stretched on the mannequin. I’m going to try to remove the pads and see if I like it better that way.

    Anyway, I do like it, and the colour is brilliant with all of my leggings at the moment." alt=":)" />

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    Teal lagoon colorway

    Updated on Jun 11, 2021 Flag this

    • 1

      They make so many cute bras but I just can’t find the sweet spot between a supportive band and not spilling out the top!

    • confused I know. It’s styles like this that are hard, even though this is a DD-E style. I wish they had a plus range. So like they’d offer sizes like 2, 2+, 4, 4+, 6, 6+, etc. The + would be a curvy fit for small band sizes with filler busts. I do like the bra sized options but, I wish they’d have something that was encapsulated. I do think that they are trying to improve though.

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    Hasn't set fit

    I reviewed this one already in the 10, which was fine in the cup and loose on the band. This one was ok in the band but it definitely squashed me and cut into the tissue. I have yet to try this in the 8. I’m honestly not sure if it’s going to be any better but I will try it if I’m able to find it.

    Me: 30FF-ish (sometimes size down due to soft and squishy tissue that’s sort of short rooted and full on bottom).

    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Jan 30, 2021 Flag this

    • Like the multi-strap back, hoping the 8 will be a better (like 'Goldilocks', right?) fit for you!

    • 1

      bubblegum yeah, I think it’s possible, but I do still quite like the Free to Be Serene longline. I tried it in a 6. Wanted to try it in the 8 before deciding and now it is out of stock locally and online. But I’m betting it will be back. The site just added two new colourways so hopefully they will be in store soon so I can compare.

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    Didn't fit

    Didn't write a review

    Black colorway

    This bra is not owned any more

    Added on Jul 14, 2020