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Bras » Comexim » Onyks Non-padded Half Cup Underwire Bra (CMONYKS) » 65J 30:10

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band77.6
Band Length56.9
Cup width14.4
Cup depth23.4
Wire length24.5
Cup height15.7
Cup separation1.0
Gore height7.6
Wing height10.7
Strap width2.0

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  1. 8

    Didn't fit

    This bra is so beautiful in person! It’s a lovely smoky grey with delicate baby pink and white embroidery. The fabric is soft and not itchy. The cups are a three part, vertical seem cup with two layers of fabric. The inside of the cup is a monotone mesh with the outer fabric an embroidered mesh. The center gore, as well as the rocker of the bra consists of the same embroidered fabric with a small pink bow on the gore. The straps are a dark gray that coordinates with the gray mesh back band. The band on this bra is extremely stretchy! I definitely suggest sizing down. ... Even on the tightest set of hooks the bra felt loose, so the life of the bra wouldn’t last long. The back band had a 3x4 closure. Also be warned that the hardware that connects the straps to the back of the band squeak! The fit in the cup ran small for me, so I will be exchanging for a smaller band, bigger cup to see if I can get a better fit. This bra is just too beautiful to give up on.

    Matching panties in size Medium:
    The front of the panties has a double layer of dark gray mesh, with a single layer of embroidered fabric next to it. The front portion of the hip area is a single layer of dark gray mesh. The back of the panties is also a single layer of the dark gray mesh. The crotch ha a black cotton fabric gusset. All elastic is dark gray.

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    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Dec 21, 2020 Flag this

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    • 1

      That's really pretty. I hadn't seen it before now, but that's probably because I'm in Canada and only order direct from Comexim (BOB exclusive?). Hope the next one fits you perfectly. Thanks for the review!

    • 1

      Wilderness1 I just checked the Comexim website, and they have it available.
      I just put in for an exchange for a 60L(28HH) to see if I can get a good fit. I definitely need one cup up and one band down. It really is so pretty. And I love gray bras! This is one I really really want to work.

    • 1

      Oh, I didn't even realize that was the same bra! I thought that one was an unpadded one, so I overlooked it (not in the market for more unpadded). It's really pretty!

    • 1

      That's so pretty! I've only tried one unpadded half cup but I was in the wrong size at the time so it was bad lol

    • 1

      Happy2BraShop I always thought their 60L's fit like 28GG's? Has my whole life (6 monts experience with comexim, lol) been a lie?
      Also, beautiful bra, great choice! It seems to have a bit of a vintage aesthetic to me.

    • 2

      marilynne I haven’t tried a 60L yet, but I hope it fits. Of the few Comexims I’ve had over the years I feel like they’re inconsistent, so I honestly can’t even say any one size fits one way lol.

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  2. 4

    Didn't fit

    This is a lovely bra that I ordered from Breakout Bras - my first order with them - they emailed me a 20% off coupon to entice me : ) It worked, lol.

    However, I don't think this bra & me are meant to be as I'm having a hard time figuring out my sizing, and I plan on returning it for another bra : (

    The problem with this bra is: I'm kind of in between band sizes 30 and 32. The band feels too loose in this particular bra (30GG/65J), maybe I'm just comparing it to the other Comexim bra I ordered (Basic Padded Plunge) where ... the band feels stronger. But if I were to "size down" any more in the band, that would put me at a 28 band, and I just think that would be too small (for example, today my "snug" band measurement is 29.5").

    Also, the cups are a size too small - maybe they look okay in the picture, but to me = too small.

    LadyNoName said with this bra to size one band down and three cups up; since my "normal" UK size is 30FF/G that would put me at 60K/L for the Onyks; that sounds to me like that probably is the right formula, however, another bratabase user review for this bra callie510 actually visited the Breakout Bras store and tried on the bras there, and said in her review that the 28 bands were all over the place, sooooo....after having to send this bra back, I'm just not sure that I would get something that is close to fitting. So, I plan to exchange it for a more "boring" and plain bra.

    If I could go to the actual Breakout Bras store and try on the various 28 bands, etc., then I would probably take home this bra, this is the downside to internet shopping - not being able to try on many bras! Also, if I were to "size down" one band and "size up" three cups from 30G, that would put me at 60L, and for the basic padded plunge, I'm okay in 32G/70HH - to go all the way down to 60L for unpadded half-cup..that seems like an unlikely range for one person (maybe I'm just a skeptic!)

    Anyway, I think this is a nice bra, I love colour, & other bratabase users have said this is a great fit, but this is a bra that I would like to be able to try on in multiple sizes.

    TL; DR: A lovely bra, I just don't think it's meant to be b/c I live in Canada and I have to pay for the return shipping, and I don't want to have to send it back 3x.

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    Dove Brocade colorway

    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Mar 29, 2021 Flag this

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    • 1

      It's a really pretty bra. Thanks for reviewing it.

      I live in Canada too, and if you have PayPal, you can sign up for their free return shipping program. It's super easy to sign up and use, just read the rules first. As long as you pay for the order using PayPal, you can do a return valued up to $30 cnd up to 12 times a year. I've been using this service for a few years, and it works well. You just have to keep the return shipping receipt and take a picture of the package with all labels on. If you return it without tracking, they'll ask for proof of your return before refunding you (that's new this last year), so I usually get it with tracking now. If the company just deducts return shipping costs from your total return, you can get a refund that way too I'm pretty sure, I've just never had to do it that way, so not sure how.

    • 1

      Wilderness1 , thank you so much, I will look into this PayPal free return shipping program asap! As this sounds super useful for me with bra shopping, lol.

      Unfortunately, I don't think I bought this first order using PayPal, but it's good to learn for the second time (live and learn!).

      I'm planning just to exchange this bra for another Comexim Basic Padded Plunge in 32G(70HH), because I found that style works for me.

    • 1

      Wilderness1 ,but the pink and grey and the lace is totally my colour-scheme and style...

    • Edit: so maybe I'll order it another time...and use Paypal, so I can return it three times to get the perfect sizing (that's the tip).

    • 1

      It’s a beautiful bra and looks great on you! Sorry it didn’t fit the way you’d like. Good luck with the next one, hopefully it will work out for you!

    • 1

      Thank you, margesimpson ! (lol, I always kind of chuckle at your username ; )

      I know that you have ordered direct from Comexim with requested alterations; I guess I have found my "base size" in the padded plunge (not this review but a different bra).

      I don't know if I should request the alteration of having the straps moved in a bit - I'm kind of boarderline about it (Just thinking aloud here!) if I order directly from Comexim - since they have so many more colours and designs on Polish website. (again, just thinking aloud) I'm a bit taller than average, but not terribly so...I always feel like I have a narrow frame, but maybe I'm just average, lol.

      My Basic Padded Plunge from Comexim - it got even better after I hand washed it - like so much softer, and it seemed to fit better! I hope it only gets better with time, lol, Go Comexim.

      Happy Sunday/Funday!

    • 1

      margesimpson , but I don't think I'm going to order directly from Comexim again until November, like their Black Friday sale.

      Yes, I know it's the end of March, and that's like 6 months away - but I honestly want to see if my bra size changes at all, from just wearing Polish bras, and "scooping and swooping" all the breast tissue forward instead of [wherever it was going ] when I was squishing myself into 32DD and 34DD bras from V.S.

      So I will have 4-5 Polish bras (that I have already ordered) and my Curvy Kate bra, and see if my bra size changes at all in six months, from wearing "the proper size" you know.

      We'll see!!!! Lol. Not that you asked...

    • 1

      "But I don't want to order new bra until Black Friday," . . . famous last words /s.

      we'll see if I can resist the temptation that long...

    • 1

      BraOdyssey haha I’m glad my username made you chuckle, as it should!

      Yeah I’ve given a time frame on my next order lol not sure if it will stick though
      I honestly hope my bra size doesn’t change for at least a year. I don’t want to go through the bra size calculation again for polish bras (cause now I really only want polish bras, I cannot deal with the gores in other bras anymore)
      Happy Sunday to you too!

    • 2

      I just exchanged a Comexim order for this one at Breakout bras! I love this bra on you, I’m sorry it didn’t fit :(

      Stephanie from BB did tell me the band was stretchy on this one

    • 2

      Thank you, damaries !!

      I do enjoy the colours : )

    • 2

      I totally forgot to reply!! I'm so very glad you found my commentary helpful, thanks for mentioning that!! I think your logic is solid about not trying a smaller/28 band. I am 27.0" tight ribcage and I love 28's but I do occasionally throw in an extender. If I had the same experience where a 28 was loose, and a 26 existed, I would be too skeptical to try it. Sorry the style didn't work so well for you. I think this style is just risky for online shopping, exactly as you concluded. And honestly I bought the sister style but I regret it, I haven't ever worn it. There are better Comexim styles than the unlined ones imo. I hope you found some others that worked out!! You mentioned looking for "plainer" styles and my absolute fav Comexims are the "plain" ones tbh so I hope you had more luck :)

    • callie510 , thanks for your response! Girl, I love Comexim's basic bras, too. Basic Padded plunge is the only one that I've tried (in various sizes), it's a solid bra, and honestly their prices are good - compared to what I can buy here in my city. : / But thanks for leaving the feedback on bratabase; other people's stories/experiences with bra fittings definitely help! I'm jealous you can go right to the store and try all of these on! : )

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