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Bra fitting help » Test Model #3: What Do My Pendulous Boobies Want From Me?

Panache » Jasmine Balconnet Bra (6951) » 34G 34:9

This follows my trying of Cleo Piper 32H

and Cleo Hettie 34FF

Photos show the straps fully loosened, on the loosest hook. Note that the LAST TWO PHOTOS show the band hiked as high as possible. More on this shortly.. .

So, this shape feels better and the stiff fabric is great. But the Jasmine still feels like insufficient support. The underwire rests at least an inch below my IMF. I have mild wrinkling at the bottom of the cup and mild gaping near the straps. I have slight spillage in one cup, but given the wrinkling, the G cup may still be correct? The 34 band feels good. The Jasmine doesn’t seem to be cutting into my breast tissue, but I still have some armpit fat.

The last two photos show the band yanked as high as possible. I really *forced* the underwire to rest under my IMF. No way would my band stay up this high for even 20 minutes, but this does feel much more supportive and the straps don’t put pressure on my shoulders. Although I think the underwire is so far under my armpit that it would chaff during wear.

So far, all three models have underwires that fall lower than my IMF. As I understand, this translates to less support. And clearly my pendulous breasts need a lot of support. I wonder if this could be the cause of the side pain that bras have given me for years. Other bratabase suggestions for this pain are tight bands or hard underwires (versus flexible underwires).

Despite this, the Jasmine is my best fit so far. Does this confirm that I'm very narrow?

THANK YOU to everyone who has offered me insights and suggestions. Each fitting has helped me pin down my shape a little better and given me new models to try.

Where should I go next? I've only been trying one model at a time for return shipping reasons. So far on my list are:
Cleo Marcie
Cleo Minnie
Panache Envy
a Freya or Curvy Kate balcontte (for flexible underwires)

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