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Bras » Maison Lejaby Elixir » Candide Underwire Plunge (G20831) » 80E 30:6

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage73.0
B. perimeter29.2
Stretched Band77.6
Band Length61.5
Cup width11.8
Cup depth23.1
Wire length20.0
Cup height15.4
Cup separation2.0
Gore height4.2
Wing height7.2
Strap width1.6

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  1. 4


    I thought I was getting a gray bra which I really wanted but it's more slate to cornflower blue in real life. I dislike the embroidery a lot less than I was expecting. I got a great deal so I'm not disappointed. But I might try dyeing it in the end. The embroidery that looks almost white in the pictures is actually a very pale lavender blue ... The embroidery only shows under lighter shirts from the color, not the texture. If that makes any sense. Good lift, low gore, very narrow wires (love them!) 4.5". Nice details on the straps. ... Cup has a ribbon across the top that could be taken off if it cut in on a person. I don't personally have an issue. Both of the plunges I have tried from this brand remind me of Ewa SM cuts when I see them on me. I haven't more than tried it on so I will edit my review after I've wore it for a few hours. First impression is that it is a good fitting model for me even if it's not my favorite esthetically.
    Edited: I wore the bra for a couple hours yesterday. I didn't have any issue with it migrating out of my imf. The wires ends right at my tail of spence which is a strange feeling for me. I keep feeling like I might be failing out of the bra but I wasn't. It looks like the smallest bra I've owned (in the right size) that actually fits. I'm so used to wires being soundly wider than I am and the wires feeling somewhat firm where they end this was such a different feeling that I don't know if I can get used to it lol. Also the cups are shorter than many of my others but I didn't get any quadding, jiggling or falling as I wore it. After shark week I'll have to revisit the wire width... Might be my first time in a bra whose wires are a little too narrow.

    ETA: my most comfortable bra in the heat. I've found myself wearing it more and more

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    • I love how low the gore is! I need low gores. Now, however, I know not to try Elixir by Lejaby bras. I bet the wires in whatever their equivalent to UK 30F would be too narrow for me.

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      learningaboutbras some of the bras I've tried from the brand have wider wires. I checked the measurement 3 times for the width because I've never tried on a bra with such narrow wires before. You might look at the New Look I reviewed a couple weeks ago. It has the same low gore and wider wires than this. Manon was another- both either Lejaby or elixir by Lejaby. I usually wear a 30F (UK) in Cleo unlined bras and most everything else. These bras seem to run bigger than I am used to.

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      Also I've been able to find these all new on eBay shipped for less than $35 and sometimes for only $20.

    • 3

      This looks fantastic on you. I love that you're trying all of these because you're reviewing all the bras I've saved to my watch list on eBay LOL

    • 3

      lcl0706 haha. I always send the links to erispe before I buy them to see what she knows

    • 2

      This looks better on you than it does me! Mine arrived yesterday, and it's not a bad fit, but the low wings, short wires, and thin band are all conspiring to make my underarm chub look exaggerated. :/ Pity, because I love the color and it's pretty comfortable, otherwise.

    • revisa, you bra enabler! :)

      bechod brings up a good point. I find low wings a problem as well. I find the bra measurements don't always capture just how low some bands feel under the arms. I can't figure out why. In any case, do you have any generalizations about how low the wires are under the arms in Elixir by Lejaby and Lejaby? I have to size up in Cleo bras just to get high enough wings.

      Not that I need any more excuses to buy bras...but you know...I need the information...for science...bra science...

    • 1

      bechod and learningaboutbras I'm wearing My Melusine today and it comes up higher and wider. It almost pinches but doesn't. But I like the cups out of my armpit. I do like wide bands and higher wings but I don't find them very often in my size. I get less bulge with these bras than the classic Lily bump in 30F. I will have to consider the wings and wires more closely and get back to you. The bras are still new enough to me that I'm still in my mind referring them by their color and not their names. I have two white ones, one pink one, a periwinkle, and a slate blue gray that fit. I have a pink and a gold that don't fit. Wow I really stocked up over the last couple months ....

    • bechod i usually think when I see the same bra on other people it looks better on them too lol. Have you put up a review?

    • 1

      Not yet, probably tonight once I can upload some pics. I think wing height is just going to be a tough one for me to figure out.

    • 1

      Say what you may - I love the fit on you! I should put a review together myself. I'm behind with everything atm. : work, birthday parties to be organised, friend moving in with us; waaaaaa - I need my bra time!

    • 1

      It looks better in the pictures than I thought it looked when I first tried it on. I also like that the bra looks small before i put it on haha

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  2. 4

    Didn't fit

    I think I love and hate this bra. It's so pretty, and I love having another lightweight summery bra. The wires are nice and narrow, and despite how it looks in some of the pictures, it's actually mostly comfortable. I have a bit of gapping at the top of the lace when I bend over or slouch, but it mostly goes away with good posture. It's soft and I like the color (even though it's more of a slate blue than the light grey I was hoping for).

    But oh, this bra does not flatter me. At all. It's not too bad from the front, but I would not ... want anyone to see me in this bra in real life. The tiny width of the band...oh, how it squishes and exaggerates every fat roll on my torso." alt=":(" /> The band is quite stretchy for a 65, and it works for me with my in-between size of about 31", but I have a feeling people would look at it and say wow, that's far too tight. It's honestly not - I can easily fasten it on the last hooks, and on the first (which is how I'm wearing it in these pics) I can still pull it a few inches off my back. But no matter how I adjust, it settles right between my chub and I really hate the resulting look. If all the bands on Lejaby bras are this tiny, this brand very sadly may not be for me.

    The wings confuse me. The wires confuse me. Wide wires do nothing to keep my breasts in place, and my best fitting wires currently are the super narrow 5" wires on my Kinga. So despite how the pics look, I don't think the wires are stabbing any breast tissue (it doesn't hurt, anyway, and it's not scoopable) or letting much escape. Those bulges go away when I lift my arm or don't have a bra on. These tiny wings just really, really make my prominent tail of spence even more noticeable than any other bra I've tried. My ToS on my right side is, for some reason, much bigger than the left side, so bras that are otherwise fine on the left will leave me annoyed with the right side as all that tissue just hangs over and creates folds under my arm. I can't scoop any of it into the cups and have it stay, even for a moment.

    The wires are super short, and there's a lot of empty space in the wire channel, but if I push the wire as far as it will go it helps get rid of the dent in the fabric. I may have to sew over the top of the channel at the gore to help them stay there. I seem to have this problem with several bras, TBH.

    I really thought lower wings would help with this issue, and give me breathing room there, but maybe higher will be the way to go. Or maybe there's some happy medium I haven't found yet. There seems to be a point where narrow wires that follow my root stop being helpful because they poke my ToS, and at that point they might as well just be wider and sacrifice support for aesthetics and underarm comfort. The only real solution may be to lose weight and hope my ToS shrinks a bit (it wasn't always this chubby) and moves out of the damn way.

    Seriously, every time I think I'm more sure of my shape, another bra makes me rethink my strategy. :/

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    Grey colorway

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    • Thin bands are really evil if you have any kind of back fat. For any kind of smoothing I recommend a wider band. I have back fat and wider sits better and will not roll as easily either. I think you will be happy when you find the right width.

    • It's always sad to be waiting on a new bra and get it and have it not fit right :( I know some of the cups have fuller coverage on the sides but I don't know much variance there is on the bands in the brand. I'll try to look at mine tomorrow.

    • I've had 2 Candides (just really love that motif) in different colorways and it runs REALLY tight when worn although it measures normally when you stretch with your hands if that makes sense. I think that mesh just doesn't have as much give as normal. I've had loads of other Lejabys in the same band size with the same thin width and the others did not cut into me the same way. I would totally throw on an extender. I had to use one for the first 2 months in a 32 band and my loose underbust is like 29.7"

    • Your pics show an almost violet colour, funny how different the hues come out with different cameras and light conditions. I don't get any band rolling so far, but would prefer a wider one anyway.

    • 1

      roxannelovesbras Wider bands are definitely more comfy but it's the wing issue that will be the challenge for me, I think.

      @revisa So far all the ones I see on eBay look similar, which is a bummer. I had wanted to try a few more styles.

      @wendybien I'll give it a try, though I fear I'll lose what support there is. I agree with erispe that it's a very bouncy bra! The straps also feel tighter than I expected given how stretchy they are. So weird.

      @erispe I can't remember if I used flash, but yeah, didn't get any true to color pics. I'm amused that so many are arriving at once - I bet we all ordered from the same seller!

    • 1

      bechod Yeah, it's like a competition now. lol
      I am really happy that French bras get some attention here. Too bad I can't afford the new styles, which sell for around 80-120 EUR RRT.

    • bechod Yeah, it's like a competition now. lol
      I am really happy that French bras get some attention here. Too bad I can't afford the new styles, which sell for around 80-120 EUR RRT.

    • I hear you on the wing issue. There are some bras with medium wings rather than thin or large...have you tried Ewa? The PL style is definitely more on the medium side. The S cut is a little wider but not a whole lot more. You can view some of my Ewa to see the wing sizing...I do measurements on all my bras. Maybe Elomi would be good too?

    • 1

      I also found it to run quite large in the cups, so if you're feeling like it's unsupportive perhaps it's just a little deeper than you need at the apex or something like that? Do you feel like you have normal surface tension in the fabric of the cup indicating that it's completely filled?

    • 2

      roxannelovesbras I have a CHP, which fits well, and a BM on the way. The S would be next on my list to try, but that may have to wait. I need to stop buying so much for a while!

      @wendybien The bottom of the cup is good, the top gapes a tad if I slouch (I think I have short roots, so this seems to be a trend). I did size down a cup since everyone said the brand ran big, but I may try another cup down if I get curious enough to order again. The seller has multiple models for less than $20 with shipping, so it's not a bad risk.

    • Almost all the lejabys I have I can pinch a little depth out of the apex and most of the cups are a size lower than what I normally wear in UK sizing. But i think it's partially the narrow cups that make that possible. I'm not wasting as much unusable space

    • If you like Lejaby and you find this "full cup" line runs a bit deep in the cups, i.e. if you have a shallower shape, you would probably like the half cup styles or any style with vertical seams by the same brand (Lejaby). Did I see you saying above that 32 bands ride up on you?

    • Some do, as I'm between sizes right now. Even ones that don't ride up feel like they shift during the day, and make me more aware of them. I'd rather wear extenders on 30s until they stretch out than have to alter 32s, tbh.

      I like halfcups fine, but I'm very close set and plunges are more comfortable in general. I'm pretty even otherwise, however, I also have very short roots, so that leads to the gaping issue. I have several other Polish and French bras coming soon, so hopefully they'll help me narrow things down as to shape.

    • OK actually looking on my laptop instead of phone I see now this one looks like the cups are undergoing severe horizontal distortion due to the band being pulled much too tight. WIth an extender I think you'll see the cups are more projected than your anatomy so they are a bit loose, and that is why you aren't getting as much support and therefore the shape isn't as nice as you might have wished.

      I would suggest a fitting thread (not withthis bra necessarily, try to do your best-fitting unpadded one instead) to get more suggestions on further brands and designs to find cups that really suit your boob shape. And possibly further troubleshoot band issues, because I'm a bit confused by some things you posted in your review, but it is probably better addressed in a fitting thread, if indeed there is anything to fix which isn't a given. Band and cup issues can't really be separated because if one is too small it can mask the other one being too big, and vice-versa.

    • 1

      No, I think I'm done with this bra for now, because honestly what you've said makes no sense to me. I tried with an extender yesterday, at several positions, and all the band did was move around all day, make my straps fall off, and ride up. With nothing, it's comfortable enough to be worth wearing, to me.

    • bechod I know you asked about the bands. I finally compared with Manon, Melusine, Capri, and New Look. They all have wider bands. If you click on me I did reviews on all of them and put measurements and if there is anyone in particular you are more interested in you compare them I can add comparison pictures and I'm happy to compare any of them too with any other bra I have. I usually reference Cleo lily because I know it's a lot more common so it might give people a better reference point. I wore mine yesterday and it ended right at my tail of spence. It's the narrowest bra I've ever tried. I'm still not positive on it either. I'm not sure if it's going to be uncomfortable because where it ends or not. I have some hormone imbalances that cause a little swelling and a lot of soreness for part of each month and I'm having it right now so I can't tell because pretty much they just hurt all the time. I also noticed your band is considerably longer than mine, I only measured 29.5". I had been thinking the brand must be quite consistent because most all on the ones I've gotten have been 29.5" but obviously not as consistent as I thought! I hope you have better luck on some of the others you have coming your way! I have my eye on a couple more on eBay but I need to collect some PayPal first. Sell neglected bras sell. Hehe

    • 1

      Sell, sell, sell.... Yess. More Lejabys, more Lejabys ... Oooooh my precious! :D lol

    • revisa stretched band length measurements tend to vary not only because some people pull more than others when stretching to measure, but also because heavily discounted bras are often unsold stock from stores and some may have been tried on many times whereas others have never been tried.

      bechod I'm sorry I made no sense to you. I was only trying to be helpful since you said you were having trouble figuring out the optimal cup shape. I was not trying to anger you!

    • The stretched measurement has always been a mystery to me - I never know if I'm doing it right or not.

    • revisa Thanks, I'll take a look!

      @wendybien It's fine! I'm not angry, just frustrated with my band issues. Being an in-between size is so annoying. Sorry if I sounded rude.

    • No worries I know it's hard to capture tone in online comments!

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  3. 1

    Didn't fit

    Each day a new Lejaby Candide review!" alt=":)" />
    What I love about this bra: narrow wires, deep cups, no stiff rim on top of the cups to cut in, TTS band, soft cup fabric, the grey/blue colour and the shape it gives under shirts, the moderate cleavage, the fact my boobs do not fall out in the middle and the bra doesn't show under a T-shirt.
    What I don't like: short wings, would prefer a wider band made of a thicker, firmer fabric - tissue hanging out on the outside of cups, tale of spence showing. I get quite a bit of bouncing while walking (running out of the question).
    All in all, this will be a great summer bra for physically not too active days.

    grey colorway

    Updated on Apr 26, 2016 Flag this

    • 2

      This looks great on you! I think you fill it out better than I do.

    • 1

      Thank you bechod ! :) We all come in different shapes and the same bra can fit quite different, doesn't it? I still wish the wings were higher though.

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