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Bras » Kinga » Etna Ii (BC-927)

Etna Ii (BC-927)

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1 bra

  1. 70 I-I ... (32 :9-:9)
  2. 75 H-H ... (34 :8-:8)

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    This is a great work bra. Simple, supportive, comfortable, and disappears under shirts. The color is perfect for me, might be a bit light for those with darker complexions. I think their skin colorway is supposed to be darker. This bra has all the qualities I've come to expect from Kinga- great projection, fantastic lift and shaping, and that wonderful cut and placement of the shoulder straps that works so well for my narrow shoulders. The gore tacks, and the wires have a nice flex to them without being too bendy. There is a side sling hiding in the construction, you can sort of see the top of it in my side shot. The cups are lined in a thin padding and then soft cotton against the skin, and the seams barely show even when wearing my tightest shirts. The band on this one is very comfortable as well, snug and smooth. Between this one and the Sophie I got, I like this one better, and may purchase another in the future.

    biege colorway

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    Hasn't set fit

    This fits according to my standard which is *a very tight band* - you can see how much the band is straining, but it feels so good to have a band this tight! I have no problem wearing a band this tight - I'm probably in the minority in this, but my boobs are really supported. This is my first Kinga bra; I believe I looked at the data on bratabase before ordering. Though now I look at the size chart on Kinga's webpage,, they would've put me in a completely different band with my measurements. I got this off the website ... rel="nofollow"> for $35.13 cad + $13.78 shipping.

    I would mark this as a "Fit" in bratabase, but I don't want to mess up the data b/c most people with my measurements probably wouldn't want a band this tight? Idk.

    The positives: this bra is very interesting. It's my first semi-soft, but you know what? I would consider this a padded bra! It's *mostly* padded. I want to compare this to a Comexim padded plunge (even though I'm sure Kinga's Etna II is *not* trying to be like a Comexim PP!) Kinga's Etna II doesn't have as much immediate projection as Comexim's padded plunge (at least I pulled out my Comexim Charm PP and compared the cups on both), so my boobs get pushed up more. Despite this, I still think the bra's comfortable, it's just *my boobs are higher* If you already have a high root attachment, this probably isn't a good bra for you - it's just going to push your boobs up more.

    The regular Etna is a soft bra, and was reviewed on Stanikomania Etna (soft bra) is similar in aesthetics to Etna II, except Etna II is padded; the bottom part of the cup is only in 2-parts - which you would think would be way too shallow for me, but for some reason it's not (it's sorcery?) and I'm able to make it work, but YMMV. Also, I think this is the best cup size for me, but if you look carefully, it's prob a tad too big on the right side (my smaller side) and a tad too small on my left side (larger side), but c'est la vie, this is the best cup size for me in the middle for a padded bra. There's probably one finger of empty space at the bottom of the cups, but it's not a deal-breaker. Can't wait to try this bra out for a full day - I've just washed it - but I've already worn it for 6 hours today, no problemos.

    The negatives: I honestly can't think of any. Like *any* bra, your success with this particular bra will depend on breast shape, a.k.a. it will not work for everyone. I also don't have any other Kinga bras to compare this to. I read (I believe on a bra blog) that Kinga is trying to go more luxury.

    Edit: Bra strap length is pretty good on this bra (for those of you with lower set breasts, or people who are tall), I had to take the bra off and adjust the straps shorter, and I'm a pretty tall person (well, 5'7 so a bit taller than average).
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    Beige colorway

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