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Bras » Freya » Deco Moulded Strapless Bra (4233) » 36GG 36:10

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band91.5
Band Length76.9
Cup width18.5
Cup depth34.4
Wire length35.5
Cup height0.0
Cup separation2.3
Gore height10.7
Wing height12.1

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  1. 0

    Didn't fit

    AWFUL! You might be wondering why, as a 34J, I thought this 36GG would fit. Well, I read reviews saying it runs like 3 sizes large in the cups and 1 size small in the band. I found that almost exactly right. I'd say this 36GG fits like a 34HH. So really, only one cup size small for me. The real problem for me is the (lack of) strength and structure of the cups and not enough immediate projection in the bottom of the cup. I also found there wasn't enough cup depth either side of the gore for my center fullness.

    My boobs are full on bottom, ... very soft and heavy, kind of 'hanging', very close-set and center full. I'm also high set (despite the hanging) and have short, medium width roots.

    Without the straps, the cups completely collapse under the weight of my boobs and the lower part of my boobs is squished flat (orange in a glass effect). The under wire is not sitting too low- I have the underwire right at my inframmmary fold. With the weight of my boobs, the cups can't hold themselves up so I also get gaping at the top of the cups despite them actually being too small. I think the problem is the cups aren't strong enough to hold the weight of my boobs and they don't have enough immediate projection for my lower fullness. The cup depth measurement of this 36GG is actually right in the range of cup depth measurements for 75JJ PL and S Ewa Michalak bras which I fit well. But the difference is the Ewa PL and S bras have A LOT more lower cup depth.

    With the straps on, it becomes obvious that the cups are a size small but you can see how the cups might look if there was less weight put on them are therefore could stand up properly. I still have an 'orange in a glass' effect at the bottom of the cups because of their not being enough cup depth there for my bottom heavy boobs, but the cups aren't so collapsed on themselves. It also becomes obvious that there's not enough cup depth either side of the gore for my center fullness- so my close set, center full boobs push the gore out and try to form cleavage because there's nowhere else for my extra center fullness to go.

    Onto some less negative points:

    THE STAPS! They have implemented the BEST idea with their straps: two distance position options on front and back! So you can choose how far apart you want the straps set! I hooked the straps on at the further in position in the front. That distance apart if PERFECT for my narrow shoulders/frame. I always have trouble with straps being set too part apart for me. I think the further out position is about where most straps are set but if you have trouble with straps being too far apart you can hook them on closer in. You have the same option in the back. I hooked the straps on the further apart hooks at the back as I have no problem with standard strap distances in the back, just the front. I wish ALL bras had a strap position option like this!

    Side view: The shape in profile is like the green shape from Bras I Hate's shape post: not very pointy but not very round- somewhere in between.

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  2. 0

    Didn't fit

    This bra is huge. It runs at least 2 cup sizes too big. It looks good with straps but without straps it falls to the side. Perhaps it would be better if it fit right.

    The band runs snug, at least a band size small. It feels very firm and stays in place. It has sticky strips to keep it up.

    There are multiple places to attach straps. There are four hooks which provides a sturdy back.

    The fabric on the cups tends to wrinkle a bit.

    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Aug 12, 2013 Flag this

    • I'm sorry this didn't work for you, but this review actually makes me hopeful that a 36GG in this might work for my 34J boobs...

    • thecurveshaveit I totally agree with you saying this runs about 2 cup sizes big! Squish1901 I tried this in 32GG - Freya » Deco Strapless (4233), and it actually fit quite well (I wear 32HH in Cleo and 70J/JJ in Ewa Michalak). The cups on the Deco Strapless run crazy big; much bigger than the regular Deco. You might actually be able to wear a 34GG!

    • It's incredible how big these run in the cups! Other reviewers have said the same. I wonder if they changed the fit at any point or if all deco strapless bras run so large in the cups? Not so good for anybody who actually wanted a true to size GG, but wonderful for those who are technically sized out.

      I'm going to call and ask my local (2 hours away, so localish) bra store and ask if they've got any 34GG or 36GG deco strapless bras. Would be good to try them! I actually don't own anything strapless, mostly because I long ago ruled it out as an option. But if I had a strapless bra...

      I feel if you could get a good fit in the cups, these bras might give quite a round uplifted shape so I'm eager to see if a 34GG or 36GG would work for me.

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    Hasn't set fit

    Didn't write a review

    Added on Aug 06, 2014