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Bras » Ewa Michalak » S Pieprzyk (473) » 65JJ 30:14

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage75.5
B. perimeter35.0
Stretched Band79.1
Band Length59.5
Cup width15.9
Cup depth30.0
Wire length31.6
Cup height20.2
Cup separation3.0
Gore height10.2
Wing height11.6
Strap width2.2

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    Used to fit

    This is my new all-time favorite bra. Everything about it is outstanding. The band fits perfectly, the wires are the perfect width and height, the cup depth is perfect, and get this -- even the straps are in an acceptably comfortable spot. Plus, there's enough uplift to make my saggy, FoB boobs look pretty freakin' amazing. The addition of the pad inserts (which I am wearing in the pictures) just give me a little extra oomph when I want it. The cups still fit great without the pads. Also, I LOVE polka dots! I finally have a bra with polka dots, plus I love red and black together.

    I ... don't really have much else to say besides the fact that I'm in love with the S cut! I did not feel this passionate about it when I was a larger size. I used to have 70JJ - Ewa Michalak » S Porcelanka and 75J - Ewa Michalak » S Fiołek , which were both on the verge of being too small for me at the time. I began wearing the PL cut in size 75JJ shortly after, so now I'm 2 band/cup sizes smaller than before. The cup construction is slightly different in the larger cup sizes (70JJ+/sister sizes is where it starts, I suspect.) The cups are made with 4 part in that size range, whereas in this 65JJ - Ewa Michalak » S Pieprzyk (473) the cups are made of only 3 parts. The 4 part construction actually makes the cup shape more round, which I kind of missed in this size. In the larger sizes, I had more fit issues (wires too high under my arms, straps too far apart, cups too far apart.) However, all of these issues were barely to non-existant in my new size, thankfully! I will definitely be getting more S bras when the new designs are released.
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      This bra looks amazing on you. I just felt like I had to say something because it's so perfect.

      I do wonder though. You say you're full on bottom? I haven't really seen anyone who needs narrow wires but is full on bottom. I'm curious as to how that breast shape looks...People often call breasts in this size "teardrop shaped" but I swear I have seen a few that seem more like a upside down lightbulb naturally. Is that what a full on bottom breast might look like?

      I'm sorry if I'm being intrusive, I'm in the middle of writing a blog series about breast shapes in this size range and I want to make sure that I include all types and I remembered you had different needs than most gals in this size range so I went to look up what bras you liked.

    • 1

      xelestial Thanks for the sweet words! I was very happy when I got this bra (even though I've gained a few pounds and it's a bit small now, ugh.)

      Huh, I didn't think my needs were all that odd! I've always considered myself full on bottom because in a bra, I have no volume at the top AT ALL unless the bra is engineered in such a way that it provides a lot of lift (which is why I love Polish bras!) However, when I do get the proper amount of lift, I do have breast tissue near my collarbones. Am I wrong about my breast shape? My tissue is very, very soft and I'm quite pendulous. Also, I am fairly short and petite with short breast roots, so maybe narrow wires are just better for my body proportions? I have no idea. ;) I just know that half cups look terrible on me unless they're 2-3 sizes too small to squish all the tissue to the top. Maybe I'm more even fullness, but since I'm so soft, everything just kinda flows towards the bottom? I have zero firmness, so it's kinda hard to gauge, I guess!

      Here's a blog post that has a friend of mine I met on Bratabase who is basically a body/boob twin. She is Boobs A in this post. My boobs are so much like hers it's scary (but you can tell it's not me because our complexion is different), and she wears Ewa Michalak exclusively. Our measurements were pretty much exactly the same at the time of this post, but now we're slightly different. Maybe this will help?

      Let me know what you think! I honestly haven't even analyzed my own breast shape since I first came on Bratabase 4 years ago. Other girls helped me figure out things, so I kinda just went along with what everyone was telling me. Also, I've had some migration as well, so I guess it's possible my boobs have changed in the last few years of wearing properly fitted bras.

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      xelestial Ha, I just re-read that Venusian Glow post and noticed my friend called herself even fullness. Maybe I am even, then?

    • Yes, that's the problem with perfectly fitting bras sigh. They always end up changing at some point because we gain or lose weight, so I feel ya there.

      Breast shape is really difficult...that's why I am trying to learn more about it from all different types. I didn't mean to make you feel odd or different :( I don't really know many people in our size my sample size is probably like 10-15 people, but they all seemed to be mostly even or full on top so I hadn't met a full on bottom person at or above a J cup that I know of before. That's why I wanted to learn more about you before I go around acting like I know what I'm talking about and leaving people out ;)

      From your description and my own limited knowledge, you really do sound like the rest of us for the most part. I am theorizing that all people above a J cup or so have certain general needs, those being they have high set breasts, short breast roots, narrow breasts and typically breasts that appear close set.

      I could never do a half'd just spill right out the top I'm certain, because they're so soft and full. To me your breasts look more firm, rather than soft. I was talking about this with someone recently on here, that people think their breasts are soft but for the most part unless you have wrinkles from extra skin in your breasts, you are considered average or firm. It's possible your breasts are so compressed in this pic they appear firm though, I love it when that happens. All of these things are what I'm trying to gather information to talk about all these similarities and misconceptions and confusing bits about J cup and up boobs.

      Ooh I have read that post before. Boobs A is exactly what I was thinking of when I said "light bulb" ad imagined bottom full breasts. I suppose you could call that even... this might help if you haven't seen it before, this is my first time seeing it myself.

      I think she thinks she's even because it looks like she has a tiny bit of full ness on the top. I's a tough decision but I think she has a tiny bit more fullness on the bottom that makes her count more as a full on bottom (refer to the third pic). If she had a bit less fullness on the very bottom, I'd say she'd be an even. So I think for all intents and bra purposes, it'd be safest to go with full on bottom - not full on bottom, or just FoB. Thanks so much for relinking this page for me, I was making some drawings and it really helps. Now I need to compare my own lol. Mine are very similar but are probably "very full on top". But the rest of the shape is basically the same for me.

      Sorry for rambling I kept getting distracted intermittently and thanks for the great response, very helpful.

    • I meant "not VERY full on bottom"

    • 1

      xelestial Glad I could be of help! Ok, so if you think Boobs A is more full on bottom/even than full on top, then I am correct in thinking that's what I am since I look *exactly* like her pictures. Without a bra, you can just basically draw a straight line down my chest that flares out where my boobs sit on my ribcage (so, I guess 2/5 or 2/6 from that image you linked me?) Haha, MY boobs firm??? No way. That bra just makes them look firm because it's on the verge of being too small. I lean towards the snug fit in cups so it helps me look more firm and hides my stretch marks more! My boobs are a perfect example of that not-completely-filled water balloon analogy. They just kinda flow wherever. I have had a lot of significant weight gain/loss over the course of my adult life as well, so that hasn't helped things (why can't I just stay at one weight???) Also, not that this makes much of a difference, but I'm almost 39 -- I definitely don't have the elasticity or firmness of someone in their early 20's, either. I think I'm at least 8 or 9 years older than Boobs A from that other post.

      Thanks again! This has been an interesting conversation. Good luck on your research!

    • 1

      Yup, your boobs really are soft then and just look compressed in this bra. I get the same thing, after nursing for a year and a half. Weight fluctuations are also a sure sign of softness, sigh.

      I'll be posting it to the Sophisticated Pair blog as a guest post when I'm done. Thanks again!

    • xelestial Hi there! I just wanted to chime in again and let you know that I think you were right about my shape -- I think I'm more even than FoB. I recently tried some holy grail Cleo bras for shapes: Cleo Lucy (FoB), Cleo Marcie (FoT), and Cleo Lily (even). Cleo Lily fits me PERFECTLY while I could not get a great fit in either Lucy or Marcie.

      Maybe I was FoB when I first started my bra journey, and now, after a few years of migration and wearing proper sizes, I've regained the upper fullness that previously was living in my underarms. ;) Just wanted to let you know that I think your previous research was correct!

    • 1

      Thanks letting me know...I'm glad you found a good fit. I think I used to be very full on top but now stuff like the Marcie just wrinkles on me...maybe I need to re-evaluate mine too. Interesting stuff, thanks!

    • xelestial Hey, just thought I'd chime in one more time about something I was thinking about to add to your research:

      First, I finally got Marcie in the proper size. It actually fits pretty perfect. Now I really don't think I'm as FoB as I once thought! So, the results of my Cleo experiment were: Lucy fail (unless gore was sewn together, then it was okay), Lily and Marcie fit great.

      I was thinking about when I first started my bra fitting journey, I think I sometimes confused softness with quadboob. Sometimes when you're soft, you're just gonna spill out no matter what. I tried to remedy that by sizing up. Looking back now, I think I may have sized up TOO much in some cases. The quadboob was gone, but now my breasts were just settling into the bottom of the cups, which left me with empty space at the top. I thought those bras fit back then and I was just FoB. Now I think the cups were actually too large, and since I'm very soft, of course they would just settle into the bottom of the cups (hello gravity!)

      Anyway, I hope that explains why I thought I was FoB for so long. Now I'm wearing smaller bras and don't over-analyze a tiny bit of quadboob due to my soft tissue. My boobs look and feel much better in my bras now.

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    Didn't fit

    So pretty. Sad it didn't fit my shape. Dang you, Ewa.

    This bra is not owned any more

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    Didn't fit

    This bra was purchased used while attempting to determine my Ewa Michalak size. Size wise, this bra was a miss.

    My measurements at time of purchase: 27 inch snug underbust (68.6 cm), 26 inch tight (66 cm) and 41 inch bust (104 cm). For reference on the EM website this puts me at a 65H and a 28JJ using ABTF calculator. Though, I believe I was around a 65J (according to EM) when I measured in centimeters instead of introducing error by approximating/rounding/converting. Going forward I'll use the size by ABTF.

    The band rides up a good amount. Again, I did buy it used so I don't know ... how stretched it was. The shoulder straps hit my armpit area, but it isn't as uncomfortable as my Braology bra or any of my Freyas. It is only uncomfortable if I'm laying down, which I don't do much of while wearing this bra.

    The gore almost tacks, but due to my asymmetry from ribcage I'm not sure if I'll ever have a fully fitting gore unless it's really short.

    The bra is gorgeous. I don't normally do red but this bra makes me break out of my color comfort zone. It's also very well made and the quality is apparent.

    My one complaint that makes me hesitant to wear the bra is that when my arm (or anything) rubs against the side of the cups it sounds like someone is crinkling cellophane. It's a little weird.

    I'lol probably keep it around. It's nice looking, and almost fits. I'm not too picky on fit.

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    This bra is not owned any more

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    Hasn't set fit

    Didn't write a review

    Added on Jul 21, 2016