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Bras » Ewa Michalak » S Mojito (828) » 65G 30:9

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage73.1
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band74.9
Band Length57.7
Cup width13.5
Cup depth24.4
Wire length24.1
Cup height17.2
Cup separation1.7
Gore height6.4
Wing height10.5
Strap width1.9

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  1. 7

    Didn't fit

    This bra and brief set I've managed to receive today, earlier than the release date, and arriving only a week after I ordered it! Possibly as it was my birthday (my boyfriend got me a EM voucher which I used last week) and possibly because I saw the upcoming preview from BraObsessed (who I would have bought it from but my voucher was for EM!) and I asked her nicely.

    Anyway - as I'm the first, I've taken all the measurements, and taken loads of photos of the bra and briefs.

    The bra band runs a band size tight! It stretched to 28 inches (this stretched band measurement I ... added to Bratabase)! I couldn't do it up. But I thought I do not accept this. I want this bra to work. I don't want to send it back. I thought right... first I'll try stretching it out a bit, as bras end up stretching anyhow and if that doesn't work I'm using an extender.

    After stretching it, I then managed to do it up first time. I just took my super tight and it's 28.3, snug around 30. I just measured the stretched measurement again and its now around 29/29.5. Excellent... it still runs tight though for a 30 but at least it's now wearable for me" alt=":)" />

    Okay so the quality is great as you would expect. I find the zig zag hem a bit scratchy but I just have sensitive skin.

    The cup lace is a teal kind of colour, the bows are ivory, the straps are an icy blue shade, and the inner lining is beige.

    The only thing that isn't what I expected is that the inner beige lining can be seen above the bow from the front. Actually one of the bows just fell off, so that's another thing I wasn't expecting, though I think it may have been my fault as I think my nail struck it. I will have to re-attach it. The other bow is well secured so I'm sure it's an outlier.

    The cups allow for a fair amount of immediate depth, and give quite a pointy look. As my boobs are slightly fuller on top, the cups are on the verge of having the neckline digging in, which you can see in the side pics

    The band has four columns and two rows of hook and eye fastenings

    The straps are too wide for my frame, and I'm considering moving them inwards so they are centre-pull in style.

    Otherwise, it is so beautiful. I absolutely adore anything in cold green tones. A rival to my CHP Mietusek.

    As for the name Mohito, it definitely looks the part.

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    This bra is not owned any more

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    • Could you post a photo of the brief, please? How is the sizing? Do you know if there is a thong?

    • 1

      I did post pictures of the briefs.

      They seem to be true to size.

      I went for size 46/18 as my waist is 30-32 but my bum is 48-49 inches.

      I'm guess most people who order a 30 band are unlikely to order a matching brief in 46, so I'm not sure how helpful my pictures are, but hey... that's my shape. Small band and plus size briefs. I found a few others at ABTF who have similar measurements so yeah... here's some unedited pictures:

      Front of brief (with another pair underneath for modesty):

      In fact you can't see from the front because of how I'm standing but the gusset has this diamond shape bit at the front and back (like a modesty hiding thing)

      From the side:

      They feel amazing actually. At the back they are mesh with an extra layer that stops half way.

    • That is one gorgeous bra, and a must-have for me in that lovely teal colour! So far Comexim were beating EM for me, in terms of their designs, but this has won me over. :)

    • But ohhh, looks like it won't be available to me in the UK for quite a while though....

    • alexad I'm from the UK. I assume they have been making up all their standard sizes, ready for the big release, so already had a 65G made as it's one of their most popular sizes, so probably just shipped it instantly so with UK airmail it arrived in about a week. That being said, I bought the two opiums on the release day and they arrived in like a month. I saw a message in the notes that translated to "ship ASAP, is birthday present".

    • Oh and it's 179zl for the bra and 69zl for the briefs

    • Oh, maybe I've misunderstood then - I thought you ordered it from Bra Obsessed, and as far as I can see they only ship within the USA and Canada?

    • Nope

      "I saw the upcoming preview from BraObsessed (who I would have bought it from but my voucher was for EM!) "

      BraObsessed sent an email out to everyone saying that they could pre-order the Mojito, so I saw it and was like "yes! I want that" but then I received an Ewa Michalak gift voucher for my birthday from my boyfriend. So - as I knew I wanted the Mojito, and it was out... at some point??? I thought I'd try my luck and ask Ewa Michalak if I could pre-order it. She replied that I could order it early as a birthday treat.

      So yeah, I got it directly from her and not BraObsessed.

    • Sorry, I really need to read things more carefully! ;)

      Hopefully it will be released on the web-site soon then *happy dance*.

    • Oh, sorry, I hadn't seen the briefs. They look amazing. I spoke to EM and she said that the S/BM Mohito is coming out either this week or the next. The PL Maryna and the S Magic will be delayed, and the swimwear plans have been cancelled.

    • Veritas

      I thought the swimwear may have been cancelled. When EM first brought out the Saint Tropez it was called

      Saint-Tropez - gora

      Which I assumed meant "larger cup sizes" as google translate said gora meant mountain

      I thought they would be bringing out a small bust and cup version (not sure what that would have been called, maybe M or 3D) but at some point she removed the "gora" bit so I'm guessing that was around the time the plans got cancelled

    • 1

      Ughhh the Magique is the one I'm waiting for lol

    • Oh that color is way nicer in your pictures than the promo pictures I really like it

      .. it's close to my "signature " color you know that color you have to buy in everything because you look amazing in it . Light teal is mine I thought it was bright bright aqua this is lovely .
      And the briefs are so pretty too just like I like mine to sit . I have a curvy body hips included I am always going for the big bottoms . Plus hate them when they bind better bit bigger than too small so thank for that information too .

      Now I need to go back and look to see what cut this one came in besides the s .. I want an unlined .

    • 1

      Ivp , I think it also comes in a BM style

    • 1

      It comes in a BM style. I've never tried BM. I loooove this color, but need another padded bra like I need a hole in the head. Maybe if I come into some extra cash (ha, ha) I'll have to check out the BM.

    • Wow, that looks pretty!!! Way better than their stock photo!

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  2. 0

    Hasn't set fit

    The color of this bra is absolutely spectacular, a brilliant turquoise that reminds me of mermaids or the Caribbean Sea! I'm in love with the rose-motif lace also. The fit of Mojito compares to my other S cut bras in every way, except that it gives a shape that is conical and pointy-as-all-get-out. My S bras tend to get a bit rounder and less torpedo-esque after being washed and worn a few times, but this one has a particularly extreme silhouette. I'm not sure if it's my individual anatomy (it very well could be) or the pattern of this specific bra, but it looks dreadful under clothes and is a deal breaker for me. Because I love the color so much, I'll be re-trying the Mojito in either the CHP or BM shape.

    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Aug 22, 2016 Flag this

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  3. -

    Hasn't set fit

    Didn't write a review

    This bra is not owned any more

    Added on May 02, 2018

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    Hasn't set fit

    Didn't write a review

    This bra is not owned any more

    Added on Aug 26, 2016

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    Didn't fit

    Didn't write a review

    Added on Oct 16, 2018