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Bras » Curvy Kate » Ellace Balcony Bra (CK4401) » 32F 32:7

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage79.3
B. perimeter27.0
Stretched Band81.0
Band Length64.7
Cup width14.0
Cup depth25.9
Wire length24.8
Cup height16.9
Cup separation2.1
Gore height8.3
Wing height9.8
Strap width1.7

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    This is an unpadded, seamed, half cup, underwire bra with upper stretch lace.

    * $44.61 on Amazon with free Prime shipping & returns (not Amazon Wardrobe)
    * Available in black, beige, hot pink, teal, and navy.

    * One layer of stretch mesh.
    * Extra wide bottom elastic (1.8cm or 11/16").
    * Wing support: seaming.
    * Continuous band - wires lower than wings.
    * Back close with 3 columns of hooks.

    * smooth elastic with outer ridges
    * soft (don’t stand up on their own)
    * full adjust
    * leotard back

    * 2-seam (3-piece) half cup
    * unpadded, average strength underwire
    * Inner top edge of cup is edged with elastic. Outer cup edge is non-stretch seaming.
    * Top panel is ... stretch lace (unlined).
    * All other panels are constructed of non-stretch mesh over a non-stretch, semi-opaque knit.
    * Soft cups (no padding or molding).

    ABOUT ME: petite with wide horizontal oval, slightly conical breasts
    * average projection
    * average-set (one finger width of space between breasts)
    * very wide roots (extend past the mid-axillary line)
    * even horizontal fullness (just barely outer full)
    * short root height, average vertical placement
    * mix of firm & soft tissue (front molds to shape of bra, sides push wimpy wires away)
    * conical shape (but will squish to round)
    * full on top (2/4 shape, not even or very full) - BUT functionally even to FOB due to short roots and soft tissue
    * petite (5'3") so have narrow frame
    * front (anterior) rib flares


    * length: stays in place with wear BUT top is loose (so outer end of wire is unsupported)
    * wings: height good

    Gore: Tacks. Height & width fine.

    * Very wide set. Slip. The strap-cup junction is nearly in my armpit.
    * Adjust short enough.

    * Wires enclose tissue nicely AT FIRST, but tissue migrates backwards almost immediately because end of wire is loose.
    * Smooth line at top of cup on larger breast. (Small wrinkles on smaller breast – acceptable.)
    * Bottom of cup filled (not too shallow).
    * Too deep: apex of cup empty and too high.
    * Give a wide, oval shape.
    * Outer edge of cup cuts into Tail of Spence.

    Assessment & Plan:
    * Stop trying half-cup styles. The straps are too wide-set for my petite frame -- slip and cut into tail of Spence.
    * Would recommend this style for FoT breasts that are on the shallow side of average projection (not shallow and not super projected).

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    Black/Champagne colorway

    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Jul 16, 2019 Flag this

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    Didn't fit

    B+ fit. Gore almost tacks. Quadboob - could work in a larger cup size.

    Navy colorway

    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on May 17, 2017 Flag this

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    Didn't fit

    Very short, projected, slightly narrow, close set, even breasts....

    A Bratabase user suggested a 30FF Ellace would fit better than a 30G Ellace. I found the sister size 32F. This cup causes the very familiar "my lymph nodes are screaming" sensation that indicates the cup is too narrow. Thankfully, I still have a 30G Ellace which keeps my lymph nodes happy." alt=":-)" />

    This is Bardot....improved. The band!! Ellace has a firm piece of peach elastic to which the cups and lace are sewn. This elastic dramatically improves the weight distribution of my breasts. In Bardot, the wire "dug in" under my most projected breast. ... Ellace's elastic prevents that pain. Wow.

    Although I don't yet have a reliable method to measure this, Ellace feels more immediately projected then Bardot. However, this feeling may be more closely related to the weight distributing effect of the firm, peach elastic. Whatever it is, Ellace feels more supportive than Bardot.

    Ellace's fabrics are softer and smoother. Mesh is not my favorite, but Ellace's mesh is soft! Not quite as soft as the mesh Legaby Mellisia band, but considerably softer than Bardot. I would not recommend Bardot to those with fabric sensitivities, but Ellace may be acceptable.

    The stretch lace across the top of the cup may be a problem for soft breast tissue. My shorties present in-cup quadding at the seam. However, this may be caused by my prominent nipple sitting above the apex. I would prefer a stretch lace with elasticity more closely resembling the mesh lower cup. That may come in Ellace 2.0" alt=";-)" /> This is one detraction, but it won't prevent me from wearing this very comfortable, supportive bra.

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    White colorway

    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Jul 30, 2016 Flag this

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    Didn't fit

    Didn't write a review

    This bra is not owned any more

    Added on Mar 04, 2019