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Bras » Comexim » Megan Plunge (653) » 70F 32:6

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage71.1
B. perimeter22.9
Stretched Band74.9
Band Length57.2
Cup width12.2
Cup depth21.6
Wire length21.6
Cup height14.0
Cup separation1.5
Gore height7.1
Wing height9.7
Strap width1.3

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  1. 5

    Used to fit

    Just as I was in the process of comparing the sizes on the Comexim Onyks and deciding what size to keep and what size to return to Breakout Bras, I was looking at what I might possibly be able to exchange the return for. And I hit the jackpot with a number of Comexims being put on clearance. HOWEVER, there was not a huge selection available in my current size.

    I spotted this Megan in 32E/70F and decided to email the customer service to see if they could enlighten me on how this fits, and I sent a clip of how the 65HH - Comexim » ... Scottie (648) is fitting me currently, as I had confirmed that both of them were the same kind of plunge cut, which is to say that they are even less plunge like than the classic ones are and is probably more like a balconette. I asked about the band and stated that I have historically gone with 70 bands in my Polish bras because they feel more like a 30 band, and the 65 bands are often too tight, despite my snug under bust measurement being closer to 28” (was 28.5” and now is 27.5”) because it is a little bit sensitive. The only 65 bands I have done have been stretchy or with an extender. They basically said that it was definitely not as stretchy as the Onyks, nor as tight as the Basic. So I could probably do a 65 or a 70, only with the latter, it might not be quite snug enough and I might wear through it quicker. But for $21 that was not a problem for me, so I confirmed that I was probably going to be ok with the cup size, although I was nervous because it was 2 cups smaller than what I had been getting. Still, I had to try it out for the price. This would also help me with my sizing and figuring out what to order from Comexim directly, and if I still needed alterations. I grabbed the bottoms in the large because there was no medium and I was concerned about the small being too small, especially for a high waisted style. Easier to alter if too big.

    Oh my beautiful humans, I picked right!! Oh my word am I so happy and impressed! I admit that I was not initially super excited about this style until I saw other people review it like Sonya and learned that the stripes were copper and not orange. And I never realized that it had a bit of mesh and lace on the cups as well. As I wear the set, I have to say that I kind of get a 50s sci-fi vibe, and I ain’t mad about it! Ha ha!

    I’m currently measuring about a 28F/28FF but 30 bands are usually more comfortable so 30E/F. I have lost a lot of upper fullness with my weight loss, and I didn’t even have much when I was 30F/FF, but it was more than now. I think I am still technically even, but just not very full vertically anywhere. I have soft tissue that is center full and pendulous, and I need narrow cups with lots of immediate depth at the wire to manage my projection. Because of all of this, I am functionally short rooted and fob.

    So the fit of the band is actually pretty good. I might have been able to do a 30F/65G but I think I might have needed to use an extender initially. I should note that the straps are not adjusted in the pictures, as I tend to try on as is out of the package initially and then decide if I need to adjust them. In this case I think I might need to cinch them up a touch. They’re comfortable at this length but might be a little bit too loose.

    The cups are a great width and depth, and not too tall either. I was advised to size down a little because of my soft tissue, and I think it’s the right decision; I was nervous about it being too shallow at the wire though. I have not worn it long enough yet to see, but I think it’s projected enough at the wire. That said, I think I could probably stand to get a little more depth at the center with perhaps an overlapping gore, and I am curious what the fit would be like if it was 1cm shorter as well.

    I’m not sure about the straps. They feel comfortable, and I think they are ok, but looking at the pictures makes me feel like I could probably still have them nudged in a cm still. I’m not sure. I’d prefer to stick with as few alterations as possible.

    The bottoms are definitely better in the large vs the small I could have ordered. The leg hole elastic is a little snug as is common for most Comexim bottoms, but it’s a little looser at the waist. I could possibly get them altered and have looser elastic used but I think for $10, I might leave them as is. The medium size is probably the size I needed but it’s a perfectly fine fit as is.

    When I was once not a super huge fan of this model, I have completely come around on it. Do you love it as much as I do?
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    • 2

      oh man, I feel like Comexim designs - they never disappoint. They never disappoint!!
      Thanks for the pictures, sooooo much detail that I didn't pick up on before - but really pretty. Looks awesome as a set! (I'm totally not a set person, but I might be turning myself into one - from all these bratabase postings, haha) Looks adorable!

    • 2

      So true, BraOdyssey ! I have a massive want list for Comexim. And yes, I feel the same way with the detailed pictures because I wasn’t initially sold on it by the pictures on the site; it was through the reviews that I decided to try it.

      I love sets. Or at least something that coordinates. Nice thing about this one is that it will work for any black bottoms, I think.

    • 3

      Looks great on you Calluna ! You rock the set!

    • 3

      Thanks Wilderness1 ! I’m so happy! And this is a completely unaltered set!

    • 3

      This style looks so much nicer in your pics than the stock photos from Comexim! And $21, what a deal!

    • 2

      You're making me want this set now!! It looks perfect on you, great choice! So BoB actually let you exchange the onyks for this?

    • 3

      ComeAtMe_Bra right? I was totally not really into it from the website pictures. I came back here to check out reviews and fit and came across Sonya ’s review and was like, I think I might like it after all. And yes, for that price, it was fine. I desperately need more bras for my current size.

      marilynne no, I actually bought it separately because I was worried about it selling out so fast. I knew that I would either sell or get a refund for the other Onyks. And since you love Queen of Hearts so much, go for it. But remember it is cut like Scottie.

    • 2

      Oh, then I may need it in a 60M then, I'll have to order it direct from comexim.

    • 3

      Great review, Calluna ! What a find!

    • Thanks everyone! I’m curious about the possibility of alterations. This does fit great as is, but curious if it might be even better with straps moved in 1cm and gore lowered 1cm with either the gore also narrowed for more depth there or just 1cm added depth at the wire. I do feel like it’s a titch shallow at the gore.

    • 2

      Calluna , hey I didn't realize that if I write a review on Breakout Bras website, I get 21 points (towards my "loyalty points" or whatever)

      so, I'm going to go back and write reviews for ALLL the bras I've bought from them #earn my rewards.

    • 1

      BraOdyssey whoa! Thanks!!! I have only gotten 2 bras from them so far, but I’m definitely going to write some reviews!!

    • Calluna , some of them I returned, but I'm still going to review them!

    • 1

      I did the Onyks, the Megan bra, and the Megan underwear. The site says it’s 300+ words and up to 3 reviews a month, so I got 30 points. Whee!

    • 1

      BraOdyssey thanks for that tip, I had no idea! I’ll be heading over to write some reviews :)

    • 1

      Thanks Calluna for such a helpful and detailed review! It looks great on you. Your review makes me want to get one of these now as I’m similarly shaped i.e. shallow short upper tissue but need lots of immediate projection etc. Hmmm….I’m gonna check and see if they have any left :)

    • 1

      I added a few more pictures to show the wrinkles at the gore. Not sure if it’s due to the cups being folded in on each other for shipping or if it is a result of it being too shallow there for my center full tissue.

    • 1

      If it’s comfortable then I wouldn’t worry about the wrinkles at the centre. I find that when a bra doesn’t have enough room at the centre I feel uncomfortable right away and the gore gets wonky

    • 2

      Thanks. It is comfortable, yes.

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