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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band82.0
Band Length69.0
Stretch ratio1.2
Cup width17.0
Cup depth35.0
Depth ratio2.1
Wire length34.0
Cup height26.0
Cup separation2.0
Gore height10.0
Wing height10.5
Strap width2.0
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Bravissimo Lacey is one of my favorite bras. But it's also a tricky one. It's hard to find the right fit in it for me, since I'm right between the sizes where the bra constructions changes significantly. So Lacey bra up to J-cup comes with a stretchy lace top section. From JJ-cup upwards there is an extra lining under that section that isn't stretchy. Which totally changes the bra.

JJ+ cup is a tall full cup bra. Below J cup is a fullcup bra with stretchy lace top similar in idea to Panache Jasmine, Envy or Andorra. Envy and Jasmine are far more open on top, the lace is more flimsy and they feel less supportive to me. I think if it resembles one of these it's mostly Andorra as that one is also on the more shallow side. Lacey is superior as it doesn't have the super wide and extremely hard Panache wires.

So I had 30JJ (currently too small), 32JJ (currently fits but is just a tiny bit too tall) and also this 32J, which fits kinda okay.
First overall, the bra is rather shallow and tall. It's nowhere near CK shallowness because I can't wear CK at all. The wires are moderately wide / average for the size range and don't come up too high on the sides which is a plus. The band fits like you 'd expect a 32 band to fit - true to size I will say.

It is comfortable to wear on my non-pms boobs, but as soon as they get into PMS mode (1/2 cup bigger) I have the issue with the shallowness on bottom... I feel like the bra wants to slide down a bit everytime I adjust it back--- also my fot boobs stretch out the top section quite well. It shapes nicely to a round shape and the cup edge doesn't cut in. So ideally I'd own a 32JJ in this bra with with the below J-cup stretch construction for my PMS boobs.
Overall the bra is currently one of the few that is wearable and I like that it is supportive all day and doesn't hurt me.

Updated on Jul 23, 2020 Flag this

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    Oh, yeah, I can see some of those fit issues you're talking about. This bra is really pretty on you, though! I'm glad it works okay.

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    It looks like the kind of bra that makes your boobs a ball, which I like because it holds them closer to your chest. Maybe I could try a 40J...

  • cupandahalf I love the close to chest round shape! Lacey just does that. it even minimizes a bit from the side and it's the total opposite of Ewa BM or Panache Jasmine shape which are too open on top and too projected. The wires on the side and the gore are not extremely tall but the cups are and the straps are centered. I think you would like it :)

  • I wore this today but just changed into another bra. It kept sliding down at the wire. Also there was quite some pressure on my shoulders from that. The bottom of the cup too shallow for me there even on my normal boobs. I was adjusting it 2-3 times until I got tired.

  • :(

  • Wearing it tonight to give another bra some rest, some slight quadboob is happening and I'm nowhere near PMS yet. I'm definitely a 32JJ in this bra at the moment.

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    Thanks so much for reviewing this one! I've been making my way through allllll the bras on Bravissimo and had my eye on this one next. It looks amazing on your shape! I'm pretty FOT with softer tissue and it is *hard* to find a good bra! I'm on the J/JJ line with you and I really need the stretch lace from the J shape so I think I'll take the plunge.

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    CAGirlGoingPolish Thanks for your comment. I'm glad my review was helpful :)
    I'm happy to read from a fellow Bravissimo girl we are so few here. Which bras did you try in the past?
    Lacey is really good if you prefer a bit more close to chest fit as it's more shallow than other stretch lace bras like EM BMs or the Jasmine - they are sometimes too open on top to fully support full on top boobs.
    Lacey is a good "middle ground" here. I recently got this in a 34J as I wanted the stretch version, will review soon.
    In the non stretch version (JJ+) I'm probably 32K now.

    The new Lacey Floral is apparently stretch lace up to K-cup!

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    alisa Yes! I've just started looking thru ur reviews and they're a godsend! TBH, I've had zero luck with Bravissimo recently. It's been 4 years since my baby was born and I'm only just now starting to try bras again.

    I've literally tried almost *everything* they have in 30J (except CK & Fantasie bcuz they've never worked due to east-west/wide wires/strap discomfort & too-closed cups, respectively.)

    The ones that might have worked if I could have gone up to a 30JJ or down to a 28K/KK didn't exist in those sizes :'-( oooorrrr ,like you've found, the stretch lace etc. disappears when you cross the JJ threshold. The ones that fit pretty well, though a bit more elf shoe than I prefer, like Arla etc. had comfort issues w stiff/thin/not supportive enuf straps, etc.

    Of course, Arla was part of my first order, and I thought I had lots of other good options. hahahahahahah I'm wondering if I should revisit it, but want to try some Ewa options first.

    I'm more than happy to answer any questions on specific styles - I took pretty good notes/pics before returning *everything*. (I need to post reviews - just hard to get uninterrupted time rn w CoVid risk & California temps & fires keeping my fam stuck indoors alll day for weeks now)

    My closest to a great fit was a Comexim Jasmine plunge UK 30K (65O?) from BOB. After reading ur reviews & some others I suspect going up a cup size to allow bra straps moved in & a bit more immediate projection @ the wires I miiiiiight have a decent, comfy fit. Still working up the guts to place that complex of an order, pay for shipping & accept it might be a wash. #true story

  • CAGirlGoingPolish Which from Bravissimo own brand did you try? Did you ever try Bravissimo Anna or Lottie? I watch those 2 in the sale.

    Arla did give you an elf-shoe shape? I mean Arla out of all bras? It gives me very round shape. True Elf shoe were older models like Ditsy Blossom, Dotty Spot or Marguerite - Alana or Melrose go a bit in that direction but not as bad. But everyone's boobs are different and everyone likes and prefers different bra styles.

  • 1

    You're right - I've been pretty particular about elf shoe-ish-ness and Arla is far from the worst offender. I've always had a pretty lifted, very round profile in the past and I think with the changes my body has gone through I'm finding no matter what I buy, my breasts have more of a "natural slope" to them now. (read: more like the elf shoe) This is totally new to me and caught me by surprise. Since I posted this I've gone through another 20 or more bras and realized this is just what my shape is now.

    Truth is I was ordering based on what might have fit my pre-baby boob profile. I sagged down a full *THREE* inches thanks to breast-feeding, while still maintaining roughly the same cup volume (+/- 1 cup size or two) & now I have to learn how to accommodate the much more pendulous shape & softer tissue issues.

    It's been rough, but I hope I'm starting to find my way.

    Ok - Bravissimo bras:

    Are you ready for this? lol
    Maisie (5 yrs ago)
    Nonpadded & Racerback sleep bras
    Satine (5 years ago)
    * all the "padded" were far too shallow and somewhat tall

    Just ordered Dina/ Jenna / Millie.

  • 1

    aaaaand forgot to order Lacey *facepalm*

  • CAGirlGoingPolish I have no experience with breast-feeding but due to weight fluctuations I went through a few size changes so I understand how hard it is to start with a new size / shape. :S Bras that used to work somehow don't work anymore. I hope you will find good bras for your new shape.

    I also heard that padded bras run shallow so I never bothered as my boobs never got along with them. I wonder if it's a soft tissue + pendulous boob problem? Needing more projection at the wire? I usually have empty space in bottom but lots of overspill on top.

    Fern lounge bra, is it worth it? Or similar to Nova in fit and support. Wich sleep bra did you like best?
    I once tried the cup sized padded sleep bra and hated it, it was extremely tall: 32JJ-K - Bravissimo » Padded Sleep Bra (NW265) , have not tried the unpadded yet.
    I like the racerback ones as they have thicker straps distribute weight away from straps and towards the back. Sadly the black ones run small so I can only fit into now discontinued grey 34HH-J - Bravissimo » Racerback Sleep Bra (NW234) . They should bring them back but up to K or L cup.
    What size are you looking at in Lacey?

  • 1

    alisa Thanks for the encouragement - Think I'm heading in the right direction. :)

    Padded bras can def be shallow @ the wire for me as well, but lightly padded / spacer foam lined bras were ideal for me in the past, since they gave me the rounded shape I needed and had more room @ the wire. I'm completely sized out of all the bras I know that follow that shape now so.... :p

    Fern bra was lovely, but I tried the 30J & I was spilling out of the middle and my poor boobs were drooping almost as if I didn't have a bra. The straps were also very thin, which was not comfortable for my shoulders w the weight of my boobs.

    Couldn't close the racer bra (bad joints) Unpadded sleep bra was much better. Tried the 32HH, but back was too big. 30J the cups were too big - strangely. 30HH prob would work, but I was out of patience w sleep bras by then. Looks like it would be as tall as the padded one tho... Maybe if you size down a cup from ur norm?

    Considering 30J in Lacey :-) Waiting for my last couple Bravissimo orders to get back to England so I can get my money back before I buy anything else lol

  • CAGirlGoingPolish
    I won't bother with the Fern then. I already own the Nova which I use as a sleep bra. I dislike it's thin straps - but I liked that the bra seperated my boobs better than regular sleep bra or Zara in summer months.

    Yeah putting on racerback sleep bras is bit of a hassle. I also think that's why they discontinued them. I was shocked at the size of that padded sleep bra- it was insanely tall on me and I was around size 32K back then so I did get my size. It felt uncomfortable. if I ever am on lookout for another sleep bra I'd try the unpadded.

    If Millie in 30J isn't much too small on you, get Lacey in the same size. Also the next size up will have the unstretchy lining. Lacey is taller than Millie but cup is bit similar but I find Millie a tad more shallow.

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Underwire length:
Runs too high under the arm, it pokes
Top of the cup:
Cuts into breast tissue (quad boob effect)

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Underwire length:
Runs too high under the arm, it pokes
Top of the cup:
Cuts into breast tissue (quad boob effect)

On Nov 2020 View measurements

Underwire length:
Runs too high under the arm, it pokes
Top of the cup:
Cuts into breast tissue (quad boob effect)

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Underwire length:
Runs too high under the arm, it pokes
Top of the cup:
Cuts into breast tissue (quad boob effect)

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