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Bra » Ewa Michalak » Sf Gładzioch Beż (849) » 70K » Bras » Owner


Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band82.0
Band Length62.0
Stretch ratio1.3
Cup width16.0
Cup depth35.0
Depth ratio2.2
Wire length33.0
Cup height23.5
Cup separation1.6
Gore height10.7
Wing height11.5
Strap width2.2
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Finally I'm reviewing this. I previously tried the 75K - Ewa Michalak » Sf Gładzioch Beż (849) and the cups felt too roomy and big for me, it wasn't as supportive. The band was also a bit big. So I decided to get another in 70K. This bra fits me quite well. The band is snug and tight (but not too tight) at the loosest hooks. The cups fit me well, there is no gaping. I really love how projected and round the shape is from the side and how narrow my boobs look from the front. They are not outside of my body like in some known east-west fitting bras. I even think that it makes me look smaller from the front, like I'm 2-3 kg less heavy. From the side it makes my boobs look a bit more round and full than some other bras. I think that 70K is the best size for me in this bra. Maybe a 75JJ would have been working too.

I love the color, it's perfect for my skin tone. Also the issues I had with the strap lenght are not so bad anymore. I still wear them on the loosest setting possible but they don't hurt me. I think it's because the band in this 70K is tighter and does more work than it did in the 75K and so the straps don't dig in as much. I still think that I could not do with any shorter straps in this bra. The wires usually don't hurt me too much which is a good thing. The only thing that could hurt a bit at the end of the day is the elastic edge on band, it does dig in quite a bit. The band itself is a stretchy lace and feels comfy but the elastic edge feels a bit tight.

The other "issue" I have is that the bra is a bit too open on top and the gore a bit too low to fully contain my boobs. Let me explain: so If I put on the bra everything is in place and If I don't run in this bra everything will stay in place but with wear my boobs move a bit more to the center and try to overflow the gore a bit. It does not look like real quadboob because there is the stretchy lace containing them. But the lace is very soft and stretchy and does not really hold my boobs too well. Also there is more "upper boob jigging" when I walk in this bra than in my very tall Bravissimo bras.

This bra is not owned any more

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  • 1

    This looks like a great fit to me!

    For the record I order 10cm longer straps in all my EM bras because they are just too short for me!

  • 1

    The SF style is a bit shorter than the BM, so if you want a bit more containment that style may suit you better. The BM also has more immediate projection which can be helpful with the fuller bust. That being said, the SF gives more support, so if you are jiggling more than you are comfortable with in it, the BM may not be the best as you most likely would jiggle more in it.

    It looks like a great fit!

  • 1

    MamaPagan She also has minimal wrinkling at the bottom of the cups which I thought was a standard with this bra! So good to see

  • 1

    This looks great! So good to see something that works really well.

    I can definitely understand with the upper-jiggle, but I've realised that, for me, if I get anything more rigid, it cuts in..I guess it's a mixture my soft boobs plus being full on top..

    But I can also understand how bravissimo would be more appealing when it comes to containing all the breast tissue.

  • 1

    brasaremean. Indeed! That was a signature aspect of the SF. 😄

  • 1

    That looks great 😀

  • Looks really good! I wish mine fit me this well. I get the standard wrinkling at the bottom of the cup.

  • I come from a family of big bosoms but without the well-fitting bras that I can see here sometimes. The ladies from my family would never wear something as basic as a T-shirt as they feel they look too frumpy, dumpy, and ill-defined. So, I love the T-shirt shot where the girls are looking svelte, defined, and you with a waist. Keep up the fine fitting!

  • MamaPagan I think I stick with this cut if I'm going to order from EM again. I don't think a bra in my size should be less supportive than the SF, for me at least, I need all the support I can get from a bra.

  • Frazzleberry Soft full on top boobs are just so difficult to fit! I think we just have to make compromises. Do you still wear your Bravissimo Nina bra? My Bravissimo bras all have more fabric on the cups and are quite a bit taller than the SF. I wondered how both bras fit me but the SF is deeper and more projected. I also think that is why there is more movement, the boobs are not as close to chest than with a more shallow, tall bra.

  • 1

    alisa Understandable. I love the SF style, but also adore the BM -but you'd get more jiggle in it I'm sure.

  • 2

    Love this bra on you. It looks great!! Really, really great. I love seeing seams and lace patterns through tshirts.
    These aren't meant for running, for that you need a sports bra. But I understand if you jiggle too much when mom is soft on top and she says its like having a bowl of jelly on her chest :/

  • I have worn the bra again and I have to say that besides the jiggling and some slight center spill, it fits well. The only Problem I get is that after some time of wearing I feel the straps cut into my arms a bit. The cups are just a tiny bit too tall there and the straps too separated.

  • For me the straps take a bit to soften up. A was or two and couple of wears

  • Ewa bras (like many brands) tend to have the straight side to the cup outer edge, so instead of curving around the arm from the armpit to the shoulder, it's like it trys to go through it, haha. It can get annoying, but if you can loosen the straps it helps.

  • I think the SF straps are set farther apart than the BM. It could just be it feels that way because of the extra fabric triangle. That part always hurts me and hasn’t ever softened.

  • I don't like that the BM usually gives a quite pointy shape. I prefer the SF round shape. On the other side I'm curious and I would like to try a BM one day, to find out if I might like it.

  • 1

    Interesting, the BM doesn't give me a pointy shape and the 60Ks are too tall for me. It's more of a natural shape, I guess you could say.

  • I really tried to figure out the difference between BM and SF. So far BM is a weaker bra also it has less seams at the cup than SF. But both bras feature stretchy lace on top. Why would I choose a BM over a SF, what are it's benefits?

  • 1

    Bms in general to me are more comfortable and give a subtly natural shape while still having good support.

  • 2

    A BM has more stretch, so it's more "forgiving" - it will accommodate slight size differences better. It is also a "softer" bra, less structured.It also comes in full lace, which SFs do not. I did a photo thing a while back comparing my shape in each of the Ewa styles...I'll have to look for it for you.
    I generally prefer the SF too. I cook for a living and spend my days lifting heavy boxes and twisting and turning and I REALLY love their support...but I like BMs under lightly sheer blouses and especially for evenings.

  • 2

    The base of the SF is lined with a stiffened fabric for additional support while the BM is not, so the support difference goes beyond the seam structure (which I feel is more for shaping than support.)

    The BM gives more of a natural (less rounded or lifted) appearance which some women prefer. It is also softer/ lighter and more airy feeling, with the straps being less of an irritant. While their placement is the same, since that outer strap wedge isn't stiffened on the BM, it doesn't bite the armpit as much as the SF does.

    The wires on the BM usually are more U shaped, while the SF tends to house the lazy J wires the slope outward. While I have gotten them both ways, this appears to be the standard for each style.

    The BM tends to have a higher gore than the SF as well, which affects the fit and comfort for some.

    The other difference between the BM and the SF is the sizing. The BM is slightly more roomy in the cups than the SF, making it a better choice for those who are between sizes with the SF, where one cup is just barely too small while the next cup up is too big. The same smaller cup in the BM would fit perfectly for the person, making it the ideal choice. This sizing conundrum would hold true in reverse as well, making the SF be a better fit for those inbetween in the BM style.

    While subtle, the differences are quite extensive!

  • 2

    The BMs are also a taller cup, so it actually might work out better for you since you need taller cups.

  • Thanks everyone!!! It is very helpful! I want to try a BM now. I don't mind a natural shape if it does not get too pointy or upside 7. I love U-shaped wires they fell more supportive and I also would not mind a taller gore.

    MamaPagan Ewa recommends to size down in BM compared to padded bras. I don't own any EM padded bras. I have this SF bra in 70K which is a good fit but I have almost some overspill (it could be a bit taller ) and the 75K that is too tall and there is some gaping at the straps. I also find the 70 band better. BM Wenecja is my fave but there is only 70JJ or 75JJ left (I try to take advantage of todays 20% off sale) means a 75JJ could possibly fit more like a 75K when a 70JJ more like a 70K? I mean compared to SF fit. I also saw that BM Antonina is available in my usual size 70K and that bra is very well loved here, it has lots of reviews. I'm not sure if I like the white lace on beige that much...

    AGBras is the whole bra made of a stretchy lace or only the top part? I get that the bras are usually lined with a thin beige colored fabric under the lace.

  • 1

    I would go with your SF size, which in this range will fit similarly but be slightly more spacious in the cucuin the BM (think no more than a quarter of a cup larger than the SF in the same size.) I personally wouldn't recommend sister sizing, as Ewa's sister sizing does not equal the same cup volume. (My 70JJ SF was smaller in the cup than my 65K SF, which was smaller in the cup than my 60KKs. Same held true with the other styles I tried in a 70 band first. 😬)

    The full lace BMs are not stretchy on the lower half since that portion is lined with a thinner no-stretch material.

  • 1

    *cucuin should have been cup in. Darn glitchy auto fill phone.....

  • 4

    Omg yes I remember our conversation in another adventure: no sister sizing in Ewa... it is not reliable!
    I got carried away with the sale. Options in my size were limited and pretty bras in sister sizes were tempting, but I resisted and only ordered BM Antonina in my usual EM size of 70K and nothing else!

  • 2

    Wise choice! I love Antonina. I'm wearing it today in fact. 😄 I hope you enjoy it as well.

  • Yeah I'm very excited to get a BM bra finally! Antonina looked the best ouf of the options available in my size. Also I liked how everyone said that it does not show much under tops despite the lace looking quite bulky on the pictures.

  • The Antonina lace is thin and smooth, and very beautiful. A soft white with cream/tan within it. Very nice.

  • Here is a close up of the lace/fabric:

  • I love Antonina too. But mine is too small...think I will order it in an S in my size and sell my 65FF BM. 🤔

  • 1

    The S version was beautiful as well. It has a white base instead of tan if I recall correctly.....While it wasn't a mass release, it was made in a few select sizes.

  • 1

  • I can't wait for my BM. I hope it will be more comfortable than the SF. Honestly, there are days when I love my SF glad and days where it hurts me so bad… :(

    A few days ago it was the only bra that I had left to wear, but my PMS boobs where almost bursting out of the bra and it was a bit much with the movement. I had to wear a nude ahh bra and a loose fitting top over it to feel comfortable. (Note to myself… don't wear the SF with my "balloon boobs" as I call them)…

    today I wear the bra again and the wires hurt me so bad and the straps cut into my arms and shoulders. The whole bra feels less supportive today. I don't know if it's because my boobs are too tall for the bra and I don't get proper support???

  • The straps on the SF are a killer to me. That stiff triangle piece + extra wide set straps just rub my tail of spence raw. The only thing you can do is hope that washing it a few more times will soften it. Did you wear something with the same shape wires 2+ days in a row? That's all I can think of on the wires.

  • Sovavosi you mean another bra with similar wires?

  • Yesterday I wore the 32JJ - Bravissimo » Lulu Bra (LN581) it felt okay.

  • 1

    I have the same issues for every style bra: there are good days and bad days for all of them. I think it's just part of life unfortunately. Hormone fluctuations are not bra friendly for sure.

    When wearing wires that sit in the same place a few days in a row can cause wire sensitivity. That's why it's a good idea to have a style rotation to allow the pressure points to heal between wears.

    For me, it is always worse if I am having an extra "slouchy" day, where I am basically forcing those wires into my rib cage. 😖

  • 3

    BM Antonina arrived and it is awesome! And... the size fits! I think I even like it more than the SF. Okay I need to wear it for a few full days yet before I say something like that but so far it looks and feels great. Thanks to everyone who talked me into it / recommended it to me <3

  • 1

    I wore the bra a few times over the last few weeks without any problems. No wire pain… Maybe it just depends on what I do and how I feel in general on that day. Also I have now more bras to rotate and that might make a difference. So each bra "hurts" in another place and it doesn't add up so much at the same spot like if I wear only the same 2-3 bras all the time.

  • 1

    More in rotation does make a difference for sure. Glad it is painfree!

  • 1


    Until now, I did not notice that scary underneath photo à la dbmamaz !! ;)

    But this bra tacks properly, right? Good.

  • 2

    haha dfe98we , thats my legacy!

  • 2

    I think with big boobs these underneath pics are the best way to show if the wire lies flat and if these is wrinkling in the bottom of the cup.

    dbmamaz thanks for starting this trend :D

  • alisa it is a good trend fot that reason, even though a bit scary! 😆

  • alisa it is a good trend fot that reason, even though a bit scary! 😆

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