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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band85.0
Band Length66.0
Stretch ratio1.3
Cup width15.5
Cup depth38.0
Depth ratio2.5
Wire length34.0
Cup height27.0
Cup separation1.5
Gore height11.0
Wing height12.5
Strap width2.2
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First try with the SF bra for me. I really like the quality of the bra! The material is amazing, super soft and silky. The wires are super narrow!The straps are wide which is a plus. I expected it to be different, more like a padded bottom half and a flimsy top half but I got confused that it said it's a half padded bra on the website.

When I put it on for the first time, I was shocked because it fits so well! I mean no quadboob and also not obviously being too big in cup. Band also fitted just like it should. The wires are not too wide for once! The cups are really tall on this style but I think it's necessary to the boobs are fully supported despite the stretchy lace part. Also I do really like how deep the cups are and the space at the gore is just right (usually bras are too shallow there).

6 years in bra fitting thought me that bras can be mean and more than I few times I removed tags on a bra that fitted when trying on, only to find out it does not work when wearing it for a full day. So I decided to wear the bra for a few hours around the house. The more I walked around the more I felt the band riding up at the middle of my back where the straps meet the bra. I could not understand that because that band should fit me according to measurements. I felt the weight on my shoulders and straps were cutting in and leaving red marks. Then I decided to close it on second set of hooks and too loosen the straps a lot. It helped some but I removed the bra then.

Today I put the bra on quickly and made the straps as loose as possible. I still only can fit 2 fingers under them and not a full hand (I know this is done to check if a band is too big but I can apply this to straps too, they should not be too tight). I think it's super weird because it's almost like the straps don't adjust long enough. I can't remember ever having that issue with a bra? I wonder if I overcompensate something weird in the fit when loosing the straps so much? Or are these straps just really short? I need to compare to my other bras and edit here later. On the other side there wasn't more gaping in the cups when I loosened the straps so I did not overcompensate a too small cup by loosing the straps. I go on about this issue because I don't understand it. I wonder If I should try a 70K...

This bra is not owned any more

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    In my experience, sister sizing down from 70G to 65GG meant a snugger cup (it's about half a cup smaller than my 70G basically). Keep in mind EM sister sizing is whack. MamaPagan and Sovavosi could probably help when it comes to K+ cup.
    My 70G bands measure to about 80-83cm just for the record. Many disagree with me, but I think EM bands stretch out really fast when weighed down by the big bust. I wore a 32FF when I first tried her 70 band and it was loose within a week. When I got to 32G it was ridiculous, the support was lacking because of the band. Now I'm more a 30GG and the 65 bands sometimes still ride up (depending on the day heh).

    I personally had to order adjusted straps--I have about 10cm added to them for extra 20pln (and those bras are non returnable just so you know). The standard ones were just too short for me and were giving me *severe* neck and shoulder pain.

    Honestly, I think this is a really good first try for an Ewa Michalak bra! I went through about four-five sizes till I found what works for me. You seem to only need a slight adjustment.

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    If the straps aren't long enough, that can cause the band to ride up as well. With the straps off, does the band feel supportive?

    You stated you wonder if you should try a 70K which would indicate sizing down in the cup as well asin the band. Do you think the cups are too large? If that is the case, it would also make the band feel looser and less supportive. I would suggest trying a 75JJ before trying the 70K if that is the case.

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    Another issue with the J+ cups is they automatically make the band longer. I don’t know if it’s the case across all band sizes but it is for 60 bands. If you tried a 70 there is no guarantee that it will actually only stretch to 32”.

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    Since you don't have a past history of problems with strap length, and since your measurements and the bra's measurements are consistent with the scenario of a band that is still too loose, I think you can probably be reasonably confident that the strap strain is due to lack of band support. I agree you can also size down 1 volume to given the slight but noticeable looseness of the upper cup and high coverage (when this is not designed to be anthing close to a full cup).

  • Everyone has good information here. I think that it’s a great looking bra and pretty good fit for the first try.

  • Thank you everyone for your comments :) I will have to take some time again with the bra … also try it on without the straps on and all. I noticed that the band stretches quickly, I can close it on a tighter setting already just wearing it few hours. Oh... I hope I can still return it... :S

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    To me, everything looks fine (shape wise) except the cups look too big, not giving you the compression you need, so your breasts are forcing the bra downward. I would try a 70K. Once the cup and the band is reduced, the gore should sit a little better and all that extra bagginess on the sides should dissipate.

    SF is in no way lightly padded. I consider the fabric to be stabilized, which is what I refer the SF to (stabilized fabric). I'm not sure if translating it for Ewa was an issue for them or what.

    If the straps are your biggest issue, I would also see if you could get a 70K and ask for the straps to be longer so that you can adjust them.

  • brasaremean what I noticed in comparison to other bra straps, the EM straps don't have much stretch in them. I was able to shorten my straps very much on my too big bravissimo bras and it was still "bearable". On this SF bra, I had to loose them and they still felt tight. I'm not sure if I need longer straps, I can still fit easily 2 fingers under my straps, I think my boob weight makes them cut in so badly.

  • MamaPagan I added a few pictures of what the bra does when I have the straps off: and and another picture of what happens when I pull up the straps.

    I'm not sure if this is how a EM bra shoud fit without the straps on? In my experience (with UK brands) a band and cup construction should do more than that even with the straps off? I begin to think that my boobs are just too heavy for this bra construction.

    The reason why I thougt about the 70K is that I think I am between the 2 band sizes and since the EM bands are know to stretch out really fast, I would wear the 70 band with an extender first to break it in and would get more wear out of the bra than on a 75 band that might stretch out very quickly. On the other side there is the problem with sister sizing and that 70K could run more than just 1 cup smaller than a 75K which could be too small again. I can close this 75 band on the tightest setting without any problems already.

  • Sovavosi My current underbust measurements are 29-31-33 Inch so I think I'm between a tts 32 and 34 band? So I would not mind a 32 band stretch to 33'' but a 34 band should not stretch to 36'' or it will be too big.

  • How much does that one stretch right now? I have had one 60K stretch to 27” and the rest are 29+”. If the 70 and 75 are like that I’d go with the smaller band size.

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    Alisa, I have sister sized from a 70JJ to a 65K to 60KK with the SF and with each drop down, the cup was larger not smaller. While I know others have experienced otherwise, from my experience, yes, sister sizing does not equal the same cup volume, but it is opposite of what your fear is. DerangedDragons19 and I have discussed the possibility of the reason being that Ewa does a smaller jump in cup volume between the single to double letters, but a larger jump between the double to the next single letter. So there’s a small volume increase between a J to JJ and between K to KK but a larger jump between JJ to K and KK to L. This is most likely why the sister sizing is off, as with every other sister size it would be the opposite single vs. double letter situation. There is also a consistent rouge bra situation occurring, meaning that we are regularly seeing bras that do not follow the normal rules, so some are taller, wider, more spacious, shallower, shorter, etc than they should be in cup, wire, and/or band. This does make it more difficult to figure out if the bra you are trying is a rouge or the standard. I can only say what I have experienced based on what I have tried personally. (74 Ewa bras in 60-70 bands and J-L cup range with 8 more in transit.) This by no means makes me an expert, but it does mean I’ve tried enough to know when I receive a rouge bra within that range.

    Also, my experience has been that the band does not stretch out at all, but I may be an exception to the norm, as I have over 3 weeks worth of bras in rotation and my underbust measures for below a 26 band and I wear a 28 (60) so my bands don’t see that much band tension. That being said, Ewa does go in cycles of “tight” and “loose” bands, so how far the band will stretch varies depending on the current cycle. Since I started buying Ewa bras 2 years ago, I’ve seen TTS to runs large, back to TTS and then runs large again. While the type of material being used on the band is a factor in the band tension, there also are variants within the unstretched measurement so it’s not just a material variation occurring. (That being said, Ewa does use at least two different types of Power mesh to line the bands, as well as the lace lined versions.)

    Looking at the photos you linked, my first impression is that this shows the cups are too large. Your band looks like it is supporting well, but the cups are not doing their part in the job. Ewa bras are supposed to give a more rounded mound look*, especially with pendulous breasts, so their design is intended to lift and project. When the cups are too big the cups will droop like you see with the straps off instead of lift and support in unison with the band. As a result, since the cups are not being filled as intended, it will not offer the wire resistance against the band, and result in the band feeling less supportive and looser than it really is (with the correct cup volume.) (*This of course doesn’t apply to those who don’t have Ewa’s targeted breast shape mind you.)

    I still feel the 75JJ would be a better choice than a 70K, but you need to go with what you feel will work better for you both now and in the future. You know your body better than anyone, and only you know what the bra feels like on, so trust your body and trust your instincts.

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    i agree teh cups look too big. i have a 75JJ i was thinking of sending her but iir that band was loose on me, too, so i'm sort of hesitant. i also noticed I still have my 32JJ floris! Hesitant because international shipping charges and still hoping i'll lose weight here lol

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    alisa the slump you see is due to the combined effect of the cups being 1 size too large and the band also being a hair loose. That is also the reason your straps are carrying inappropriate amounts of weight. I would not be concerned about the structure of the bra being robust enough--there are bloggers with significantly heavier busts who get really good support in EMs, even ones which are lower-coverage than this, so don't worry! As saltyblackbroad said upthread you will find everything improves in fit when you have a little more tension around the torso/chest because that is how we get support from a bra.
    As you have consistently found all 34s to become too loose on you recently whenever you had worn a new bra a few times, I think going down to 70 makes sense. If you had breasts in the 32-34E-G range it would be a different story but with your ribcage size + the bust weight that your bras need to support, a firmer band is a reasonable choice.

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    I tried the bra on again today with my PMS boobs and it feels more supportive now I fill out the cups better.

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    alisa good! I think this shows that with the right sizing, the physics involved mean that the bra design will work as intended and will provide support.

  • dbmamaz On another adventure you told me you were quite busy so I don't want to stress you, but if you still have your 75JJ SF and want to part with it, I'm interested. At least if shipping does not cost an arm and a leg :S.

  • wendybien yes it makes a big difference in fit, the band does also feel less large than before. I still have the straps on the loosest setting but that's how they fit me the best.

    Actually the bra is saving my day so far! My boobs are in full PMS mode. I tried to wear my too big 34K Luxe Heart, it's roomy in the cups but the band rides up and it gave me massive neck pain at the end of the day. Today I tried Panache Tango but I couldn't stand it for 1 minute, then I tried Ariza… It tried to kill me, because that bra is so shallow it's supportive but also caused pain in my chest and I had trouble breathing.

    I need to wear a bra, or my neck kills me. I need a deep bra for my PMS boobs that does not compress too much, so I took out my SF again and … oh the comfort :) Now I consider keeping it as my comfy PMS bra…

  • Sovavosi I measured the band again, and it stretches to 85cm / 33.4 Inch right now. But keep in mind I only stretch the band carefully on a new bra for the measurements.

  • Everything went well until mid-afternoon the neck pain came back again with a vengeance. Support declined over the day. Oh my… I shouldn't have … but I have no better options :/ tomorrow I have a full day to go through, no decent bra… :( :( :(

  • i still have that FB - the band was a bit loose, but we can try it. I also still have a few 32JJ jasmines - ugg, i really want to go look and see what i have but i lost track today. send me a message?

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On Mar 2019 View measurements

Straps adjustment:
Straps don't adjust long enough
Top of the cup:
Wrinkles, can't quite fill it
Band fit:
The back of the bra is not at the same level as the front (rides up)

On Feb 2019 View measurements

Straps adjustment:
Straps don't adjust long enough
Top of the cup:
Wrinkles, can't quite fill it
Band fit:
The back of the bra is not at the same level as the front (rides up)

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