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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band82.0
Band Length70.0
Stretch ratio1.2
Cup width18.0
Cup depth36.0
Depth ratio2.0
Wire length36.0
Cup height28.5
Cup separation2.0
Gore height11.0
Wing height12.0
Strap width2.3
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My first ever Fantasie bra! Why did I avoid this brand for so long? I was under the impression that the bras are similar to Freya not very stable constructions and not supportive enough in large cup sizes.

The Camilla bra however is actually quite good! It also looks and feels very high quality. I love the wide shoulder straps, they are amazing. If only all bras in my size range had those! The bra is a 4 - part cup construction with a side support panel. The construction and look of the bra reminds me very much of my beloved Bravissimo English Rose bra.

The top section of the cups is not very stretchy but the edge of the cup is stretchy. Since the cups come up very tall, it does cover all my breast tissue and doesn't cut in. The wires are average for an UK bra, not very narrow and not extremely wide. The wires are sturdy but not as hard as on a Panache bra. The bra felt supportive and comfortable for the short time I was wearing it.

I don't know how it would hold up for a full day of wear. I also find the band a bit on the stretchier side for a 32 band. The bra is really a full coverage bra, I would call it a full cup bra with side support. I feel that the cups come a bit high under my arms and on the front, I think that with wear I could feel the shoulder straps cuttin into my arms.

I love the fabric on this bra, it's very soft smooth and silky feeling. The lace on the upper part of the cup is not itchy. I also really like the colors and the print. The turquoise blue / green color is amazing. I'm really impressed by the quality and want to try more bras of this brand!

This bra is not owned any more

Updated on Jul 28, 2019 Flag this

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  • So so so pretty!!! I find Fantasie bands stretchy too...but their prints are so lovely. Yayyy for the bra win.

  • 1

    I'm not gonna keep it I think :/ I'm sad letting it go but I ordered it from Zalando because they offer free / shipping and return and it is full retail price. I know older models of Fantasie are for 1/3 of this price on eBay so I'm gonna wait until it goes on sale.

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    Good move!! I do these things ALL the time

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    Yes my 2 favorite brands EM and Bravissimo never do really big discounts so I try to save on other brands as much as possible. I'm also not sure how supportive it will be for full day of wear. I used to have a few Freya bras back in the day and I always found them lacking in support.

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    Wow! Love that color and pattern on you. Beautiful and eye catching. I totally understand when you don’t want to pay full price. +1 for eBay shopping. Buy at a discount, and roll the savings over into more bras. :)

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    Fantasie was my go to brand for many years. Honestly, if my size hadn't changed (which lead me to Polish brands), I would still be wearing them faithfully. They really are a great brand!

  • 2

    I’ve been loving this bra since I saw it- the print is so me. Man I wish it came in a size that worked for me!

  • MamaPagan I'm really impressed with this bra, I thought that the Fantasie bras are as "weak" as Freya therefore I avoided them. But they are better (or have gotten better over the years?) I found a few on eBay for under 20£, I want to try more. I only look for the side support bra I think the cut has been the same over the years. I would avoid the traditional full cup like Belle because the shape reminds me of the Panache Tango.

  • The shoulder straps are so nice on this bra. I love how they have the thicker straps on the bigger cup sizes.

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    All my Fantasie bras were side support as well, so I can relate to that. Ten years of wearing them, never noticed a change in manufacturing of the style! The only reason I stopped wearing them was due to weight loss putting me below their band threshold and an increase in cup size.

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    MamaPagan thanks :) I think I'm gonna try some random Freya and Fantasie bras from eBay, they are too cheap to pass up. Too bad they don't go up to a K-cup.

  • 1

    You can find the latest catalogs for both Fantasie and Freya here:

    While both brands offer up to a K cup, the models are limited, so knowing which model names to search for helps, making the catalogs super helpful!

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    > I wish it came in a size that worked for me!

    Yes, I feel the same way... sized out for now. :\

  • 1

    MamaPagan Thanks! So many pretty bras. I really love some of their styles, I need some prints in my bra wardrobe! Some randomly stop at HH-cup instead of J. I wonder why?

  • Honestly I can only speculate as to why, but I do have my theories. 😄 It could be due to the styles-as they don't feel certain styles will be supportive enough for a cup over the HH marker. It could be due to lack of demand in the higher cup ranges, making them limit their expenses by only offering a few select models each season. It could be that they simply don't think there is a need for such sizes, as if the J+ cups are rare (or rarer than they really are.)

  • Yeah but why stop only 1 size before J? Like can you not do just that one size?! I get when they stop at G or H when a bra isn't supportive enough for bigger sizes.

  • alisa then they do J and those who wear K ask, "why can't they just go one more size?" I guess they draw a line where they do for a reason, whether that be construction, sales, etc.

  • Yes true … I used to be that person when I wore 32K. I should be am happy with the options I have now at my size. I mean there could be more but on the other side I cannot buy all the bras anyway.

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    Both Fantasie and Freya do to a K cup, it is just not all inclusive. Nothing above a J in a 28 band for Freya (Fantasie doesn't even do a 28 band) but a 30 band goes to a K for both, so stopping at the HH marker on some doesn't seem so odd when factoring in the additional 3 cups. Why they only offer 1-2 in the K each season (if any at all) is the head scratcher and what leads me to my assumptions/speculations noted above. :-/

  • Also I think that their main customer base is not the above J-cup crowd. So they don't offer much and otherwise it also does not attract many new customers since if there is only 1-2 models available in that size… if those don't work, you write off the brand.
    When I was a 34L I went to Bravissimo and just searched for my size. They had like 4-5 options. So I just bought another of my fave cut (Urban Rose / Darcy) when I needed a new bra. I also noticed that they sold out so quickly in all sizes above K! 34L usually was gone so fast... I never got one on sale, some sold out within 1-2 months. So I think they don't stock so many of these sizes. They know their customer base that well and stock accordingly. Could be the same with Fantasie.

  • Very possible, or they create their customer base by limiting their offerings. :-/ I requested expanded sizes a few times from them and received the general reply email "Thank You for your interest, we will consider your requests/suggestions for the future" form reply.

    By limiting their offerings, they lessen the risk of loss/discounted sales.

    Yet since Fantasie doesn't sell to customers direct, they will only make what their retail suppliers are willing to stock, regardless of what their customer's want, need, or wear.....

  • I also think that the customer base is created by the offerings. I never thought about Fantasie for years because I knew that most of their bras stop at H or J cup. The few models that come up to K-cup did never get popular and there are hardly any positive reviews here on Btb, so they did not sell too well.

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