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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band77.5
Band Length60.0
Stretch ratio1.3
Cup width15.0
Cup depth24.5
Depth ratio1.6
Wire length23.5
Cup height17.0
Cup separation1.5
Gore height7.5
Wing height9.0
Strap width2.0
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I don't know where to start, this is such a bra win - Happy2BraShop, I think you gave me some of your bra shopping magic with your comment last Saturday on your cross back bra!

I'm FOB, projected, I have some soft tissue (so I will "fill up" whatever cup shape it is - to an extent. I'm not totally fighting against every cup shape, if that makes sense), I have narrow roots, but when I gain weight, it's like I get fat *all around my boobs* on top, and on the side. (Tbh, I notice it particularly on top. like I almost have tall roots, but I don't) Which makes me have to go up in cup size obviously.

I'm close-set and that limits the styles I can try. The gore on this bra looks like it pushes my left breast (larger breast) a little, but I'm okay with it. I actually don't feel uncomfortable at all.

I also don't like a hard underwire, but I find Polish bras to have softer wires, and I've also found styles that accommodate my close-set breasts in Polish bras. Plus, I really love the design creativity in the Polish brands.

Okay, I actually do notice a big difference with the cross back, as far as comfort level. That being said I also have an upper body injury right now, so maybe for a normal person, it wouldn't matter as far as strap placement. But this strap placement really helps my shoulder issue, and I'm thinking of trying to alter my Pearl Flower Mint Plunge Bra (390) bra so it's like this.

Anyway, such a bra win. I literally want to order 2 more of these, because it was only $30 usd (& shipping) on sale.

This is something to consider in the profile though - it is a bit more pointy than my other padded plunges. I surmise it's because of the cross-back strap placement. I am so comfy though, I do not care!

If a person was just trying to get in to Comexim would I recommend this style? well, it's just basically the same as their other padded plunge; the cup is being pulled from a slightly different angle with the cross-back, and I do think it creates a bit more gaping on my smaller side. Not enough to be a deal breaker though.

Of note: you can still wear this bra the regular way. The straps are removable on both ends. You could even wear this as a strapless bra: that wouldn't work for me...well, it would depend on the outfit. If I just wanted nipple concealment, a thin padded layer, and the top or dress was form fitted enough to my body, I surmise this would work. It would totally depend on the outfit though.

As far as colours, I was hesitant to order b/c black and red aren't really my colour. However, I actually find this bra to be SO SLIMMING!! and that's another reason why I consider it a bra win. I'm kind of a fan of darker bras now. I surmise it's a combination of the black colour and the direction of the stripes?? Idk. I find it to be flattering.

Overall, 10/10/10 for beauty/comfort/function! For $30usd, who could beat it? Plus, you're buying from a women-owned company. I got this from, but if your in the US/Canada, you can get some styles on

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    I considered getting this bra, this review is really helpful! Did you get any alternations on it? I want to try another Comexim but I would need alterations so I haven't taken the time to figure that out yet.

  • 2

    Heck yeah, bra win! Gotta love it. Wonder if this is something you can ask them to do to future bras you order? That would be a really cool option.

  • WildWolff , I have not requested any alterations from Comexim yet. With this style - I would not need to request "straps moved it" because the straps are already crossed like this. But I know that's a common alteration request, and I'm kind of curious how it would affect the fit on my other Comexim plunges (if that makes sense. lol).

    Happy2BraShop , yes! I was thinking the same thing...that possibly I could request this strap placement on some of their other bras.

    If I was going to wear a bra *just* as a cross back, I would prefer it to be attached in the back, and just removable in the front (so I didn't have to struggle to get the bra on awkwardly, lol) As they are in this style - which I had no idea this bra came this way - the straps are totally removable.

    which is fine, but sometimes when I'm putting on the bra on, I have to be careful not to accidentally swing the straps off. I have to dress/adjust carefully!

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    WildWolff , this wasn't colours that I normally go for, but I'm okay with it - it's very slimming!

  • 1

    BraOdyssey I like that the straps are adjustable and come off. Even if it wouldn't work as a strapless it might be nice to use different colored or clear straps for different outfits. I haven't gotten any alterations from Comexim but I need a super low gore so I'm considering it. I usually move straps it on my own but I wouldn't do more complex alterations, I don't trust myself

  • 1

    you should totally try some alterations with Comexim then! It sounds like you already know what to request/what alterations will work for you!

  • 1

    BraOdyssey I've recently been dealing with some tissue migration/growth so I'm waiting for that to stop before I order new bras. Then I'll have to figure out my Comexim size again and then I'll order. I'll need to find someone with experience ordering a lowered gore because I need it to be very low. I have no tissue separation at all. And soft tissue so my boobs both need and hate plunge bras lol

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    I feel like Comexim plunge bras in my size are not really *that plungey* tbh...but I think in the larger cup sizes they get to be "more plungey" least that's what I've read.
    This gore is totally doable for me, but before I started wearing Polish bras, I was wearing Victoria's secret bras, and those are all low gore.

  • 1

    BraOdyssey I've tried several of the plunges and they're not that plungey. The first one I got was from braswap and I thought that I must have just misread the post or it was listed wrong because the gore was so high. But then I realized it's common for comexim plunges. I was also wearing VS for years before I found polish bras. I didn't even realize I was so close set until this year. And all the prettiest bras I see and want always have the highest gores!

  • 1

    That bra fits so well on you, I'm kinda jealous! Its such a lovely pattern and the straps being removable and repositionable is great, makes it very versatile. I'm so glad you found yourself such a great bra fit! And the price makes it even sweeter.

    I wish I had that much space between my boobs for the wires to fit like that (instead of being close, then splaying, they stay the same closeness their full height). The Polish bras I've tried really can't be called plunges with how high the gore is in the cup size I'd need for my short roots/high set boobs. I so miss being smaller when the gores weren't higher than 2", most closer to 1". I wish that the weight gain had given me a longer torso, but no that's not how that work is it? Just shoved it all into forward projection as if I didn't have enough already.

    The straps being crossed over changing the cup shape to be a bit pointier (I guess maybe a bit more projected?) is interesting to me as perhaps I could do that to bras I get just to sneak a bit more projection in. I need more of the volume closer to the middle as it is, so I suppose having the straps angled differently helps "move" the cup volume a little too. Hmmm.... that's got me thinking now! So thanks for sharing that detail.

  • 1

    Yay another Comexim win! Looks great on you! And the versatility with the straps is a plus for sure.

  • 1

    WildWolff , yes, I don't consider this to be plungey on me at all - particularly if you look at this style, it looks like a normal gore, imo. (sorry, I got distracted by new posts and didn't

    One person you could maybe contact regarding Comexim alteration is Erica, the former manager from Sophisticated Pair. (side note: she's starting a new chapter in her life, and this is her new blog new-blog/) I'm not sure if she still uses her old email though.

    She has several Comexim reviews and several videos on Comexim alterations. Interesting fact: she says that she can actually wear all 3 types of Comexim gore, raised gore, lowered gore, and normal.

    I think I will just stick with normal gore, but it's interesting some people can wear all three.

    So, I think this Arizona review, size 75K definitley looks more plungey on this lady than on me.

    Idk, if I answered you question/comment, lol, or if that was just a fun ramble...haha.

  • AlexaFaie , hmm, that's interesting.

    Did you know that Comexim does a lowered gore alteration, or do you think that would still not work for you? If you didn't want padded, they have some unpadded plunges (like Bianca, Karen,, and I can't tell if this one is an unpadded plunge or an unpadded 3HC

    Erica, former Sophisticated Pair boutique owner has done Youtube videos on all of the Comexim alterations

    I'm actually wearing this bra r.n. as a strapless bra with a tank top because we are having a HEAT WAVE!! I'm sure not if a lowered gore would work with this style though.

    Hope that helps!!

    margesimpson, yes, thank u for the compliment!!

  • 2

    BraOdyssey Yeah, not sure how much they'll lower it by (ideally the gore wouldn't be much more than an inch total) but I've been holding off on trying an alteration since my last order went so poorly (ordered 4 sizes to check what cup/band I'd need with them & they refused to make them all, said to pick 2 sizes max & then they only actually sent one, only refunded me for 2 after several, months of chasing them). If I were to try them again my size has changed enough I'd need to try a few on again & doubt they'd do that if they refused before. I'm always in between cups & bands so always have to try several now (I so miss when I could just pick up a 32C in any plunge from any company & be fine). Doesn't help that the size chart only seems to go up to a 106cm bust in the band I think I'm most likely to need & mine measure about 116cm at the moment. So I can't find the cup in any of the drop downs suggesting even the unaltered would be a nuisance to order.

  • 1

    AlexaFaie , yes, this process takes quite a while sometimes (trying to find ABTF!)

  • 2

    BraOdyssey thanks for the suggestions, I recently started following bloggers thanks to the posts here about good blogs and people to follow. I like reading up on bra material these days. I will probably order Comexim with alterations at some point because right now the only bra that fits is Ewa Michalak PL style and it's not the best with soft tissue. And I want more variety than one style. Until then I'm overlapping and altering gores on my existing bras, which is an adventure on it's own!

  • WildWolff , this ebay store has some EM's for sale it's mostly uncommon sizes r.n. though.

    Since the seller is located in San Antonio, TX, I believe it is this store (Aphrodite's Closet)

    side note: I'm always slightly annoyed when I look this up because there is another "Aphrodite's Closet" which appears first - I think it's women's clothes or jewelry, lol.

  • 1

    BraOdyssey I've ordered from Tina before on ebay. I have notifications set up for Ewa Michalak on many apps/websites and check places regularly. It's not that I can't find them, I just want to branch out more and find something that fits from other brands and in other styles/colors. I wish polish brands offered more styles in a low gore because everything else is usually perfect for me. But Comexim I can order with alterations and they have pretty colors so it's on my list!

  • 2

    WildWolff , have you read this blog

    I just discovered her blog today! her bra blog is next level...

  • 1

    I haven't, but I will read it now! I looked at it briefly and there's so really good content. Thanks for sharing the link.

  • no worries!

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On Jul 2021 It fit her! View measurements

really comfortable!! a little bit of gaping in the cup on my smaller side (right side) which I think is made more evident b/c of the cross back strap placement

On Jul 2021 It fit her! View measurements

really comfortable!! a little bit of gaping in the cup on my smaller side (right side) which I think is made more evident b/c of the cross back strap placement

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