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Stretch ratio0.0
Cup width0.0
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Wire length0.0
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I got this on Thursday as well, but I was tired and didn’t add it. I think my is also a bit brownish brasaremean! It’s a stunning bra, and I definitely like the Bm cut for when I need to appear smaller. It is really comfy, and feels like it’s not there. The one downside is that it doesn’t feel as secure, but I was expecting that. All in all - extremely satisfied with it.

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  • Ah! Weird, right? That some got black and some of us got brown! So odd.

  • I would love one with brown instead of black. I love Earthy tones!! I am so jealous of you two.
    Mine had the same coverage as normal which is much lower than yours for sure. I thought most of them that I've seen did?

    I would actually suggest trying a cup size down, as this one looks great on you but does look a bit too big to me. Based on what you stated in the review and how it looks, I am confident that you would be happier with the fit in a 60JJ, as it would provide less coverage and a much more secure feeling for sure. But if you are happy with the fit and feel at this size, by all means, it's great and doable. :-D

    Can't wait to see the measurements added!! (Please please please & the other new ones too!! :-) )

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    I definitely agree with cup size down now that I see pics.
    Maybe you can ask about the brown one, MamaPagan ?

  • I did ask brasaremean. Kaska said it wasn't an option. :-( You two just got the right seamstress who snuck it in! I shall live vicariously in envy through you two. I can't get all the good ones though, right? It's only fair that some slip by!

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    That is so weird!

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    I ordered la Gloria from Forever Yours and I'm the opposite of you, MamaPagan - I'm praying its NOT with brown lol

    I ordered it in 65F after reading to cup size down.

    I also ordered 70E for my Mom in this style as well as 2 sizes in Oksana.

    This is an "adventure" I'll be sure to log during Christmas week when she arrives.

    That woman measures 29" under bust but INSISTS she needs a 34 band. She says she gets bulges when she tries a 32. I'm convinced she's wearing bras with super narrow bands and too-low wings. We shall see...

    I ordered her 32's in the EMs and wont let her see the tags lol

    Whether we keep them or not, I'll photo and measure them all for the database.

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    If you ordered from Forever Yours I don't think they will be brown.

    I wanted to order the matching Panties but now I'm scared they will be black lol

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    brasaremean You'll just have to send Kaska an email with a photo of your bra and say, "my panties must match my bra please. Somewhere in your shop there's a seamstress who used brown trim on my La Gloria bra. Ask her to sew my knickers!" Lol

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    That's not a bad idea AprilGoulding!
    @brasaremean I wouldn't word it exactly like that, but maybe ask what seamstress did your bra and specifically request she make the panties maybe? Wouldn't want to get her in trouble for deviating from the standard.

    When I asked Kaska, it was one of those "would it be possible to get La Gloria with brown instead of black base and trim, for a woodsy/earth tone bra?" She said no, it's not available. (No brown base may be the key to my no though, as she did state Kawa for example had a black base not brown.) I also had asked about the reverse, with Kawa having a green base like Zielony, and Fioletowy with a green base, & Zielony with purple instead of black lace. No to all those as well. (No green base firm enough is available for unlined bras, green with purple overlay would look dull.....wait....what? I love those colors together!!!) I think I often test the Ewa customization boundries! :-D

    I eagerly await your holiday adventure AprilGoulding : -) I hope everything fits perfectly all around!

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    That's pretty funny there's a seamstress out there sneaking in brown base into a black base bra. Lol

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    MamaPagan brasaremean - oh my, yes. I do see how my wording might get someone in trouble :/

    The Newfie in me is loud and proud in it - we use colloquial speech that's often interpreted as abrupt or rude, when really not meant to be ;)

    @mamapagen I love green with purple too. It's kinda mermaid-ish :)

    @mamapagen Could you tell me, please, how the Wersal sizes compared to La Gloria? I am pretty certain you have them both...

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    I'm always looking out for the little guy and even if it wouldn't be an issue, I just figure if I was told no but it's been done, someone might get dinged for doing it which we don't want, especially when we like the changes being done!! :-)

    Mermaid colors, yes!! Add the right shade of blue into the mix and we'd be set! (Like Wersal-that shade would blend beautifully with the purple and green!!)

    I think Wersal fits pretty comparable to La Gloria, except it only has 3 hooksets instead of the standard 4 on most Ewa bras. Cup wise, thry are the same though.

  • MamaPagan brasaremean I know that I could go down a cup size, but considering that I’m at my lowest point right now (there’s about a cup size difference between lowest and biggest), and still growing, I don’t want a bra that will only last me a month. (Funny thing - I could barely get my hand in the cup to scoop and swoop, so I took the photos half scoop. I realized it after taking the bra off, and seeing the wire markings out of my IMF)

  • You know your body better than we do, so indeed, follow your instincts. :-)

  • MamaPagan Thanks for the suggestion tho!

  • You're welcome : -)

  • For some reason I cannot see the pictures with this review. Does anyone know why that is happening?

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    She didn't link the photos to her review. You have to go to the size page, and then the photos are there.

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    MamaPagan I’ll measure all my bras ASAP, but I finally uploaded the pictures for my Kleks. (I was much more scooped in, so that’s nice)

  • Thanks _booknerd_ I look forward to the measurements :-)
    Yep, that one looks like a better fit. With the stretch lace on top, the BM is quite expandable though, so if you do find the extra coverage and wide set straps to be bothersome, you could consider a size down. Even at high time it should fit. My breasts vary by more than a cup and the 60KKs still work well at both high and low tide for me, with a few exceptions that run smaller.

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