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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band0.0
Band Length54.5
Stretch ratio0.0
Cup width15.8
Cup depth38.0
Depth ratio2.4
Wire length34.0
Cup height21.0
Cup separation1.4
Gore height12.0
Wing height12.5
Strap width2.3
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This bra is really fun! Light pink isn’t a part of the color scheme that I regularly wear, but this one looked really good and flirty when I put it on. This bra one checks all the fitting boxes, but I would like to note that the cups seem taller than my Oksana. Also, I get quadboob if I use the pads with my regular strap length, but if I make them longer it goes away. (My straps are usually fairly tight, with me being really high set and 5’5”)

Updated on Dec 01, 2018 Flag this

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  • hmm..these measurements have me thinking I may be able to try something in this style..That note about the quadding is making me wonder though. Does it still quad without the pads?

    side note: yes, on the stock photos this does seem like a cute bra. Also I completely understand tightening the straps. I'm around 5ft and generally have to tighten my straps to around juuust behind the top of my shoulders, they're not digging in though, so it's all good.

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    Frazzleberry Nope, it doesn’t quad without the pads. You could try the CHP cut, since it is really open on top.(+ good immediate projection) MamaPagan also wears the CHP cut in 60K, so you might be able to wear it.

    Side note: The straps are really wide set, (not UK wide, but wide) so most have to angle them in a fair amount. My shoulders are more muscular and broad than the average woman’s, making the straps not as bad for me, but for some it can be a problem.

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    Forgot to add: I got quadboob with the pad when the straps were tightened virtually all the way (fairly normal for me) but I making them longer got rid of the quadboob.

  • _booknerd_ this does sound like it can probably work then. Thanks!

    I guess I know what my next style to try will be ^_^

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    Frazzleberry Good luck! My bd is coming up, so I’m waiting till then to order new bras. (Probably will get SMN Buduar, Pl Crop Top, Flamenco and a bikini top)

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    _booknerd_ awesome! I hope those work out for you ;) (The flamenco looks really nice..I like the red and black combo)

    Yeah I'm waiting on my other orders to come in first, so I can probably get a better idea of my size in EM, before i make anymore decisions... I have a 60K in BM Klejnot that on its way (idk where it is though, lol) and an SF that's being prepared.. So we'll see how those work out

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    Frazzleberry Yeah, I get waiting for orders to come in to pin point your size. I really wanted to order bras during the Black Friday sale, but I was nervous about the size. Good luck, I hope you narrow down your size!

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    Yes _booknerd_ I can wear the 60K CHP, but I do have some caveats to the style.

    The cups barely cover my nipples. (I do have taller boobs though so my nipples tend to sit higher in bras than thry do on most women.)

    The wires under the arms dig in painfully. I'm not sure if it's the wire width, wing height, or due to the cups being a bit small so the wires sitting on the breast tissue. I wish I could figure it out. It wasn't an issue at first though, so it may have to do with a slight increase in size or change in my breast shape.

    I get a bit bulgy with the cups without cookies. Last time I wore it (10/13/18) I was quadding and I had to take it off mid day due to the wire pain. I put it away into storage as I couldn't stand wearing it any longer. :-/

    I love the look the CHP gives, nice and rounded yet not over the top. I'm just not liking the lack of comfort. I thought about trying to order a 60KK some time in the future to see if it made a difference on the comfort, but at last count, the 60K is the size cap for the CHP.

    I can't say if the CHP would work well for you Frazzleberry, and would worry that the cups wouldn't be as secure as needed for day to day wear for you. Though it would potentially make a sexy date bra, just don't run or jump in it, haha. I still feel your boobs are bigger than mine, so I'd fear you would fall out of the low open topped cups on this style. (Again making it a good potential date bra, haha.)

  • MamaPagan Oh dear. I do want to try one of Ewa's padded bras but I may have to put off this particular shape to a later date, or at least until I can say what works for me best.

    I was hoping that with the more open top the shape it would give less of that east-west look, but then if it's a toss-up between shape and comfort/security, the latter will always take the higher priority for me.


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    Sorry. :-( You can always check the cup heights of the ones _booknerd_ & I have entered and see if that would be a "safe" height for you.
    I still get a bit of an E-W look with the CHP but it definitely isn't as bad as with the S or PL so you are correct there.

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    Will do and thanks for all the info MamaPagan & _booknerd_ ^_^

    That's just how it goes with bras some times..a bit of some trial and error, before we find what works for us ;)

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    So very true Frazzleberry! It's an expensive journey for sure. :-)

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