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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band82.0
Band Length63.0
Stretch ratio1.3
Cup width16.0
Cup depth28.5
Depth ratio1.8
Wire length28.5
Cup height18.0
Cup separation1.9
Gore height8.5
Wing height11.0
Strap width1.4
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Jasmine has been recommended to me (very pendulous, very projected, VERY soft tissue, wide/low set, even to FoB - not sure about this one) numerous times. I can definitely see why, it is sturdy enough at the bottom of the cup to give a nice lift and hold up weight. Most importantly, it does all of this while remaining very comfortable. I can barely even feel the wires, they seem to be a great fit, and the gore tacks beautifully. This colourway is amazing, it looks so good! The lace is very soft, and somehow they've made it so it doesn't cut in and give me quadboob at the seam (a very common issue for me with stretch lace.. or any lace... or any seams in most bras I've tried so far).

However, I can't help but feel something about this fit is off. It looks fine in the photos, but when I look down or when I look in the mirror, I feel like it gives me major Madonna bullet bra pointy boobs. It is a problem I've been encountering a lot on this brascapade I've been on. After years of wearing moulded bras that squished my chest, maybe I just need to get used to this look.

Animal black colorway

This bra is not owned any more

Updated on Oct 12, 2018 Flag this

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    The Jasmine will give a bullet shape if it's a mismatch to your shape. You don't have to get used to it if you don't like it! If you like Panache, there's a ton of other styles available.

  • So far I have gotten the bullet bra shape (in my perception, maybe it's really not and it just feels that way cause they stick out kind of) in nearly every bra I have tried on. I'm scared that at this point it's probably a 'me' problem than it is a problem with the bras :/ I felt the same with Panache Envy (in nude, if that makes a difference) in 34E, and in Freya Fancies Plunge (34F and 32FF). I'm completely out of ideas anymore...

  • I don't really see the bullet shape too much in the photos, how does it look under a shirt? Sometimes pointy is our natural shape, not all boobs are round.

  • I just uploaded two photos wearing a t-shirt over it.

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    Okay, I see what you are talking about. It looks like you have tall shallow roots, getting the upper part to be rounded is difficult. If you want a more rounded shape, Comexim's 3HC and Ewa Michalak's CHP will give you that shape. The upper portion will probably stay as a slope though, just based on my own experience with those bras.

  • Sadly padded bras don't get along with the girls at all (quad boob galore) no matter if I'm in the right size. If it has a hard edge, it will cut in. Oh well, the search continues.

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    This bra gave me bullet boob too, which I was sad about because it was a beautiful bra that I wanted to love.... I think it's a combination of projection and soft tissue that did it for me. It does look nice on you, but it does give a more naturally pointy shape rather than that super round look. Some people like that's a matter of preference really.

  • Some half cups are unpadded, and you can make any unpadded Comexim into a 3HC.

    Ewa's half cups are open on top so might cut down on your quadding.

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    Wilderness1 I'm thinking along those lines too. The tissue is just too pliable and it doesn't sort of work with the bra to get that nice round look, just lets the bra completely shape it. At least that's what it felt like in Envy, and it feels like in Jasmine.

  • Wilderness1 I'm thinking along those lines too. The tissue is just too pliable and it doesn't sort of work with the bra to get that nice round look, just lets the bra completely shape it. At least that's what it felt like in Envy, and it feels like in Jasmine.

  • Hold up Sovavosi, they will make whatever I ask of them?

  • Hold up Sovavosi, they will make whatever I ask of them?

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    Also I am not sure why it's posting all my comments twice lol

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    Mostly! You put what you want in the comment box during checkout. Sometimes they won't do the alterations and they won't tell you. I haven't ordered from them in about a year so I don't know if they've gotten any better about this.

  • That is very interesting. I ordered their Comexim Tropical Garden Plunge Bra (191) but unfortunately it was a comically bad fit. The cups felt like they were too close to each other and I had a huge gap around the gore (which actually was tacking perfectly lol) but I was spilling out on the sides.

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    brasaremean I was the exact same boob size as you (though with different body composition, I suspect you are taller and leaner than me whereas I had more chubbiness on a smaller height and build) for a LONG time! But at every size I had this issue, except even more dramatic/obvious, with all of the Panache full cup or balconnet bras. If you like I can describe the issue with me and you can try to consider if this might have some relevance for you. (Also if you dig around in my profile to look at bras no longer owned etc. etc. you will see a lot of the bras that did work for me when I was around 32FF-ish, perhaps that will also give you a frame of reference to compare!) As far as I can tell, for me the incompatibility with Panache is due to the shape and angle of the upper portion of their cups: compared to the natural shape made by my center-full and projected soft boobs when they are supported, the Panache cup design tries to shape the breast into a fairly smooth, continuous, gentle curve from apex to top of breast root. The mismatch with me is double: first, Panache designs assume a lower apex than what my boobs effectively have in a bra, so the upper half ends up rather brutally smashed down (so strange-looking that the first time I tried a Panache, back in the late 1990s, I got a severe fit of giggles in the changing-room!) My boobs, when supported, just do not make that smooth gentle curve--they do not have tall roots so since it's a really projected, compact mass of breast tissue, at the top they curve sharply back towards my body and then it's just "finito"--there is no more breast tissue going upwards; in fact it ends a good 8-10cm below my clavicle, even though I have a super short torso with very little space on it overall. So, as a 32FF I was able to wear SOME of the (non Panache) UK balconnet or full cup styles that also make a closed-off shape at the top, but not many of them because they have to have a very high apex, a generous amount of space on the upper inner quadrant of the breast, and narrow-set straps. Most of the UK bras by 2010 and later had been redesigned (compared to the ones I used to buy in the 90s and early 2000s) to have more wide-spaced straps, to allow open necklines, and to stay on me they needed to be angled in and this created too much slack in the cup and a weird, unnatural shape.

    Anyway this may or may not be relevant. I just thought I would describe the issues in case it can help you find a kind of bra design that would work better! If you do a fitting request with body measurements and so on that may help people give advice too.

  • wendybien Thank you so much for this writeup. You know, now that you mention it and this was something I noticed with Envy especially, when I would pull on the outer part of lace a little bit the shape was noticeably nicer. I'm no seamstress so that was as far as I got with seeing what would actually make the bra work. The top of the cups where they meet straps feels like it needs to be different for me.
    I will check out some of your bras and see what you have working. From what you describe we do have similar issues (body shape aside). I did learn my lesson with Panache here... and while I don't find the wires uncomfortable (quite contrary, they don't bother me at all), I think they may be adding to the overall issue.
    That being said, I didn't keep the Envy, but I am holding onto Jasmine. Just in case someday I need the pointy boob look, I will have one (secretly I'm in love with this colourway).
    I was thinking of making a fitting help request but I need to buy a tape measure first as mine seems to have gone completely missing.

  • I agree with Wilderness1 ... she and I have pretty close shape and size. I also can’t do Jasmine or Envy. My soft tissue just sinks into the cups like pudding. Just filling up whatever space there is, which usually is not all the way up because I lack the tissue on top to fill the rest of the cup properly.

  • Yeah, it seems like it's just a bra/tissue mismatch. Shame, Jasmine is a beautiful bra, I had high hopes.

  • I don't particularly think that this bra looks all pointy and madonna-esque to me, but we all have different opinions on that.
    But what I think you could do to help make it more rounded for youself, you could try lining the cup (top of the cup/lace portion, using light hand stiching you can play with it) with a much firmer fabric and also moving the straps in more towards the center of the breast. I think this would help with a rounded profile.

    I may be completely off with this recommendation, but you may want to look for a very FULL CUP bra that is non-padded, meaning it would literally encase the entire breast with supportive fabric. Similar to my 30DD - Claudette » Paramour Underwire Bra (101015008) . Though you may feel a bit squished in it like I do, especially since you are so very projected.

  • LeProfessor I actually prefer fuller cup bras as I feel like I'm spilling out of anything less. Unfortunately most of them have rigid edges that cut into my tissue but it's something I'm used to. Does Love Claudette no longer exist? I remember ages ago seeing their bras on ASOS and ogling them, but now I can't even find the website.

  • Yes brasaremean Claudette is a defunt brand. Sadly so. They did so well while they were in france, but when they moved to California they started creating very different, very wide & shallow bra's compared to their previous nicely narrow, slightly projected bra's. I've tried almost all of their styles and have maybe 3 more that I need to get my hands on. XD
    I pointed to the paloma I have because generally speaking I also have the problem with full cups rigid edges cutting in, but since the paloma literally wraps around the breast, the cups like settle on the rib/sternum and hold the breast within instead of settling on any breast tissue. Which would technically stop all cutting in. Albeit I still have some in the paloma because the gore is too wide. If the gore were narrow enough the cup edges would rest on sternum instead of breast as the outside of the cup does. I do know this isn't always possible depending upon breast shape and how much surface area the tissue takes up. But I thought it would be worth mentioning and hopefully I am making some shred of sense! XD

  • Yup you're making total sense. I found a cheapo one in 32FF (red one) so we shall see when I get it.

  • Please excuse my dummyness here. I kept saying the "Paloma" bra, but I meant the "Paramour" bra. XD.
    I need to try the Paloma, it's not quite the full coverage of the Paramour and I would not recommend the Paloma for you.

  • Yes I figured it out ;) don't worry. I did order the Paramour so fingers crossed. I also found the fishnet scoop in that beautiful baby blue (I wanted it so bad when it was on ASOS) and got that too even though it doesn't look good for me at all but I couldn't help myself. If anything it looks comfy enough to wear around the house.

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