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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band84.0
Band Length64.0
Stretch ratio1.3
Cup width14.0
Cup depth26.5
Depth ratio1.9
Wire length23.0
Cup height19.0
Cup separation1.5
Gore height6.8
Wing height9.8
Strap width1.7
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BM La Gloria is the last of my orders directly from EM and I finally got it today.

The green colour is exactly the same as the one in the photos one the website. It is an absolutely beautiful forest green with brown details. In the photos, the browns look more like black, but they are definitely brown!

Now, I don't know why in my photos it looks like the bra is a little small on me, because I feel like when it's on me it's the largest of my 70FFs I have. I think I might have taken these photos without properly scooping and swooping so it looks like it's small under the armpits and is sitting on my breast tissue but it's really not. I've been wearing it all day and it fits great, supportive, safe, nothing is spilling out, poking or bothering me in any way whatsoever. Also in the photos the band is sitting too low on my back I think cause I didn't adjust it. I have a very sensitive mole on my back that I have to be veeeery careful with so when I first put on a bra I have to have the band a little lower so as not to accidentally catch it. In some cases I tend to just leave the band lower if it's bothering the mole, so maybe that's what happened here as well. Point is, probably I will add new photos because these seem hasty and I barely even remember taking them cause I had a busy day!

Anyyyyhow. Loose band again, definitely not as tight as my 70FF - Ewa Michalak » Bm Fluo. It's double layered with stretchy mesh + stretchy green fabric. I mean it's snug and it fits great but will it stretch? That remains to be seen. This just confirms my hunch that the 70 bands on EM bras are true 70s now. BM Fluo fits more like a loose 65, this is definitely a 70. I don't know what this means for 60s and 65s but I thought it was just worth noting.

The cups have to be the deepest so far on 70FFs. Three part cups, they are lined with stronger brown mesh (more rigid) than my other BMs. The lace is stretchy at the top and so is the mesh to adjust for asymmetry. Typical BM cups that fit great.
Now I've been wondering if I should just go for 70G because my larger side does feel a liiiittle bit squished and has some quad potential. But on my smaller side the bras all feel a little less supportive because I think it's like a few cups smaller. So I think 70FF is a good compromise to get a similar fit on both sides. But the doubt is killing me. I don't think my smaller side could even fill out the 70G :/. (For the record, my smaller side is the one with the tattoo)

The gore tacks and the bow on the gore is huge and I absolutely love it.
Ewa altered the straps for me to be a little bit longer. They added 10cm I believe. Just wonderful" alt=":)" /> The bow... also wonderful. The green detail... I love it.

Overall, I am very happy with my La Gloria. What a beautiful bra!

edit: also, it gives me some major cleavage!
edit: added some proper scoop and swoop photos, but now the straps seem overtightened (although they don't feel so, lol).

Update after wearing it a while:
I find La Gloria to have the best side support of all my BMs. The lace on top is very forgiving to size fluctuations.

Updated on Nov 26, 2018 Flag this

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  • 1

    They must use more than one option on this one as all the accents on mine are definitely black not brown. How strange! Sovavosi Is yours black or brown?

    I ordered mine when it was first released, before it went out of stock and came back so maybe this is why.
    I like the brown accents, makes it very earthy!! :-)

  • 1

    They must use more than one option on this one as all the accents on mine are definitely black not brown. How strange! Sovavosi Is yours black or brown?

    I ordered mine when it was first released, before it went out of stock and came back so maybe this is why.
    I like the brown accents, makes it very earthy!! :-)

  • 1

    Oh that is very very odd! Maybe they ran out of black? (although that seems unlikely, lol!)

  • 1

    Anything is possible with Ewa, haha!

  • 1

    Oh I see in both your photos it is black! Ha! So weird.

  • 2

    Oooooh I like this one. It's pretty!

  • 1

    brasaremean Yeah, and I actually pulled mine out of the drawer to double check as photos can be off.

    I can't wait to see more added and find out if it's a permanent change or if you got a special one. :-)

  • 1

    At first I thought mine was black too actually, but it was kinda dark in my room. Only when I saw my photos I realised they details are actually brown lol!

    Frazzleberry it is absolutely gorgeous!

  • 2

    Mine are black too.

  • 3

    I think your band looks like it is at an appropriate level. It's like an not talked about arguments between bra fitters and wearers alike, if the band should be very low in the back or straight around. Some say that the top of the band in the back should be at the same level as the bottom of the cups in the front, so even lower than what you have here! While others says a straight line around, the bottom of the band being equal level all the way around the torso.

    I try to go by this rule if I start saying things like "I feel a tiny/little bit squished" or "the cup can be a tiny/little bit smaller" than I know that I am nitpicking too much and the bra fits great and I'm just trying to double guess and confuse myself. But if I'm saying "omg this is sooo tight you can see my boob overflowing the cups through shirts!" or "ouch! that wire is causing me alot of discomfort/the elastics are digging in really bad" or "there is alot of room in the entire cup." Then that's when I know it's a legitimate bra not-fitting-right-problem and not just me nit picking my asymmetry or wanting perfection on each breast even though they are different shapes and even sitting at different levels on my torso. Maybe this'll help you figure out when your being too hard on yourself and your body or if it's truly a fit problem that can be fixed (without the bra being made just for your body! :-P)

    It looks great and I'm so happy you've found bras that you love the fit of.

  • 1

    This bra is stunning on you!

  • 2

    Thanks veggiechic

    LeProfessor I know, the doubt is unbearable. Constantly second guessing. I feel perfectly fine in it though.
    I think it's cause I spent a shitload of money on these bras (like more than I should have, probably), I keep expecting to have wasted that money.

  • 1

    I feel your pain brasaremean. I think all of us do, but they are addicting!

  • 1

    This is beautiful! Personally I've never regretted sizing up to fit the big boob. If I try to compromise (a bit too small for bigger side, a bit too big for smaller size) neither cup/wire sits securely and I just end up feeling cranky with the whole thing. If I fit my larger boob really perfectly the bra stays in place better and I can position the smaller one more easily as well.

  • 1

    This bra is so beautiful. If I could still order through EM, I would order this bra in a heartbeat (but alas, her DHL shipping costs make that impossible for me in Cnd). From the pictures, it looks like the fit is really good. Would you get the support you need from a larger cup or do you think it compromise cup support?

  • 1

    wendybien it is absolutely beautiful, I'd even say out of the bunch I ordered it's the prettiest!

    Wilderness1 I think I'd have to reeeeeally tighten the strap to get any support on the smaller side as even right now I feel it's not being supported enough.

  • 1

    Wilderness1 Look into Broad Lingerie! She's based in Toronto, and carries Ewa bras in her store, and can order them for you! Doing so may save you the crazy shipping costs from ordering direct.
    Also, this bra is so so pretty! Is it the same lace she used in the BM Crazy? I have that one and it's one of my favorites!

  • mandapandarawks Yes, same lace as Crazy :-)

  • Wilderness1 here is the reply that I got from Broad Longerie. I had asked them if they'd received any fitting feedback on the BM Cabernet so far, and also if they knew what was coming in over the next few months, questioning whether Baklazan, Porto, or Rubin were among them.

    "So sorry for the delay! So far we're finding the BM Cabernet to run a little big in the band compared to most Ewa Michalak bras, but the cups are accurate. So if you're between band sizes you may want to go to the smaller size.

    As for winter orders, we have the BM La Gloria on order due to arrive in late December. We likely won't be ordering the Porto or Baklazan as they are too similar to the BM Cabernet, but we may order the Rubin (or something else if Ewa releases something new) later for February-ish!"

    So it's possible that you can get the La Gloria from them if you like. They can put you on a call/email list for when it comes, like they did for me with Cabernet. I just can't afford it now. I spent my saved up bra money on a couple of used Ewas to test the styles and sizing, so I have started to save again but I'm only halfway to total, which I think was something like $125 after tax and shipping outside of Ontario.

    Hope this helps!

  • Looks great on you. I wouldn't worry about band stretching as the ones with the fabic are stretching out less than the mesh ones (at least in my case). Also as far as the band does not ride up its fine.
    Cannot wait for mine!

  • Calluna I want the Cabernet so bad but literally no one in EU will ship it to me, and from elsewhere the shipping is insane.

    martka00 That's been my experience too but it's a short experience so I'm still wary. Fingers crossed! Bibi Black and Bibi Bezova Perla both stretched out beyond being able to wear them.
    Are you getting La Gloria too? Very curious about the black vs brown details!

  • brasaremean honestly I didn’t find my bras to stretch out but I do wear looser bands as I can’t squeeze myself due to reflux. I only recently moved on again to band 65 as I’ve been exercising and noticed some underbust reduction. I still have many bras in 70 and find them not to ride up (my underbust is 73cm snug, 69cm right and 75loose). I have hardly any 70 band bra that does ride up (panache are the only ones and one Comexim, so I tend to avoid wearing them now).

    I hope my Gloria have black accents as I can’t imagine it with brown ones ;(

  • 1

    The brown is barely distinguishable from black except in photos, honestly. I kinda like it, it's unusual!

  • Well we will see! My order is still processing :(

  • Yes this one took forever!

  • I wish she release now the harness thing. Would be perfect as a gift for Christmas 😂🙈

  • 1

    brasaremean I love the brown accents! It gives the bra an earthy nature feel and I really like that. :-)

  • 1

    Yes earthy would be the word I'd use. Reminds me of an actual forest!

  • Thanks mandapandarawks an Calluna . I'll check them out and see what prices are like, etc.

  • Wilderness1 the price of the Cabernet shipped to BC was $125 and change. You might also check out Forever Yours Lingerie in Langley, BC. They offer a first time order discount of 15%, however I don't know if they are going to be getting either La Gloria or Cabernet. They do have some sizes of Absynt left and some basics. I have not tried to email them about the Ewas that they are getting. I keep hoping that I will get to the mainland and try stuff on in person and ask. But it's been difficult to get over lately.

  • Calluna that's still pretty pricey! Especially compared to how much I used to pay for an EM direct. Most of her cuts don't work very well for me for some reason, so I'm a little gunshy on spending a huge amount of money on this one, but I do love it. I've never tried her BM cut. I'd rather try one used first for fitting purposes, and order new if I can be sure it would fit... We'll see I guess...Thanks again though :)

  • Honestly, I agree and I am too, but knowing that I can return it is huge for me, especially as I have never tried a BM before. I keep searching for a BM on the listings in my size range and price range. The only ones that I have found are super old listings. I think that even if you order from Levana Bratique, it's about the same after currency conversion. The other option is to order from Ewa and have it sent to someone in the states who will send it to you.

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Is too short on the side, boobs escape
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Cup's width:
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Underwire length:
Is too short on the side, boobs escape
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Cup's width:
Outer cup cuts into breast tissue in the sides

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