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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band73.0
Band Length60.0
Stretch ratio1.2
Cup width13.0
Cup depth22.8
Depth ratio1.8
Wire length21.0
Cup height14.5
Cup separation2.3
Gore height7.0
Wing height9.0
Strap width1.5
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Didn't fit

My shape is low set, soft, slightly pendulous, and narrow and short rooted.

I got the blue colourway, and it's a really gorgeous colour. There is some pretty lace that is nicely laid out on the cups and on the sides of the band, and there is a lighter blue strip on the lower band that compliments the navy nicely. The band feels pretty 'true to size' for me, not too stretchy, and the straps adjust long enough on my tall frame. There is stretch lace along the upper cup edge, and on the inside of the lace, there is a thin elastic lining along the upper edge of the lace cup. This lace elastic bit cuts in a bit on my larger side. I could probably get away with it, especially since it fits my smaller side, but I'm a bit self-conscious of how it looks.... It makes it looks like I'm getting in cup quadding and bubbling on top. I'm on the fence as to weather or not I'm keeping this bra. I sized down in this bra since some of my unlined 30Fs have slight gaping. I have a feeling I'm in between a 30E and 30F though.

The bra is very comfortable overall, and I could probably wear it all day without any discomfort. It's lightweight and would be nice for summer. The material is soft and non-irritating. The shape it provides is not as round a cleo marcie but still nice (somewhat more natural looking on me anyway).

I do get some side boob/fat rolls that I'm not too fond of. I'm not sure if it's because the wings are too short for me, or if it's because I need a bit bigger size. It could also just be the way my body is these days since I'm a bit out of shape, lol....

Overall this is a lovely bra that would be ideal if the size was right.

Blue colorway

This bra is not owned any more

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  • I sometimes find that sort of bulginess smooths out after a few wears and washes. Is it visible through clothing?

  • dbmamaz I was wearing a sweater when I tried it out, so I'm not sure, but it probably wouldn't show too much. I haven't decided if I like it enough to keep it or not. It looks better in pictures than I felt it looked like in real life. We'll see... it's either I keep this one that's a touch too small on one side, or a 30F that's too big on the other.

  • I just got this one last week in the crimson colour (30E also) from a user here who’s also a friend. I have the exact same bubble issues from the lace that you described. But I don’t think it’s visible underneath my clothes. For me, I feel like the band is a bit too snug. I can do it up on the loosest hook, but it will hurt behind the gore after a while. I’m wearing it with an extender on the middle hook and it’s comfortable, so I think I might need this one in a 32 band. And cup wise, I also have a tiny bit of in cup quadding but feel like I might have gapping if I size up. I think that we might be boob twins. I feel like you described my shape, though I think I might be more pendulous?

  • 1

    I think this bra looks like a great fit on you. And, I assure you, we always look worse in photos (that aren't a professional photo shoot) than we do in real life.
    Perhaps you should post the 30F and we could help you choose which one to pick? I think Ellace is supposed to be a lower coverage bra any how. Seriously, if your comfortable KEEP it! It's so hard to get a beautiful bra and a great shape like this that is also really comfortable.

  • Gorgeous!!

    One of our users has tightened the upper panel successfully. This creates more tension and eliminates the bubble. I haven't tried this myself.

  • It looks perfect on you. I wouldn’t even have noticed the quadding on your larger side if you didn't mention it.

    I just ordered the exact same bra in a 28F.

  • 1

    Thanks everyone. It is definitely a pretty bra, so I may just keep it despite the minor fit issues.

    Calluna yes we do sound like boob twins. Interesting that you had the same result with your bra. I think I get the bubbling because of my soft tissue. I also hate being between sizes, don't you?

    LeProfessor I don't actually have a 30F right now to try. This one took 3 weeks to get here from Belle Lingerie, so I probably won't be able to try a 30F before having to decide if I return this 30E or not.

    Love4Pollinators that sounds interesting, I may have to pin it to see if I can achieve that same result before attempting to sew it.

    aboobaccount thanks. Hope yours fits you also!

  • LeProfessor you inspired me to get a 30F from amazon prime so I can compare the fit. If the 30F fits then I can return my 30E or visa versa :)

  • Wilderness1 yeah I think that it's a soft tissue thing as a girl I'm in ABTF on fb has the same issues. I'm curious about the the 30F for you. I'm thinking about trying the 30F and 32DD. I think that the 32 band will be more comfortable.

  • Calluna I'll post some pictures once I get the 30F in (unless it's an obvious fail, then I may just return it quietly, lol). My comfortable underbust is closer to 27.5-28", so I can see a 32 being more comfortable for you. The stretched length of this 30 band was around 29" before the wires started to distort, so a 32 probably stretches to around 30.5-31" I'm guessing.

  • I know that I have been measured in a local boutique at 28-29" and the one sales person insisted that I had to be in a 28 band for a technical fit. Ugh. I mean, I did get it on (Panache Envy) but holy hell it was tight! And every 30 I tried she said that it was too big! I think that I might have to go remeasure the stretched length of this one (Ellace) once I take it off later. I'm still trying to figure out what the bra looks like and feels like when it is properly stretched. I'm still not really seeing when the wires start to distort. Anyway, I think that you're right on that the 32DD of this bra is probably what I need.

  • I did a quick remeasure of my under bust (and over bust) after your comment, admittedly with the Ellace still on, and I got 28.5-29" under bust which maybe it's because the band is snug in the bra and it's pulling me tighter (though the fitters locally measured me 28-29" on/in two other bras) so I'm possibly going to redo my measurements here. I'm wondering if this is different because I was pre-period when I did the initial measurements. Anyway, I suspect that I'm in between both band and cup sizes and it will be dependent on how the bras are sized. Such a pain sometimes. Over bust, in bra again, was 35" which should put me in a 28F UK like the fitter lady locally said that I am. But there's no way unless it's a really loose or generous 28 such as Freya (I have a 28F Fancies Plunge and 30E Kiyoko Half Cup waiting for me in LA for when I am there later this week). If this 30 is fitting more like a 28, then it's definitely too tight and I have to break technical for comfort instead. I look forward for your thoughts on the 30F. Im trying to decide on what size of this one to try next...30F and extender, 32DD or 32E...the latter of which seems to have a significantly deeper cup than the rest. I'm leaning towards the 32DD but I'm not sure her. What colour is the 30F you ordered? Can't wait to see it.

  • Well your new measurements point to a 30 band being a good fit in most bras. Like you said, 28 bands will be too tight unless they're loose. The stretched band in Ellace is about equal to your snug underbust measurement though, so sizing up may be more comfortable... However, your best bet may end up being the 30" with extender, so that you can still wear it once the band stretches out. All depends what you're most comfortable in. I like a good hug from my bands. Just try out an extender with your current bra before deciding. I'm not sure what cup size you should try, sorry. I ordered the cherry (ish) colour. Can't remember what it's officially called. won't be here until Friday though.

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