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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band74.0
Band Length54.0
Stretch ratio1.4
Cup width14.0
Cup depth22.0
Depth ratio1.6
Wire length19.0
Cup height15.0
Cup separation2.3
Gore height7.0
Wing height9.3
Strap width1.4
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It looks darker then on the photos. But the red trim makes a very nice contrast. When I took it out of the package I though “This is bedroom only.”: The cups are almost transparent when you hold it up against the light but when wearing it you can barely see my nipples.

Fit / Sizing
I got this in a 28F since some of my 28FFs were wrinkling a bit and I also expected it to have more room on top like my Cleo Kayla. But the cups are slightly smaller then in the Kayla and this doesn't have stretch lace so it's a bit small on my larger side but there is no visible quadding. I already ordered the black version in 30F for the days when I am a bit swollen and my boobs are bigger. However, the shape is perfect. I never had such a round, perky shape in any other bra. Maybe this is even a side effect of the slightly small cups. But I can totally live with that.

I also expected a super stretchy band since it is one of the newer Marcie colorways, but it's actually really snug. I had to wear it with an extender a few times but now it stretched a little and feels comfortable on the loosest hook. With some of my bras (especially Freya) the wires are stretched too wide when the band is tight but in this one the they are narrow and super firm so they follow my IMF perfectly without poking me under the arms. This is actually more comfortable then having softer wires that are a little too wide.

Quality (I only have it for three weeks now.)
Overall it feels really firm and supportive without looking bulky. And it will be much more breathable then my black Cleo Zia next summer. I am just afraid that the thin mesh will make it stretch out more quickly.

Navy colorway

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    It is so cute on you, but one word of warning--if you took the photos today, you might want to check the strain it is putting on the band (see the straining hooks and the fold it is putting in the skin of your back). Some people are incredibly tolerant of overtight bands and feel no discomfort, so you can't entirely rely on your own sensations, but in terms of the bra's longevity you will blitz the elastic of all but the highest-quality band by wearing it too tight, cf. your concern about stretching. I would keep the extender on there for sure unless you have access to unlimited numbers of this bra in this colorway to be able to replace it!
    If you took the photos the day you got it, it may have stretched enough to be ok. Put it on and assess the back view--there should be absolutely no sign of the hooks pulling, and that vertical fold of pinched skin should no longer be there. If those signs of excessive tightness are gone, examine the boning at the sides and if it is not slanted or distorting, then you are probably ok to wear it without fear of stretching it into oblivion!

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    The photos were taken for a fit check on reddit after the first day of wear. Tbh, I get this skin fold and (slightly) straining hooks in most of my bras because I'm wearing one band size smaller the recommended. I just hate it when my boobs can move or even jiggle and I actually like the feeling of my bras squeezing me a little (Yes, I'm weird). But they hold up quite well so far. I have about 20 in my rotation and I never we wear one for more then two days in a row.

    I can also eliminate the skin fold by pulling my back fat to the sides but that just creates more visible bulges under my arms. So I rather live with that skin fold and keep my back fat on my back where nobody can see it ;-)

  • I love this colourway. I’m trying to get this but still slightly indecisive between 30E and 30F based on the fit I had with the 32E a year ago. I think that I’m leaning towards the 30F though.

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    Oh, you're not the least bit weird--a lot of people enjoy compression, it is even recommended as something to try for anxiety symptoms or people with sensory problems! You might like to try longline bras or even corsets. For an extra secure fit in bras, full cup styles can provide that more easily than bras like the Cleo line, which is designed to be low-coverage, btw. Even if it's so tight it's ready to ping off you like an elastic and fly across the street, a bra can only prevent movement in the part of the breast that's contained. The UK brands don't always have the cutest designs in full cups but many other higher-end brands do, and you will often find them on sale. Lejaby Elixir, Eprise de Lise Charmel, Empreinte, Miss Mandalay and most of the Polish brands have 30 bands and really beautiful designs.

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    Tbh, this is cute but looks too small. You’ve got some quadding going on at least in these pics and it’s noticeable. You’ll get better encapsulation and overall support in a larger cup & possibly larger band.

  • "..a lot of people enjoy compression, it is even recommended as something to try for anxiety symptoms or people with sensory problems! "

    Thank you, that's interesting!
    I was diagnosed with a sensory processing disorder as a child (something similar to asperger syndrom but I can't remember what it was exactly).

    "Even if it's so tight it's ready to ping off you like an elastic and fly across the street"
    Lol, that reads like a script for my next next nightmare.

    I'm already planning to get a few more full cup bras (not too impressed with my Panache Jasmine). Empreinte and Lejaby Elixir are clearly out of my price range. Miss Mandalay looks very nice (especially the Paris). They are incredibly cheap on ebay but I never found one in my size. I am thinking about ordering the Comexim Charme or Geisha I am afraid of the whole shipping and return procedure.

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    Oh I get Empreinte and Elixir from discounters! UK discounters seem to have the best deals on Elixir. Empreinte is best found at French discounters, but I see you are in Germany--you have some good online discounters too, some on ebay and some not. There are usually some listed here as well.
    For cheaper and easier experimentation the UK brands do have SOME full cups and longlines for sure. If you look on the Figleaves UK site you will see a lot of choices, and I think their own brand as well as Pour Moi run very tight in band normally. Since Figleaves is a large retailer they have a nice reliable returns and exchange system.

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    This bra looks super good on you! I have a tendency to go for a slightly smaller cup too. A "little bit too small" is never a problem. You bra band being too tight on the other hand IS a physical, body problem. I am with you, I love the feeling of a tight band and the feeling of being squeezed by a nice tight corset or band. But wearing a band that is too tight is literally bad for your body. If you take a look around you will see pictures of women whom have worn too tight bands for a long time have very visible broken capillaries following their band around their rib cage. The main reason a too tight band is bad for the body is because the tension is over such a small area, if it were spread out over a larger area (like a long line bra or corset) it would be less of a problem, but a too tight band causes circulatory issues, damages skin and collagen production, it will also cause your fatty tissues to move away from the area where the elastic is. So if you continue to wear a bra band that is too tight, your torso will develop significant indents where the elastic sits on your body so your torso will not have a smooth line, and you will develops a line of broken blue capillaries around your torso, and could lead to circulatory issues.
    Just some food for thought!
    I wish I could find this bra in my size! GORGEOUS!

  • Thank you LeProfessor

    "you will develops a line of broken blue capillaries around your torso"

    I absolutely don't need this.
    Do you know how long it takes for these issue to become apparent? I am wearing 28Fs and 28FFs since about 6 month now but I tend to take them off or switch into a 30F or 32E when I get home. So maybe 9-10 hours per day.

    I get red marks especially from the band and the wires but they disappear after about an hour. I have once worn my Cleo Zia (fits much tighter then this one) for over 30 hours straight (long flight with multiple stopovers) and I had a two dark lines going around my chest that took several days to disappear. I thought it was just color from the fabric since the bra was brand new. But maybe I should be more careful with these super tight bras.

  • Most the women I've read about were wearing too tight bands for a very long time, like years. aboobaccount , I don't think a couple hours a day can do a lot of harm as long as your are not doing it all day every day and you remain hydrated. ^.^
    I try to keep the stretched measurement around my snug/loose under bust measurement since I don't have a lot of extra padding but I am very compressible. After looking at your measurements I would stay with 30's in Cleo/Panache but the 28 in Freya and Curvy Kate should be fine.

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