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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band74.0
Band Length48.0
Stretch ratio1.5
Bust perimeter95.0
Cup width13.0
Cup depth18.0
Depth ratio1.4
Wire length18.5
Cup height13.5
Cup separation1.5
Gore height5.0
Wing height8.5
Strap width1.5
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So this is my first EM bra. Found it on a street market in Prague for 5€! There were not tags on it but it's unworn according to the seller. Unfortunately it was the only bra she had close to my size. It must be a very old style. The label just says “Effuniak” but no model. I googled for the most obvious “Effuniak ZeBra” but couldn’t find any matching images. Also tried a reverse image search. But google just says it's a bra. Well, thanks google!

I think for the price its a total win. The design is so elegant. No crazy colors that shine though everything, no ridiculous bows that make me feel like a 12 year old. Just black and white in a nice simplistic pattern.

I got lucky with the fit. The cups are a bit small on the sides but the volume is still OK (more like a 28F Cleo/Panache). The wires are narrow but flexible so they fit slightly too wide. The band is very short (48cm!) but also very stretchy. I can pull it to 70cm without much effort. Then there is a bit of resistance around 73 cm and it suddenly stops at 76cm. In fact I'm almost stretching it to the limit with my 74 cm ribcage. But it still feels loose due to the soft fabric. Most of my other 28Fs are around 54cm unstretched but feel like a corset compared to this one. The cups are very lightly padded (like 2mm thick) and extremely soft, which must be due to the little bunnies on the inside" alt=";-)" /> . They even have a bit of stretch and lots of space on top. I don't get a much lift and shape though. My boobs sit quite a bit lower compared to other bras. But I think it still gives a nice and natural looking shape especially because the padding is completely invisible under clothes. And it's extremely comfortable. The center feels jiggly and unsupportive. So I cannot wear it to work. But it's perfect for going out or slouching around at home. Plus it gives my sternum a break from all these high, firmly tacking gores.

I can't say much about the quality yet but it feels very delicate. Just hope it won't stretch out too soon.

Now I want to try more EM bras. My boyfriend is also a fan and even offered to get me a one for free. I like the CHP and SM models but don't know where to start:

-Are the current models less stretchy? The unstreched band length seems to average around 53cm in a size 60. And they only start at 65 on their site. Are all the 60 bands added here custom made or is there a different source?

-Assuming that this one runs large in the cups. Would a 60F be fine for me? (I'm between 28F and 28FF in Cleo / Panache / Freya)

-Do they still come with such flexible wires or can you custom order firmer ones? Definitely need stronger wires if I'm going to wear it to work.

Sorry for asking so many questions. This was supposed to become a review.

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    Maybe you can send them an email asking about the style? It’s been said that the lace covered band is less stretchy than the non lace. Some 65 bands don’t even stretch to 28”, so you might have to check measurements on here for the specific styles you’re after. You might try CHP or Pl...the S might be too closed on top for your firmer fot tissue. I just got an SM so I don’t know yet what to recommend.

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    "Some 65 bands don’t even stretch to 28 "
    That's good news. Maybe a 65E or 65F will work and I don' have to custom order a 60.
    Do you know if there is a system behind all the abbreviations?

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    Yes there is a system. And I can tell you that my 70E Pl Carmen band is tighter than my 70E S Szykus...presumably because the Carmen band is full lace. And for reference, my two 70E bras, which are supposed to be equivalent to 32E, stretch to 29.3” on Carmen and barely to 30” on Szykus. M cuts have even tighter bands. I’m going to message you with more details.

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    Both of my CHPs that I ordered from her with 60 bands stretch to 30-32". They are huge. All 60 bands are considered custom order and she will make them even if it's not listed on the page, though she might say no.

    EM bras provide no customizations other than size. Most folks size down on the CHP because the top is very open.

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    @SoSovavosand Calluna covered it well, but I'd add the confirmation that from my experience, the lace covered bands are firmer than the no lace bands, & in general the bands have been larger as a whole this year, so it may be the current trend.
    The SM style does not have stretch lace and are often sheer (nipple show through almost guaranteed ) but gives a rounded shape.
    The BM & SF have stretch lace on the top of the cups, with the BM giving a more natural shape with more jiggle while the SF is a firmer cup with more support.
    The PL is a padded plunge, S a padded fuller coverage, and the CHP a padded half cup-all come with the light foam lining plus removable cookies. PL & S have almond shaped cookies while CHP has fish shaped ones.
    I am not familiar with the other styles she offers.

    Ewa does offer custom style changes in addition to custom sizes. So if you see a S style you like, you can usually order it in a CHP or PL for example. Such customizations are 30-50PLN more than the listed price regardless of size. (I have PL Dark Magenta in a CHP.) Custom size is 20PLN more.
    She will also do color switchouts, so if you like a particular bra but not one of the accent colors, she will typically allow a switch out. (My FC/S Belladonna was done with periwinkle instead of beige and my PL Croptop Maskarada with Green instead of beige. dbmamaz recently did a strap color switchout on an FB bra as well for example. ) Those customizations are between 30-50PLN as well.

  • Edit: Sovavosi and Calluna
    I don't know why google does that funky character additions.......

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    that is so adorable! I didnt ask for a strap switch, exactly, I asked for a specific SF model to be made as an FB. thats something they often will do, like make an S as a PL, right?

  • 1

    Yep! I couldn't remember the details on your request, just the straps. Thanks for the additional info! :-)

  • 1

    Calluna , Sovavosi, dbmamaz

    Thank you all for providing so much information. I will do more research before making an order. Looks like polish bras are complicated. But probably worth the effort.

    I like sheer fabrics but poking nipples make me feel insecure and wearing pasties in a sheer bra kinda defeats it's purpose. I fixed the nipple problem in the Cleo Marcies by wearing a 28F instead of a 28FF. Having a bit more tension in the cups is enough to keep them flat. But I'm not sure if it will work on this one

    Definitely looking more into the SF and SM styles. I will probably order a 60F and see what other customization are possible. +50 PLN sounds pretty reasonable. Shipping is already 30PLN and they don't offer free returns anyway.

    BTW: Firefox also does funky things when typing after the at-character. I tend to just copy and past from an editor.

  • aboobaccount The SM is supposed to be like the S, which is very shallow on the bottom. I am not sure how much immediate projection you need, but it goes like this for unpadded, from shallow to projected: SM, SF, BM.

  • Sovavosi
    Oh really, they don't look shallow at all in the photos. So far I only had issues with the top part cutting in on the Cleo Kali and Freya Hero. But I never felt compressed on the bottom on anything.

  • 1

    Might be a size thing, I guess!

  • I really like the SF style personally. Hopefully you'll like it too. I view the SM style as more of a bedroom style rather than all day wear, if that helps. It would be a difficult style to hide under a white button up top at work for sure, and not for modesty at all.
    And I agree with Sovavosi regarding the depth, including that it relative to the size.

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    I had an SM in 70J which was a bit too shallow on the bottom and very open on top (70J - Ewa Michalak » Sm Fiolecik (642) ) , and I have one now that I think is a 75K? which is less shallow at the bottom, but still a bit, and much less open on top (75K - Ewa Michalak » Sm Różowa Mgiełka (685) )

    While they look pretty sexy, being so sheer, they are definitely sturdy for all day wear.

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    Not all of the SMS are super sheer mesh. My new SM Wrozka is black lace and the nipples are not too prominent or visible.

  • aboobaccount my SM is a bit shallow. If you see all the pics, you will see the pic of the wrinkles at the wire on me. I have been told that the straps are really wide on SF, particularly in our size range. I can't confirm this as I have not tried, but it was mentioned to me by a few people. I think that they are a bit wide on the SM.

  • I did want to note that you can get size 28 bands from Ewa and have it not be a custom size:

    Albeit they all appear to M cuts...which is not a cut I'm in love with. I would be if it wasn't padded. But it is indeed padded.
    I also wanted to note that I used to be very worried about my very pointed nipples showing through very thin/see-through/non-padded bra's but I find it is really only an issue in certain bra's when I am very cold. If it is a very well fitted bra, I never really have nipple issues. I think all of society needs to get away from the nipple fear lol.

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    LeProfessor I keep reading that M cuts run very tight in the band, she might need to add +2 or +4 or it won’t even close.

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    Well that's certainly very good to know Sovavosi , it seems curious to me why that seems to be the only style readily available in that band size if it runs so tight. I'm glad you all know so much about it.

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    I email them about the fit of the SMN Bra Fetysz czarny and if a 60F would be possible. But they haven't replayed yet.

    Then I compared the measurements of a 60F in a few of the M-models just to find that the average stretched band measurement goes from 64 to 72. Either there is very little data on these model or the sizing is just inconsistent. I like the M-Magique but according to the measurements here I would need a 70DD or 70E!

    “I view the SM style as more of a bedroom style rather than all day wear “.

    I certainly looks like that. But for 50€+ I would really like to wear it under dark tops and dresses as well.


    “it seems curious to me why that seems to be the only style readily available in that band size if it runs so tight. “

    I wondered about that too. The cup sizes and the photos on their site suggest that the M-Style is mostly for petite women. Who are more likely to need a 60 band (in their opinion).

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    aboobaccount Welcome to the complexities of the Ewa world! ;-)

    I agree at the price you don't want it to be a bedroom bra only, but if you really like a particular model, there are ways around the uncomfortable nipple issues.

    As dbmamaz and Calluna stated, the SM is sturdy enough for all day wear and not all are sheer so you may still be able to use nipple covers if desired, or reserve it for use under sweaters, sweatshirts, or in combination with a cami or tank top under a lower coverage overshirt.

    Where there's a will, there's a way, right?

    Kaska usually replies within 48 hours. Did you set up an account on their site yet? Special orders are made by Kaska creating an invoice on the account linked to your email address. If you haven't set up an account, it may delay her reply.

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    aboobaccount Ewa's band sizes are just all over the place, TBH. I've gotten some 60s that are 27.5" and one that was 32".

  • 1

    Have you checked out the listings here? Here’s a 60FF for sale, for example, though I don’t know if it’s going to be too small in the band for you. It is for me for sure.


    And this one maybe?

  • 1

    And sorry I didn't replay sooner. I doing tons of overtime to finish my current projects at work before I change into a full time software engineering position.

    "Did you set up an account on their site yet?"

    Not yet, I just used the form. But I will try that. Maybe my message got lost.

    Thanks for showing me that listing. It looks really cute. So I used the “compare to any of your bras” function (great feature BTW). According to that the cups would be perfect but the band would 5cm smaller than my tightest bra.

  • After you set up an account, send Kaska an email at from the email account you linked during setup. I usually get replies within 24 hours, with the rare 48 if she's super swamped.

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