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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band76.2
Band Length61.6
Stretch ratio1.2
Cup width14.0
Cup depth25.4
Depth ratio1.8
Wire length24.1
Cup height0.0
Cup separation2.5
Gore height6.4
Wing height8.3
Strap width1.9
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As soon as I saw this bra I knew I had to have it. Who doesn't love pansies? The print was so cute and young. The print and the bows were what drew me to buy it, and after some sleuthing I found it in my (supposed) size and price range. The positives? The print and colours are just as amazing in real life. I like the tightness of the band and how short it was. The straps appear to be nice and supportive and the gore tacks. The bad? I'm a 30f. I chose that on the Amazon drop down. There was no indication that this was in UK sizing. I was sent a 30G-I am so not a 30G. The cups are HUGE-they gape so bad it's ridiculous. Based on that, I sized down two sizes (mainly because the next one down was way more expensive). I really want this bra to work. It's gorgeously fun and is extremely comfy even in the wrong size. I played around with the cups and reconfigured they look like they can give me a great shape. I'll be devastated if the 30dd does not fit.

UPDATE: A user (wild_muses ) was extremely helpful. She said that she thought that two sizes down would be far too small. I decided to just humour this thought and tried the bra on again. I hemmed, I hawed, and then-epiphany! I had been pulling the bra up near the strap trying to simulate a smaller cup and then it occurred to me to tighten the straps even farther. So, after tightening the straps almost all the way (can still comfortably fit two fingers in them), the bra fit! It was like a miracle. So hopefully I can cancel the exchange and keep this bra. My only issue now is the bra is slightly pointy but it looks natural under clothes. I've updated the pictures to represent how the bra fits now.

Updated on Oct 30, 2015 Flag this

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    I'm not sure why (USA) doesn't mention that Freya is in UK sizing (I just looked). Usually, the way I can tell if something is in UK sizing versus US sizing is if the list contains an"FF" or a "GG." That type of lettering doesn't exist in US sizing.

    I've noticed that the UK brands (Freya, Panache, Cleo, Curvy Kate) are always in UK sizing on (in the USA). But it would be nice if they mentioned that in the "Product Description" section!

    Hopefully you have better luck with the smaller size. I just ordered the Freya Parade longline in 32G yesterday!

  • It truly is more beautiful in person than online. Those bows are works of art and the print has little strawberries, something I didn't notice until I had it in hand. Those straps are something dreams are made out of-so thick and plush. I really hope it works out for you.

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    If you order from Amazon and something doesn't fit you can return and then chat with a Amazon rep and get the new size for the same price.

  • amandafire I had no idea I could do that. I already set up an exchange which was 5 dollars more expensive (but it seems like they didn't refund shipping?). I'll look into it-thanks for bringing it up.

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    Wait, you added this as a UK 30F, is that what it is or no? BTW I don't think these cups look huge on you--there's a little bit of gaping at the top but the bottom fits and lifts you very well.

  • wild_muses I have no idea how I got those photos to look good-it's very sad and droopy in real life. The tag says 30 F (UK) and 30 G (American). The sizing on this bra is very weird. I thought I was getting a 30 F American. The other reviewer thought she too was getting an American sized bra. There's no indication that it's in UK sizes. Overall, not the best buying experience.

  • Also, I just realized that I don't have to send this in right away. I'm going to not send this one back until I get the 30DD and see how it fits-hopefully the cups fit better because the rest of this is perfect.

  • You can really ignore "american" sizes--there's really no convention for them above DD. This one is the same size as your Parfait bra. I think a 30DD will be far too small for you--I think you should try a 30E or try another bra that is more closed on top.

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    wild_muses You're like the bra fairy. I do fill the bottom really well. I am going to keep this size-it never occurred to me that the straps could be unusually long. Once I tightened them up almost all the way (I'm extremely short) the fit is great. I still have a tiny bit of gappage and it's a little pointy but looks round under clothes. If not for you I wouldn't have tried it on again, would have ordered the too small size and then become frustrated when neither seemed to fit

  • Yay! :D I'm glad it works out then! I'm 4' 10" so i feel the struggle! For a long time i wasn't pulling the wire right up under my breast so nothing seemed to fit me right. I always had straps fall off my shoulders too when I was wearing bands that were too big! There's a lot of fit nuances created by height that don't get addressed as often as they should.

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