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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band74.3
Band Length59.1
Stretch ratio1.3
Cup width13.3
Cup depth23.5
Depth ratio1.8
Wire length22.2
Cup height0.0
Cup separation1.6
Gore height5.1
Wing height9.5
Strap width1.3
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This bra is boob heaven! I was afraid the laminate fabric would be itchy or stiff but it is very soft. I sized down one cup size as is generally advised in the BMS and it fits perfectly. I love the low gore, narrow wires and wire lengths in this size and if I could combine them with the depth of a 65FF (for padded styles) life would be good.

Very soft, perfect fit. The wings and gore are low and out of my way. The stretch tulle at the top accommodates fullness without cutting in. The pattern goes all the way around to the back of the bra which is nice. It's also a leotard back which are my favourites. The pattern is less garish/tacky in person and the shape this bra gives is great.

The straps are rather wide-set. I don't think they'll rub but this is always my biggest gripe with Ewa. Just move the straps in!

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  • 2

    Looks great! The SF bras also have that stretch tulle on the top part of the cup and I can't stress how much I love it! I like stretch lace and it makes a bra very pretty, but for thin, fitted tops, the tulle wins, hands down! I'm debating on ordering this one, but I want to see if EM comes out with any new styles with the stretch tulle soon.

  • Gorgeous on you...again. E.M. fits you SO well!!

  • That tulle was the only reason I agreed to try out this bra. I heard somewhere Ewa was thinking about releasing new SF colours so I hope that's true since I'd love to try an SF after trying this one.

  • Love4Pollinators Aw thanks! I'm so glad Ewa fits so well. I hate the wait but I wore my Freya bra the other day and it actually bruised! Ewa's bras always treat me right.

  • 1

    I have both the beige and the black SFs (only reviewed the beige so far because I'm lazy and haven't felt like measuring and taking pics lately) and they are the two bras I wear the most. I'm looking forward to new, cuter SFs, if Ewa makes them!

  • 1

    I really hope she does. All I want in my life now is the BM (okay maybe not *all*) but I need some bras that will hide under thin shirts and lace usually doesn't.

  • 2

    I agree is so smooth and comfy. I love mine as well! But you should try band 70 so you can eliminate the wide set of straps that's caused by the extender. I have my bm szmaragd in 70 that has almost perfect straps and in 65 where I need 1 set of hooks the straps are wider and it doesn't look good under tanktop like in 70 :)
    But also I'm surprised that you could size down full size, for me I use my usual size and what's more I get tiny (or noticeable in szmaragd) quadboob . I wonder if I'm the only one who doesn't size down in bm (but size up :)

  • Btw I agree pants run big, I bought 38 but they're way too loose on my butt so never wore them. I need to get 36 and same in myszka pants, the 38 is wrinkling :/

  • martka00 I don't size down in the BM eather! :D
    I also agree about the 70 band and the straps!
    (I find my BM Mojito to be quite wide in the 65, but the band doesn't strech a lot so I can wear it on the second of 4 hooks. I find I can wear it looser then Comexim or englisch Bras! So I think it's wearth a try gratiat ! :) )

  • I don't size down in BM either.

  • I assume she means sizing down compared to the padded models, which I do. However, I also bought the SF in my unpadded size, and the cups are slightly small on me. It is a great, secure fit on my smaller days tho.

    I have to say this is another case where the bra looks prettier in your pics than in the ones on Ewa's website! Lovely!!

    I have 2 bms that really fit, one is shiny knitwear and the other is the lace-over-tulle, and I like the lace one better. I guess my shirts arent thin enough for me to notice it showing through, but it seems to fit me better.

    of course, ewa's bras seem to be so inconsistent anyways

  • I would be a 70 band to hopefully fix the strap issue but I'm afraid of it being too big. I did try one that stretched to 31 inches and it was far too shifty. And yes, I should have clarified. I did size down from my padded size by one cup. I'd say I stuck with my regular UK size but I have no idea what that is anymore.

  • 7

    Shifty as in it actually rode up your back? Even on the tightest hooks? Given how the 65s fit you, I honestly don't see that as being possible.

    Once again, I will reiterate - I think a 70 band would improve the fit of all of your bras drastically. They all look stressed/distorted and the straps are all too wide. The one 70 band you tried and posted a review of fit you fabulously and you had it hooked on the loosest set of hooks. However, it's your choice and you seem to be absolutely stuck on wearing 65s, so I'm done recommending it.

  • lcl0706 Thanks for the advice. The 70 band did ride up. I didn't try it on the loosest hooks though. I'm not sure what to do. I love a super firm band and my comfortable measure is a 29.5 (and 28 btt) and I think some people recommend sizing up if you're that close to a band size. I think I'll take your advice but this time try a newer bra instead of one that's been worn and see if that works. I think 30 would actually be my ideal stretch but Ewa's bras run more tight then true to size so maybe I can find a 32 that runs tighter and see if that works.

  • 4

    gratiat no offence dear, but I can't believe that band 70 was riding up on you (unless you tightened the straps to extreme so they moved the band). I'm 28.5" comfortable and 27.3" very tight and sometimes I wear band 75 in Ewa on the last hook and riding up never occurred unless the bra was used like a floor cloth where the band was stretch out.. Buying too tight bands and using them with extender and hoping they will stretch out is not worth when you're paying that high amount of money. The bra gets destroyed much quicker. It's better to get little looser band and close it on 2nd or 3rd hook as this will last longer for sure that bra with stretched band :) And as I mentioned before the strap placement will be also better (I did experience it with few bras).
    Hope your next order will be perfect *_*

  • martka00 Thanks! I think I will try a 70 band next. I prefer my bands as tight as possible but we'll see how the 70 band fits. My only issue is that while I'm sure I'll be technically better off in a slightly looser band I have one that I wear that stretches to 31 inches and I'm aware of that throughout the day and it's super irritating. Without an extender I can comfortably pull this band out a few inches/stick my whole fist under the band. If I could order a 65 that ran true to size/maybe a smidge over I think that would be perfect but so far most of mine have either ran snug or past tts. It's the most frustrating part of ordering!

  • 2

    I think you should just get used to them and forget about - well is much easier to forget when you can't feel the band ! :D for me, if I have little too tigh band it just drives me crazy! Especially when is hot, I feels like the band will cut my skin at some point (I had this feeling with some gossard bras even if they're too loose o_0)
    Btw there's really inconsistency with the bands recently.. Some of my 70 were tts, some like 65 and some like proper 75.. It's hard to predict and you have to try first to see how the size will fit you and if you should size up or down. But granny's courtains definitely is more snug that my other EMs (but not as bad as chaberek)
    And actually, that's annoying that the bra runs tight and pants loose!

  • martka00 All the inconsistency is really annoying. My 65FF PL I received with this one has a perfect band and is so comfortable I forget I'm wearing it. This one almost disappears too. I just need to figure out when to size up and when to keep the 65-I think those models with lace on the bands run looser due to experience so I can keep a 65 band in them but those who have knitwear/firm fabric bands I should size up.

  • 1

    interesting but it doesnt work in my case, I have CHP stalowka and Owoce lesne - theres no lace and theyre loosest 70dd I own, then, chaberek had lace and was freaky tight. The two 70E that I have (and dont use-_-) are really lovely bands 70 that are perfect and theres no lace on them, so its just the fabric used at the time and maybe how they cut it. whatever. we still love them!

  • 9

    I think what you find irritating about 70 bands is they don't squeeze you as tight as the 65s do and you aren't used to how a properly fitting band is supposed to feel. As martka said... no offense here but I can't believe a 70 band was riding up on you, either. It may have felt "shifty" when compared to the supertight 65s, but actually riding up your shoulder blades and compromising support - no.

    Bras aren't meant to be worn as tight as you can get away with, that's why nobody recommends buying the same band size as your BTT underbust measurement. The 2 finger/fist/pull away from your body test isn't reliable. I have a 26.5/25.5 underbust at the moment and can fit 2 fingers under a 26 band and still pull it away from my body. That doesn't mean the 26 band is the best fit for me or that I need all that extra band tightness for support. I don't. You don't either. You need the loosest band that provides enough support. The cups of a 70 band will fit you much better because they won't be distorted. Honestly from your pictures of this bra I think it looks too small. I don't think it IS too small in the cups, I think the cups are being pulled sideways from the band being stretched so much and it's making it sit on your body wrong.

    As far as what your UK size would be, since you said you had no idea, I'd say 32F.

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