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Freya etc. change sizing from UK to EU cups

I heard that Eveden brands (Freya , Elomi, Fantasie, Fauve) are going to start using EU cup sizes. So instead of the now very familiar (to me at least) double letters, they're going to be sized from D-O instead of D-K.

The different sizing has been confusing here in Europe. I guess they've affected US sales too. Now the sizes in upper cups should be easier to compare.

How long do you think until other brands follow, if they do at all?

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  • Well, all Eveden brands already have EU sizes on their labels. Whatever version of EU they think is right. Which so far has been the same as their UK. Now the question is if they will be changing their current EU sizing. Really I think it is more likely that they change their US sizing after being acquired by @wacoal.

    Again, this boils down to the fact that there is no one EU sizing, each brand makes up whatever they want. Kris Line dies their own version, Comexim also has their own, Ewa Michalak has cups that look like Eveden UK. Chantelle alsi has their own thing. Parfait By Affinitas has changed their minds a handful of times in the last years .

    Anyway, what I think is harmful is to change whatever you are doing. Since there is no "right" way, then there is no "wrong". The way to screw up is to be inconsistent and that is by changing the way you do sizing.

    But if we use cup index sizing then we're protected against the ;-)

  • There is indeed no consistent EU sizing system. Some European brands -- Change Lingerie and Chantelle for example -- do include a DD between D and E (but they don't use other double digits), but others (e.g. Triumph) don't. The Polish brands are again different.

    Cup index sizing does indeed solve part of this problem, but it isn't exactly the holy grail either as many European brands use a 2cm increment between cup sizes whereas UK and US brands tend to use 1" (2.54cm).

    It would, in my opinion, be great if a system emerged based on listing actual measurements, like cup depth or something, but even then I'm sure we would find issues with it ;)

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