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I removed padding from my Deco Half Cup » All bra adventures


I removed padding from my Deco Half Cup

I am going to list this bra later today for exchange, but I thought I would explain how I removed the push-up padding for anyone who is interested first. Sorry, no pictures of the process. I will link to the completed bra at the end of the post.

First, using tiny sewing scissors, I cut the lining as close to the wire casing as possible, stopping where the bump padding stops at each side. Next, I slowly peeled the fabric away from the padded area until I got to the smooth molded portion of the bra. Now using the tiny sewing scissors, I clipped away small sections of the padding, trying to keep it smooth across as I went. The top part came off in small chunks, but as I got into the lower layers it began to come off much more smoothly in sheets. I stopped when I felt the bottom of the cup was about the same thickness as the top (moulded, but unpadded) portion.

There was excessive fabric in the lining at this point and I determined that most of it would be filled and pressed into the cup when I was wearing it, and so settled on a few pleats at the base to gather up the extra along the seam line. Using a pink thread matched to the exterior of the cups, I sewed as close to the wire casing as possible. The stitches are barely visible from the front of the bra and only if you know exactly what you are looking for (check the pic!) Finally, I came back and trimmed any of the excess lining that was hanging out past the stitches.

The only post alteration measurement that changed was that the left cup increased by .5". Obviously, those measurements don't really reflect the differences, which are found at the base of the cups. But it feels like a pretty big difference, at least a half cup. It does need to be noted that the altered cup is not as firm as the regular deco material that is used in this bra and that it collapses much more easily.

The alteration was made to only to the left cup because that is my larger breast. This alteration was an attempt to create a bra that would even out my asymmetry a bit for certain shirts. And it worked great, for the few months that I was able to use it before I gained a few pounds and now it is too small :( I love the shape created by this alteration and would probably buy a ton of these bras if Freya would just make a molded half cup without the push-up pads.

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  • That's very clever!

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