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Jul 10, 2024 » All bra adventures


Jul 10, 2024

Sharing my trick with y'all.

Ok so women with extremely soft tissue and Pendulous breasts are hard to size at home. The bra that fits calculator is off most of the time for us

However, if you use tape (boob tape, body tape, duck tape, just use tape but be careful removing. Use lotion or alcohol to remove ) to "lift" your nipples by half an inch to an inch (basically where it feels most comfortable and natural. This part is up to you but don't lift more than an inch) (fold the skin up/pinch and pull it up and tape. Do one strip in the middle & 1 strip on each side of your breast. The sides keep the middle tape secured properly so it doesn't unstick and fall while you're measuring)

And now your breasts are natural, but also "supported" and will give you the exact depth you need to be properly compressed and Supported without the bra being too projected offering no press on your breasts (soft tissue needs more "lift" from the tape. Dense Pendulous/relaxed breasts will need less compression so less tape lifting)

After getting the measurements of your lifted breasts, measure from the bottom center of your imf to your apex. That's the depth of the bra you're looking for. Measure your supported imf line with a soft wire or rolled up tin foil. That's the wire length and width you'll be needing.

Wahlah. Proper bra size 👏

Please feel free to pass this along.

Hopefully this helps y'all as it has me!

(Ofc, the tape lift is up to you. You can do a quarter inch, half an inch, three fourths an inch, or take the entire inch. If it feels good, great. If not, retape. You can also wear the tape for a couple hours to see if you get any breast pain from the lift you're giving yourself. If so, take a hot shower and do it again with more or less lift. It's trial and error, but if you feel fine, the amount of lift is up to you. For soft tissue start with an inch. For dense tissue, start with half an inch. You can use a measuring tape to mark the "folds" on your breast where you'll pinch and pull up to to ensure the length of the lift you're doing on yourself.)

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