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Jul 09, 2024 » All bra adventures

Jul 09, 2024

Does anyone have a list of all the alterations comexim can make?

(Specifically wondering how to request center panel for the specific bra I'm looking at to be shortened. Instead of a 1.5 inch center panel .75 inch instead but would like a list to keep on standby for future reference. Searched bratabase and can't find anything)

Thanks in advance!

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  • From r/PolishBras wiki:

    Reasons to go Polish with your bra purchases, #3: Customizations!!

    This is mostly in reference to Comexim, but there are a few other online stores that will do customizations as well.


    When I first learned about Polish bras, I was floored to learn that []( will do alterations to their bra patterns mostly at no charge (except for things like "longline alteration" which is something like 30 pln, IIRC, which makes sense because -->more fabric!). Their usual alterations are explained by the lovely Erica from [A Sophisticated Notion]( on the series of YouTube videos about Comexim, see [A Guide to Anna Pardel and Comexim Alterations]( video. (note: Anna Pardel used to have her own line with Comexim, but no longer does; some of her bras may be for sale on secondhand sites though).

    On the above video Erica explains: Comexim bras may be good for people who don't have a lot of side breast tissue, and often find bras are too shallow for them. Here are the alterations she discusses in the video. note: *Erica also mentions that some of these alterations can be done on Comexim 3HCs, but she is using the bras that are the best shape for her, the Comexim padded plunges, as an example.*

    \-[raise or lower the gore](

    \-[reduced cup alteration](

    \-I want to add the disclaimer: I'm not sure if Comexim's pattern has changed at all *in the larger cup sizes* since this video was produced. I will mention two alterations not mentioned in this video at the end of this discussion.

    \-[straps moved in 2cm](

    \-[arm area raised](

    \-I don't think I've ever seen this alteration discussed on bra fit forums! I see the value in it, but I'm unsure if this is a popular request. I'm assuming they still do this alteration, correct me if I'm wrong! (edit: maybe good for taller people)

    \-[change the number of hook and eyes](

    \-added cookie pockets

    \-wider gore alteration (thank u, u/External_Ad2024 for the down low on this!)

    \-The end of the video discusses Comexim's goal to expand their cup sizes; I don't think this applies to customers anymore b/c they have already done so. (this video is from seven years ago, but it still has good info, so I wanted to use it.)

    Since then, I've learned of two other alterations recently: wider cup alteration (note: I'm not sure if they just do this in the smaller cup sizes), and deeper cup alteration (likewise, I'm not sure if they just do this is the larger cup sizes, lol. It doesn't hurt to ask!)

    Firstly, wider cup alteration can be illustrated from the [braswap posting]( Interesting to note: she had the wider cup alteration done in both the 3HC and the padded plunge style. I took a peak [on bratabase](, but I don't think the measurements were entered in for comparison, so I'm not sure how much wider the cups are exactly compared to how they normally would fit. Normally, the two most shallow cup styles for Comexim would be their 2HC, [like Mimi](, or their "padded plunge with low bridge" like [the Ginger]( (Interesting [review on Ginger here](

    Secondly, deeper cup alteration is discussed on r/RunningOutOfLetters forum recently; it is a closed forum, so I am going to quote u/araiarai (and I hope that is kosher!)

    >I got it in 65O and before ordering I spoke to Joanna via the contact form and email, and based on the fit of an unmodified topaz she suggested some modifications. The straps were moved in, but notably she suggested having the cups deepened. I didn't understand at the time, but went ahead and ordered it as she suggested. I realized what she meant after thinking about it for a bit. The cups are bigger than a 65O, but it's using the same wire, and she had me order like that so the wire wouldn't be so wide.

    If I can think of any more custom Comexim alterations, I will add them here. Not to get too far off topic, as I wanted this to be sort of a shorter post, but people have asked, "The first time trying out Comexim, should I order a bra with alterations?" Well, this is an interesting question, I really can't say yes or no either way, here's why: so many people are new to finding their proper bra size, I think the temptation is to request alterations to fix fit issues they've had with their incorrect size(s) when they have yet to try any bra in, let's say, 26FF UK. So, I can't say yes or no either way (disclaimer: not that I am t*he Comexim expert* anyway, haha!) My best advice would be to try to read all of the bratabase reviews in [the size and style you plan to order](, and see if you can find a "boob twin" that way: see what they order. This is a great time to buy Comexim because of their [Black Friday Sale]( (**edit: I forgot to add, customized bras are non-returnable**).

    Breakout Bras also has their Black Friday sale going on if you want to try unaltered Comexims - [Buy One, Get One 50% Off]( \- I got the email this morning!


    **Ewa Michalak**

    Ewa Michalak will sometimes (you have to ask permission if the change can be made) allow you to request a different fabric than what is advertised on her website. E.g., see this SF Czarny Gładzioch [in RED]( Turned out very nice!



    I've never ordered a Samanta bra, but they do have a "[Program of Individual Selection of Underwear](" (hm, I think that translated funny) or IDB program where they can alter their merchandise for a free, such as adjusting the straps, nursing bra adaptation, etc.



    I've also not ordered from Nazeli; they are a newer brand. I did just discuss them a bit on a post on r/RunningOutOfLetters, which is a closed forum about the larger cup sizes. The information about their bras I took from [bratabase reviews]( Anyway, one review in 2019 mentioned that they - at least at that time - offered to do alterations on their patterns to improve the fit for people.

    Anyway, those are some further reasons to go Polish with bra purchases (try asking Panache or Freya to do some of these?) I understand with Comexim: the requested alterations may not always get done, and I'm not sure the rhyme or reason behind that (at least they don't charge for them!) if it's a communication error, or what. Maybe it comes down to the individual sewist? I can only theorize. At the same time, I've read of people, on bratabase, etc., who receive their bras & are not sure if the alteration has been done. For that reason, I think it's good to *try out an unaltered Comexim first*, that way you know if you actually need the alterations to begin with, or if their standard pattern is okay, but to each their own. Maybe some people think that will be a waste of money b/c they are pretty sure they will need alterations anyway, and I see the validity behind that argument as well : )

    \*\*The series I'm doing is "Reasons to go Polish with bra purchases."

    See previous posts for the entire series,

    [\#1 Polish bras are fun to order!]( and

    [\#2 Firm bands (Polish brands have got your back!)](

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