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Jun 05, 2024 » All bra adventures

Jun 05, 2024

If elomi Morgan 36DD holds my breasts in (too projected for me) what size should I get in the Chantelle rive gauche bra?
Loose UB 34
Snug 32
Tight 31
Standing 40
Leaning 43
Lying 40

On Reddit I was told to get a 36DD, due to my soft tissue so that's what I did with the Elomi Morgan, however in warners underarm smoothing wireless i fall out of the 36DD and need the 36F so I do not think the 36DD is right.
Cuup 36DD is too small and I fall out of it despite it fitting well last year so I know it's not a shape/tissue issue as my breasts are more side set/east west than centered. The top of my breasts are flat/shallow while the bottom part is really saggy/Pendulous. I'm top full as I can't see my nipples when I bend over and when I'm in the Jacuzzi my breasts turn into upside down bananas with my nipple being completely under my breast so def top full.

I'm new to this and so sick of never having a bra to actually fit in my 28 years of life. It could be because I have never actually tried a 34G or anything below DD until recently when I tried the 36F.

I breastfed for 10 years straight so my breasts are ground beef in a sock, basically.
Bras shape my breasts. My breasts aren't capable of shaping the bra.

Someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong and tell me what size I need in Chantelle rive gauche. Thank you!

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  • You can use the "compare bra" button to compare various sizes - of course there will be some discrepancies, since some people measure differently. Also, darker colors are generally tighter (the dark dye shrinks the fabric : )

    Here I used the compare key to compare 36DD in Morgan to Chantell River Gauche, 4 different sizes in your size range

  • you should ask galaxystarsmoon on reddit, she's paid to shill Elomi (not that she'll admit it, lol) , but she should know the difference between the two brands.

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