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A better bra/chest sizing system! » All bra adventures

A better bra/chest sizing system!

I submitted a provisional patent for a bra sizing system that goes off user measurements in the metric system (for more precision), uses measurements transparently, allows for a third measurement to distinguish chest versus breast, and has sister sizes that don't drift an inch with every step.

So my measurements:
Above bust - 91 cm
Leaning bust (at 90deg from upright) - 97 cm
Under bust - 77 cm

Would translate to a standard size of:
77 +20 (or 77 : +20, colon optional but useful if a brand finds itself offering negative sizes)

Or an enhanced size of:
14+ 77 +20 (or 14+ : 77 : +20)

Immediate sister sizes would be:
15+ 76 +21 (down in under bust or base metric, up in above bust or frame metric, up in leaning bust or cup metric)
13+ 78 +19 (up in under bust size, down in both above and leaning bust sizes)

Obviously this doesn't address all the issues we have with bras, but it makes it a lot closer to a user based system that is universal between brands (instead of having you add 0-5 inches to your bust or above bust and wondering what size difference the letter actually corresponds to). For issues with closeness/wideness, breast root width, and other factors, manufacturers can publish that data and be transparent to their customers.

If you know of any bra makers or companies who would like to add this to their sizing offerings, please let me know!

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  • I am confused what this is for? And what does the 14,13, and 15 mean? What does the 3 ratios stand for? I don’t mean to come off as rude, I’m actually just really curious as to what you mean because I don’t think I understand you.

  • I think the best method is just to take two measurements, one across the bust wearing your best-fitting (hopefully non-padded) bra! And then a second measurement - the band measurement - with the tape as tight as you like to wear your band. This the way most European brands recommend taking measurements. I.e., this is the website for Polish brand, Gaia.

    Unfortunately, there's a lot of sales gimmicks out there.

    In my observations, I think the worst calculator out there (in proper bra sizing, so not + 4) is the "six measurements" calculator; the one positive thing I can say is - at least they're not doing "plus 4" but there's too many people who report being several cup sizes off. It's like, why are you sending women down a "wild goose chase" unnecessarily! SEe this post from this woman who tried on 250 different bras because the "six measurements" calculator gave her the wrong size by three cup sizes. In addition it gave her the wrong band size as well.

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