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New Measurements! Calculator says I'm 36DD/D (previously 36E) » All bra adventures


New Measurements! Calculator says I'm 36DD/D (previously 36E)

Loose Underbust: 37

Snug Underbust: 35

Tight Underbust: 33.5

Standing bust: 39

Leaning bust: 43.5

Lying down: 40

My bra got a little loose so I thought my underbust would have gotten smaller, but I'm still 36, is that normal? Does my size change mean my shape has changed too? Not happy about my size, I feet like maybe my breasts are "weird." I've been wearing the wrong size my whole life so I've always felt crappy about my breasts idk.

Am I still projected? my shape is/was functionally full on bottom, short roots, and soft tissue.

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  • HI! One thing I've learned in bra fitting is that no one is truly just "one size," it just depends on the brand & style. One person could be many different sizes. See this bratabase account One person is all of these different sizes

    "Bravissimo, 30GG/28H
    Claudette, 30G (likely a 30GG if they made it)
    Cleo by Panache, 30G/28GG/28H ("sister size" down 1-band) *when bands are stretchy!
    Fantasie pieced & molded cup, 30FF (sometimes 30G)
    Freya pieced cup, 30G
    Freya padded cup, if made: 30GG/32G with band altered smaller into a 30
    KEIA (aka, Rubypink), 30G
    Miss Mandalay pieced/padded cup, 30GG/30H
    Panache (including Masquerade/Harlequin), 30G/30GG
    Parfait by Affinitas, 30G (in soft cups, padded cups a little 'small'ish for me)
    Royce (a non-wired brand), 32F/32FF/30FF (32 bands are small-ish and have 4-sets of hooks)
    Shock Absorber, 30GG"

    I know when I started my proper bra-fitting journey (my "bra odyssey" lol), I took my measurements every other day and compared my "bra size". Well, the online bra calculators would give me one of five different sizes, depending on the day. Every other day, my measurements would change, due to hormones, or diet! Water intake, salt intake. "that time of the month"

    So, my "exact bra size" per the calculators does fluctuate.

    In some of my best-fitting bras, I'm EU 70J but in a padded style I'm EU 70K. Sooooo, it depends on brand & style.

    Furthermore, some brands run more accurate than others; there was a survey done on this Facebook Group, Boob or Bust and 25% of women said that the brand PANACHE had the most accurate sizing to their online calculator.

    some brands run more consistent than others.

    Soft tissue can sometimes mean a person is "functionally shallow" (or requires a shallow bra) - even though your shape may indeed be projected, if that makes sense.

    See this thread from reganadler on A Bra That Fits forum she tried on 250 bras before she realized that her best fitting bra was the Elomi Matilda in size 36GG UK.

  • BraOdyssey thanks for such a detailed response. Sad thing is, the bras I want aren't available where I live (Pakistan), so I need to be certain about the size because returning the bra is too expensive for me.

    There are some bras like Freya Offbeat where people have shared if they needed to size down or size up, but this isnt the case for every bra.

    I think once I can find a bra that actually fits, I'll have a better idea of what I need to look for in a bra. It'll also tell me if I'm "functionally shallow" I think.

    I think it would actually help if I'm functionally shallow because there's a website that has bras primarily for shallow people. It's called

    When I shared this website on r/abrathatfits they said the bras dont have projection.

    Tbh I just want to feel normal. I've never worn a bra that fit me properly. Even if I got a small size, the shape would be so off that the gore wouldn't tack and I would just have trouble breathing because of the incorrect size. I think comparing myself to people on tv makes it worse

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